Demand Generation Report Webinar - Time Machine with Mede Analytics


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In this webinar Andrew Gaffney with DemandGen Report, the industry's leading source for trends and benchmarks, will share benchmarks on how leading companies increase market share and revenue by improving their speed to market, sponsored by ActOn Software, the fastest growing marketing automation platform

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Demand Generation Report Webinar - Time Machine with Mede Analytics

  1. 1. #AOWEB October 26, 2011The Demand GenerationTime Machine Increasing market share and revenue by improving speed to market
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Doug Hart Associate VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications MedeAnalytics Andrew Gaffney Editor DemandGen Report#AOWEB
  3. 3. Critical Role of Time in Demand Generation Buyers now have information at their fingertips. When they are ready, they fast-forward the engagement process and expect an immediate response from solution providers.#AOWEB
  4. 4. Campaign Constraints According to the CMO Council’s 2011 State of Marketing, the top challenges marketers list are the inability to: – Segment, target and tailor messaging to customer audiences (precision marketing); – Localize content and campaigns for varying markets and audiences; and – Measuring and validating campaign effectiveness and business value.#AOWEB
  5. 5. Condensing Time To LaunchRelying on an IT or outsideagency to create invites,landing pages, addssignificant time to launch acampaign.  On average companies using automated solutions have been able to condense from 2 to 3 weeks to days or even hours.#AOWEB
  6. 6. Critical Role of Time in Demand Generation Sales and marketing teams that are unable to identify and respond to ready buyers within hours or even minutes, risk being left out of deals.#AOWEB
  7. 7. The Need For Speed According to the Lead- Response Management study: – Time of day and day of week each have significant impact on contact success. – The odds of contacting a lead decrease by over 10x in the first hour#AOWEB
  8. 8. Prioritizing Ready BuyersBy scoring prospects based on demographic andactivity criteria, organizations are able to prioritizethe hot leads for immediate follow up.  According to research from Gleanster, 23% of firms ranked as top performers were utilizing lead scoring;  Only 5% of average firms were using scoring systems.#AOWEB
  9. 9. Nurturing Longer-Term Buyers Scoring also helps to identify and appropriately categorize longer-term leads for nurturing. – According to benchmark data from research firm SiriusDecisions, 80% of the prospects deemed “bad leads” by sales teams do go onto buy within 24 months.#AOWEB
  10. 10. Right-Timing Touches With deeper intelligence on buyer behavior, marketers are able to establish the right cadence and respond with relevant information based on the buyer’s needs. – A recent study by the Bridge Group found it takes an average of seven touches to convert a “suspect” to a “prospect.”#AOWEB
  11. 11. Born On Dates For DataAccording to recent researchfrom ZoomInfo, 70.8% of businesscards collected in the U.S. hadone or more change in a 12-month period.#AOWEB
  12. 12. MedeAnalytics Douglas E. HartAVP, Marketing and Corporate Communications
  13. 13. Pre-Marketing Automation Manual import Set-up in Manually Excel to WebEx assign leads Salesforce Follow-up with Create HTML Send more sales via email emails spreadsheet Get Excel of No tracking or Send email attendees priority#AOWEB
  14. 14. Post-Marketing Automation WebEx Salesforce Act-On#AOWEB
  15. 15. Campaign Lead Sources Twitter Direct LinkedIn Mail Events Webinar Incoming Web site Call Print Sales Trade Links Leads#AOWEB
  16. 16. Webinar Production Timeline#AOWEB
  17. 17. Webinar#AOWEB
  18. 18. Forms#AOWEB
  19. 19. Registration Confirmation#AOWEB
  20. 20. Reminder#AOWEB
  21. 21. Message Report#AOWEB
  22. 22. Link To Salesforce#AOWEB
  23. 23. Lead Scoring#AOWEB
  24. 24. Act-On Portal#AOWEB
  25. 25. Summary• Quick time to deploy• End-to-end automation• Integration• Functionality• Ease of use• Increased productivity• Customer support#AOWEB
  26. 26. Brought to you by: Marketing Automation for the Fortune 5,000,000 #AOWEB Follow-up Questions:
  27. 27. About DemandGen Report  Launched in 2007 to track best practices in lead generation  Newsletter has grown to more than 25,000 readers  We also offer a menu of research and best practices reports  New audio/video podcasts @DG_Report at
  28. 28. Thank You Download: “The Critical Role Of Time Access the event recording: Successful Demand Generation Programs” White Paper: hment/248/f-027f/0/-/-/-/-/file.pdf#AOWEB