June 2012 Survey Results


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  • Hello, I’m thrilled to be here today! I’m going to give you an overview on the Best Practices in list Segmentation. So Who am I… My name is Jeff Linton – Manager, Product Marketing with Act-On Software – Little about me …I have not always been in Marketing I actually started here in SALES on January 2nd of 2011 as number 16th in the company. I tell this to you because I may be one of the only people in marketing that likes sales and the only sales guy that liked marketing…. Really, I’m in a great spot with a great company – in fact Today our new hire training class ( that’s in our conference room as we speak ) consists of 27 new individuals to acton, yes we have be very very busy to say the least… Before we get started I’d like to cover a few details about today session. For those on twitter you follow us and tweet during the session using the hash tag A O W E B.One more thing….
  • If you do have ???? You may ask them via through Chat – while in full screen mode you may move you cursor up to the top of the screen and select the blue chat bubble or select the Orange Drop down arrow for the | Q & A – Section and we’ll do our best to cover your questions during the Presentation or at the end of the session. This is being recorded and a link will be made available approximately 24 hours after the session.{{ let’s get started }}
  • Like to start with a ???? There is no wrong or right answer take a look --- see where you fit – we need to assess where we are – what our skills are and what we need to work…Again we will be send a copy of these slides so you can work on this sheet on your own…
  • done
  • Jeff
  • Atri: On the previous slide we saw what you are doing…Today the top performers marketing tactics….
  • Jeff
  • Things to note here as you look at the TOP Pipeline Contributors… The 1st question we asked in the Survey | What types of Campaigns do you currently implement? The TOP 4 in order were EMAIL – Social Media – Tradeshows/Events and PRINT ADS. Yet here.. when we see what adds revenue to the company …. Social Media is at 19% - huge contrast to the being 2nd HIGHEST in campaign effort and time. Also the as we see the TOP 2 Revenue Contributors (green) Email and TradeShows are on the extreme opposite sides of the Cost Per LEAD spectrum --- even with the digital Age – other is listed at 3rd largest --- LeadNurturing and LeadScoreing are more sophiscated way to increase rev…yet many are still not implementing today.
  • Atri: email F and Act-on ---
  • Although some of us in attendance today may fell like this climber …Hanging by a thread, You’re NOT ALONE ….Last Year we surveyed over 13,000 Marketers -- This ties back to 2011 Results – Challenges are still the same for all of us – the biggest is Budget – When Time/Budget are combined theydominate the challenges… As marketers we have not found out how to duplicate ourselves But that still does not stop of from trying to work it out…or a least we are working towards figuring it out….Really the question is how much time do you really have to conquer these challenges? One of the our main Focuses here at Act-On is to utilize tools that will help shorten that time frame… for ourselves and we pass that on to our customers.Combining Social media, SFAutomation tools – webinar tools all in one allows to save money and time. Tools are there to help us?? Are we fully using them?
  • This directly correlates with a data we uncovered last year when we Survey over 450 Acton Customers: When we asked them why Did You Feel Marketing Automation Was Not For You? # 1 was they felt it was too expensive and 2Nd to much to mange. For them now that is not the concern as we see here people, Fees, and access to resources are here in the TOP… This is our key pillars ( reduce the complexity of Marketing Automation.)
  • Jeff - Current Spend THIS IS WHERE your Dollars are going ---- notice Web Site Visitor Tracking – Plus Email – Imagine if you managed both for a single price? --- this would also eliminate one of the biggest challenges – managing too many systems….and save you money buy combining them together.
  • Jeff - Current Spend THIS IS WHERE your Dollars are going ---- notice Web Site Visitor Tracking – Plus Email – Imagine if you managed both for a single price? --- this would also eliminate one of the biggest challenges – managing too many systems….and save you money buy combining them together.
  • Atri:
  • Jeff – with the results we saw today take alook at where you stand…. Review your plan make a few adjustments…and as Atri always tells our team…measure – modify – re – measure to improve
  • Little about Act-On- Here is why we are the fastest growing Marketing Automation company, We have removed the complexity giving marketers a robust yet extremely easy to use system to generate & track revenueMarketing Automation all fully integrated platform for the fortune 5,000,000Here is how you can learn more!!!!
  • In many situations we see people get overwhelmed – where do I start. The Key Start Small – Email with a call to action - Landing Pages – integration to salesforce… track and score you website visitors All can be set in 4 to 5 hours Please don’t take my word for it….JOIN US and see how Act-On is reducing the complexity in Marketing Automation with a DEMO Held Every Tuesday… OR call our hot line to schedule a 1:1 personal demo3. We’ll be at DemandCon in San Francisco Next Week if you are there pls stop by. Thank everyone for your time and your participation . Have a Great Day!!!
  • Drum Roll Please…. Out of over 2,700 respondents the Winner is Amanda LeVine– Congratulations Amanda …we will have your account manager contact you for the best address to send this to…. Next slide
  • June 2012 Survey Results

    1. 1. June 2012 | Marketing Survey Results Webinar June 28, 2012 #AOWEB
    2. 2. Jeff LintonManager Product Marketing@jeffreylinton@ActOnSoftware #AOWEB
    3. 3. Chat or Q/A Phone lines will be muted Questions will be addressed at the end of today’s sessionAddress all chat questions to the Host #AOWEB
    4. 4. Quick Question? What is Your Level of Marketing Sophistication Marketing Low-Mid Mid - High High-Advanced Score Sophistication Scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 _______Data | CRM Basic Attributes CRM | Relational Data Multiple Data Sources _______ Dynamic Behavioral and Few Segmented Lists | Fit Score Profiles |Targeting | Segmentation Single List Behavior Lead Scoring | Complex Queries | Personas Multiple Segments _______ Data Tables | Pulling fromContent Relevancy Personalization Dynamic Content Multiple Sources _______ Automated Programs | Manual – Hit theAutomation | Nurturing Scheduled Sends Lead Nurturing | Drip “Send” Button Campaigns _______ Landing Pages | Forms Fully Integrated Platform Email only | GoogleTypes of Actions Website Tracking | SMS | Voice | Data | Analytics _______ Social Social Total Score 5 - 12 13 - 20 21 - 30
    5. 5. Survey SpecificsTotal Survey Size = 2,095Company Size (# of employees) – Under 25 = 27% – 25 to 100 = 24% – 100 to 500 = 26% – Over 500 = 23%Location of respondents 100% North America #AOWEB
    6. 6. Current Campaigns90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% 0% #AOWEB
    7. 7. Marketing Tactics of Top PerformersAct-On Survey respondents are not performing well in use of lead managementsoftware and webinars compared to Forrester’s top performers Source: Forrester Research 2011 North American B2B Technology Marketing Tactics & Benchmark Online Survey
    8. 8. Pipeline Contributors50%45%40%35%30%25%20%15%10%5%0% #AOWEB
    9. 9. Compare Campaigns to Pipeline90%80% Blue: Current Campaigns70%60% Green: Pipeline Contribution50%40%30%20%10%0% #AOWEB
    10. 10. Tactics Used by Top Performers to Create Sales Qualified LeadsSource: Forrester Research2011 North American B2B Technology Marketing Tactics & Benchmark Online Survey
    11. 11. 2012- Top Marketing Challenges Resource to Launch l Manage Programs 48%Lack of Budget for More Programs 46% Quantify your Results 35%Implement Effective Social Media 28% Sales Complaining Lack of Leads 20% Other 13% #AOWEB 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%
    12. 12. 2012- Challenges with Marketing Tools Labor Cost Tracking Resources # of ToolsSoftware Expense Deliverability Support 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% #AOWEB
    13. 13. Marketing Technologies and Cost Monthly Marketing Spend#AOWEB
    14. 14. Marketing Technologies and Cost Current Marketing Technologies 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%#AOWEB
    15. 15. Top Performers Invest More in MarketingTop Performers Invest More Heavily inMarketing Forrester Research
    16. 16. What can you do today?Compare your marketing results tothose of your peer group andForrester’s top performersDevelop a simple plan toimprove your online marketingperformanceMeasure results and modifytactics to gain steady improvement #AOWEB
    17. 17. Integrated Marketing Platform World-Class E-mail Complete Set of Tools Approach & Terms Marketing Core & on One Platform that Work Deliverability • Drip/Nurturing, Web • Start Simple, Automate at Analytics, Landing Your Own Pace• Third-Generation Email Pages, Forms, Scoring, CR Marketing Platform M Integration, Social • Affordable Pricing; Month- Media, Reporting and More to-Month Contracts• No extra charge for deliverability • Focus Usability, Simplicity • Live Customer Support – & Manageability At No Additional Costs #AOWEB Demystifying Marketing Automation by Design
    18. 18. Within 24 hours:You will receive an email with the webinar recording and the slides Next StepsJoin our Weekly Demo (Tues. 10am PT) Schedule a 1:1 Live Demo sales hotline at: 1 (877) 530-1555 email us: sales@act-on.com #AOWEB
    19. 19. Thank You For Taking the Time#AOWEB
    20. 20. June 2012 Act-On Marketing Challenge iPad Survey Winner Beth Mosier Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc.#AOWEB