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Email Marketing: Best Practices in a Multichannel, Multi-Device World

Email Marketing: Best Practices in a Multichannel, Multi-Device World






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    Email Marketing: Best Practices in a Multichannel, Multi-Device World Email Marketing: Best Practices in a Multichannel, Multi-Device World Presentation Transcript

    • Email Marketing: BestPractices in aMultichannel, Multi-Device WorldTuesday, April 30Sponsored by:
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    • Christopher HosfordEast Cost Bureau ChiefBtoB & BtoBonline.comModerator
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    • PanelPhil DolanCMONavicureAlison ShafferDirector-Marketing Operations and Analytics,Demand GenerationDell Inc.John DiStefanoResearch DirectorBtoB Magazine
    • John DiStefanoResearch DirectorBtoB MagazinePanelist
    • 10Email Marketing: An Established Channel EvolvesWebinar SlidesApril 2013
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    • Phil DolanCMONavicurePanelist
    • Navicure CMO for past six yearsBrand management and Sales: Colgate, Heineken, Coca-Cola, SanofiNavicure is healthcare technology  billing softwareHospitals and practices: insurance payer receivables is primary revenueMedical claims clearinghouse: facilitate data transactionsWrap around transactions functionality that speeds the revenue cycleValue proposition for managing medical claims:Increasing and speeding revenue from insurance and patientsReducing cost via staff productivityReducing staff stress by automating complex processes; providing primo serviceFounded in 2001; Duluth, GA headquarters; 225+ employees$60M+ in revenue; 40%+ growth/ year since 2007
    • Business Model & Go-to-Market StrategySaaS subscription: flat fee/ healthcare provider/ monthNavicure manages all sales opportunities directlyLead generation:Direct: Marketing and SalesIndirect: Electronic Medical Record/ PM system partnersRevenue growth primarily from new client acquisitionAdditional revenue growth from upselling current clientsChannelSalesOpportunities ClientsUpsell
    • Marketing Solutions1. Brand awareness andunderstanding prior to buyingcycle2. Brand consideration andpreference during buying cycleMarketing Challenges & SolutionsChallenges1. Complacency, ignoranceabout differentiatedsolutions2. Channel dependency:• “Transition” and compatibility:key qualificationsPhilosophy:Permission-marketing (is like dating)Prospects buy on their timetable, not oursEstablish report, trust, preference prior to buying cycle- WIIFM
    • Marketing Strategy & ResultsRevenue2007 2013~$9MM~$63MM2008 2009 2010 2011 20121. Research: Where are we?2. Brand awareness:• Advertising: Print/ Digital• PR• Tradeshows• PPC Ads3. Understanding:• Website• Educational content• Lead nurturing• Direct mail4. Consideration:• Telemarketing• Channel expansion• Sales coverage• Awards (PR)5. Preference/ Conversion:• Collateral expansion• Educational events• Channel partner marketing• Marketing partners6. Upsell:• Client Solutions Team• Leveraging Client Service• Direct mail tactics• Lead Nurturing• Webinars7. Retention & Referral:• Email• Direct mail• Mixed client/ prospect events• Marketing partners (training)Marketing Pipeline
    • Step #1: Set annual objectives for marketing funnel stagesAnonymous: AwarenessKnown (Emails): UnderstandingEngaged (Leads):UnderstandingMarketing Lead:ConsiderationQualifiedMarketingLead:PreferenceAdvertisingPRSearchTrade ShowsWebsiteBlogWhitepapersWebinars/ PodcastsDirect MailEventsMicrositeTelemarketing (Business Dev. Reps)Client TestimonialsChannelSales CoverageCollateral, e.g. videoCase StudiesWebinarsClient TestimonialsCollateralCase StudiesWebinars
    • Step #2: Team Infrastructure- Capability & CapacityContent Creation(Fuel)Whitepapers ICD10HubBlogContentMediaRelations(ArticleReprints)Webinar &PodcastContentandSpeakersWebsiteContent Packaging andDelivery(Engine)SearchEngineMarketingInvitationsProspect &Client BlogsLandingPagesEventExecutionObjective is to start quickly and maintain momentum
    • Step #3: Push & Pull Lead Nurturing PlanPush (on our timetable)Live webinarsBlog updatesEvent invitationsTelemarketingChannel partnersSalespeoplePull (on prospect’s timetable)Trigger-based lead nurturingWebsite• Video, whitepapers, webinars,collateral, etc.Non-Branded Microsite• Educational content, Twitter feed,blog, etc.Paid search advertising• Demo requests, whitepapers, etc.
    • MarketingTelemarketingSalesStep #4: Lead Scoring- not all signals are created equal
    • Step #5: Monitoring and ManagementFollowing leads through their revenue cyclePlan what you expect of each campaignMeasure ROI• Must consider sales opportunity and deal (bookings or revenue) attribution method• Improve forecasting based of past and current trendsAnalyze where leads are getting stuck in the pipe and unclogSet annual goals but no real beginning and end to this dynamic process
    • SummaryMarketing is like dating:Buyer/ seller each on their own timelinesContinuously gauge interest and buying signals; deliver what the selleris seeking at the right timeKeys to success:Ensuring “recency” (top of mind) and interactivityFilling the marketing funnel early and often• You want time to be your friend, not your enemyEstablishing trust and value BEFORE buying cycle beginsNot selling too early or skipping steps (cheating) can alienate buyerbefore buying cycle even begins
    • Alison ShafferDirector-Marketing Operations andAnalytics, Demand GenerationDell Inc.Panelist
    • Thanks for Having Me Today!• Alison Shaffer, CIPP/US• Data Strategy & Governance, Big Data Analytics,Demand Generation, Marketing Operations,Database Marketing, Email Deliverability,Privacy and ComplianceDell SoftwareGroup
    • Email is an Important ToolWe use email to: support the overall lead generation strategy• Shortens buying cycle• “warm” follow up• Leverages online presence– Organic, search, website, hosted content,partners• Opportunity to collect behavioral data
    • Focus on Engagement• Drive interaction between customer/prospectand brand• Encourage behavior so customer/prospectbecomes an active participant• Dependent on type of buying cycle
    • A Few Types of Engagement Emails1. Newsletters2. Follow Up Message3. Usage Encouragement
    • Newsletters• Great opportunity to featurespecific content and productintroductions• Collect click/usage data
    • Newsletters• Focus on company specific information oraggregate from the industry• Click data can help determine customer interest
    • Newsletters• Test multiple formats, and make sure they’reuser friendly
    • Follow Up MessagingTest multiple offers to determine relevancyand demandDemoWhitepaper
    • Follow Up MessagingLive WebcastLive Demo
    • Follow Up Messaging• Encourage continued behavior with CTA
    • Usage Encouragement• Show users how to use more of the product• Remind them of capabilities and benefits
    • Usage Encouragement
    • Leverage Unique Creative Approaches• Clever and relevant headlines andimages can increase open and readrate
    • Don’t Forget About the Subject LineAccording to the website www.subjectline.com:• Including an offer expiration date in the subject line,increases open rates by 22%• The word/s exclusive, private, preview or invitationin the subject line, increases open rate by 14%
    • Test and Have Fun
    • Thank You
    • Q&A