Getting the Buy-In from the C-Suite


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Having a tough time selling your C-suite on the benefits of marketing automation? Give this presentation a gander for the tips, tricks, and best practices necessary to build the strongest possible business case for marketing automation!

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Getting the Buy-In from the C-Suite

  1. 1. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson TODAY’S WEBINAR: Getting Buy-In from the C-Suite
  2. 2. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson • Interact with the presenters anytime – ask questions! • Type into the “ask a question” text area – click submit. • The slides will advance automatically throughout the event. • Having trouble? Click “Help” link below the media player. •Archive will be sent in 24 – 48 hours •Join the conversation - #CMWorld Before We Get Started
  3. 3. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Hi, I’m Robert Rose @Robert_Rose
  4. 4. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Content Marketing Institute CMI teaches marketers how to effectively own their media channels to attract and retain customers.
  5. 5. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson September 8 - 11, 2014 Cleveland, OH
  6. 6. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Essential Knowledge for Content Marketing Success
  7. 7. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Today’s Agenda  What does it take to get content marketing buy-in?  What resources are needed?  How can content marketing be measured?  How do you make the case to get the resources you need?
  8. 8. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Today’s Panelists Gurdeep Dhillon @gurdeepd Dennis McCafferty @dmccaff Janelle Johnson @Janelle_Johnson
  9. 9. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Implementing Content Marketing What does it really take to implement?
  10. 10. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Content to Differentiate How do you use content to identify customer pain points? How do you use content to differentiate your approach as a thought leader?
  11. 11. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Internal Buy-In How can you get buy-in from colleagues in other departments?
  12. 12. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Making the Business Case How do you identify the best business case that will drive ROI for the program?
  13. 13. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Setting Up the Process Once we start - how do we create a process that will last?
  14. 14. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Tracking Progress How do you track and measure results of your content marketing? How long does it take to get an answer?
  15. 15. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Questions & Answers Keep your questions coming. Type into the “ask a question” text area and click submit.
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  17. 17. @Robert_Rose @gurdeepd @dmccaff @Janelle_johnson Thank you for attending today’s webinar! A link to the archive will be sent to you in a day or two after the event. For more on the Content Marketing Institute visit: