The Art of the Handoff Webinar


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The Art of the Hand-Off, featured Phone Works founder Anneke Seley and Act-On Software CMO Atri Chatterjee as presenters.

This webinar focused on the handoff of leads between marketing and sales, using a simple formula: “Strategy + Process + People + Technology = Increased revenue results and decreased cost.”

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The Art of the Handoff Webinar

  1. 1. The Art of the Hand-Off
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Anneke Seley Atri ChatterjeeFounder, Phone Works CMO, Act-On Software Coauthor, Sales 2.0
  3. 3. “….organizations that have tightly integrated marketing and sales around the shared task of demand creation closebetween two and seven times the number of deals of those that do not.” Sirius Decisions
  4. 4. Marketing/Sales AlignmentStrategy Process People TechnologyAlignment & Measurable Open Enabling toolsResource Predictable Team-oriented,Allocation Customer-centric Relationship- focused Increased Revenue Results / Decreased Cost
  5. 5. Best-Performing Companies’ Sales & Marketing Practices Common goals/compensation Significant marketing investment Work together to engage/nurture prospects Personalized, relevant messages by buyer type Lead nurturing (automated & flexible) Metrics and process-driven, ROI trackedDedicated functional groups through customer acquisition cycle Measure marketing’s impact on revenue
  6. 6. Best-Performing Companies Sales and MarketingAgree On: Investment per Rep & Budget Allocation Consistent Messaging Target prospect & “Qualified Lead” definition Lead Scoring Roles and Responsibilities Lead response time, data captured (“SLA”) When Marketing hands-off to Sales When Sales hands-back to Marketing Using social media to go where customers are
  7. 7. Phone Works Marketing/Sales 2.0 FrameworkEngage/Nurture: MarketingEducate/Qualify: Sales DevelopmentSell New: SalesManage Adoption: Customer SuccessSell Renewal/Add-on: Sales
  8. 8. POLL – Do you have….1. Clear roles for marketing & sales2. Sales Dev Inside sales team for lead qualification3. Consistent messaging from Marketing to Sales4. Clear processes for lead follow-up and handoff5. Feedback on leads from sales to marketing6. Tracking & reporting of key sales & marketing data7. Regular review of the scoring/rating criteria
  9. 9. In Action: Act-On
  10. 10. Act-On Situational Analysis• Small company• Fastest growing marketing automation company• Efficiency and speed are core company competitive advantages• Budget follows growth
  11. 11. Parameters for SuccessStrategy Process People TechnologyAlignment & Measurable Open Enabling toolsResource Predictable Team-oriented,Allocation Customer-centric Relationship- focused Increased Revenue Results / Decreased Cost
  12. 12. Company Strategy• Focused on providing integrated marketing solution that fits into existing environments• Target market: midmarket and departmental use in enterprise• Product design emphasizes user experience, speed of deployment and flexibility
  13. 13. Sales and Marketing Strategy• Alignment• Efficient cost of sales• Increased leverage
  14. 14. Process• Need for a process with agreed upon definitions• Minimum friction between transition points• Flexibility for modification• Easily transferrable
  15. 15. Process: The Funnel Word of mouth• Top of funnel: Marketing Marketing• Middle of funnel: SDR qualification Raw leads SDR• Bottom of funnel: Qualified leads Sales team Sales prospects Sales
  16. 16. People• Hiring – Proven track record – Intelligence and ambition – Cultural fit – Compensation• Consistent training – Playbook – Messaging templates• Continuous development – Best practice sharing – Frequent and clear communication – Career path
  17. 17. Technology• Single database of record = CRM• Marketing automation integrates with key technologies needed for sales and marketing (webinars, external data sources, analytics, social media)• Emphasis on using our own technology to understand customer experience
  18. 18. Next Steps
  19. 19. Getting Started1. Draft a strategy2. Start the dialogue within your organization3. Start small – don’t get overwhelmed4. Measure and refine
  20. 20. Need Help?Reality CheckReality ReviewSign up for a
  21. 21. Contact Us Anneke Seley Atri CMO, Act-On Software Twitter: @annekeseley #sales20Blog: LinkedIn: annekeseley (510) 749 9073
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