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SEO Today Building Critical Inbound Links

SEO Today Building Critical Inbound Links






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    SEO Today Building Critical Inbound Links SEO Today Building Critical Inbound Links Presentation Transcript

    • SEO TODAY BUILDING CRITICAL INBOUND LINKS Presented by Kaila Strong| kailas@verticalmeasures.com | @cliquekaila www.verticalmeasures.com
    • Housekeeping Notes • Please use computer speakers for audio • Attachments available at the top of your screen • Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation • Please make sure to rate the presentation • #SEOtoday @cliquekaila @IMSummit • This presentation will be available on demand Visit www.IntegratedMarketingSummit.com/webinars or BrightTalk.com/channel/6951 www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • ABOUT YOUR SPEAKER KAILA STRONG @CLIQUEKAILA • Director of Client Strategy • Vertical Measures: Search, Social Content Marketing • Link building for 5 years www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • QUALITY LINK BUILDING PRE-PENGUIN/PANDA • Article marketing • Forum links • Spun articles • Link exchanges • Directories • Site wide links • Sponsored blog posts • Content scraping • Commenting • Social bookmarking • Blog networks • Profile spam • Link farms • Domain purchase & redirect www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • HUMMINGBIRD END OF LINK BUILDING? • New engine, very different than Penguin/Panda • End goal: serve up the best results for users • Link building isn’t dead • Focus on relevancy • Principles of co-citation even more important www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • QUALITY RELEVANCY AUTHORITY SUSTAINABILITY www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING HASN’T CHANGED, THE RULES ARE STILL THE SAME. www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • 18 LINK BUILDING LESSONS 6 Link Building Examples 6 Useful Tools 6 Things You Can Do Today www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING EXAMPLES Lists Niche Directory Broken Links Competitors .EDU Employee Sites www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • “ASK YOURSELF WOULD YOU WANT THIS LINK IF THERE WERE NO GOOGLE?” -ERIC WARD www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING EXAMPLES #1 Lists http://www.cmelist.com/otherlinks.htm Tactic Advanced Search Query & Synonym “continuing education” “doctors” “list” “bioethics” DA 54 PR 5 Live in 1 Hour www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING EXAMPLES #2 Associations http://www.nfpa.org Tactic Advanced Search Query & Association “fire education” “training” “association” inurl:resource inurl:.org DA 92 PR 7 Live in 1 Week www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING EXAMPLES #3 Brand Mention http://www.chicagobusiness.com Tactic Positive Brand Mention w/o Link Use of social media DA 84 PR 7 Live in 2 1/2 Weeks www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING EXAMPLES #4 Broken Links http://people.uncw.edu/albertm Tactic Links to 404 Pages & Link Checker 27 Broken Links DA 75 PR 7 Live in 1 Week www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING EXAMPLES #5 Competitor Backlinks http://www.oakville.ca Tactic Competitor Backlinks Macro Spreadsheet DA 66 PR 6 Live in 2 Months www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK BUILDING EXAMPLES #6 Niche Directory http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/directories.html Tactic Niche Directory with Advanced Search Query inurl:gov “health professionals” “directory of” DA 100 PR 8 Live in 3 Months www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • USEFUL TOOLS #1 Broken Link Checker • Find Broken Links • Inform Webmaster • Provide additional suggestions • Find Similar Keywords • Wide Array of Keyword Suggestions • Get Inspiration #2 Ubersuggest.org www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • USEFUL TOOLS #3 Fresh Web Explorer • Find Brand Mentions • Competitor Mentions • Keyword Mentions • Open Multiple Websites at a Time • Improve Productivity • Great for Competitive Analysis #4 Bulk URL Opener www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • USEFUL TOOLS #5 Guest Post Labs Query Generator • Generate Advanced Search Queries • Find Guest Blogging Opportunities • Uncover Niche Sites #6 Google Alerts • • Reuse Advanced Search Queries • www.verticalmeasures.com Find Interesting Content Increase Productivity @cliquekaila
    • 6 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY #1 Become an Advanced Search Command Pro • Uncover sites quickly • Narrow down results • Work efficiently #2 Create Content Your Competitors Want to Link To • Get “Priceless” links • Interviews, ‘history of’, industry news, industry secrets, etc… www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • 8 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY #3 Don’t Forget About Images • Find your images others are using without links • If you have the bandwidth, allow others to embed/hotlink your images #4 Use Social Media • Try contacting via social media • Follow and Like your link contacts • Get in front of webmasters before outreach for familiarity www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • 8 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY #5 Test E-mail Outreach & Make Improvements • Switch up outreach approach • Test new strategies • Set goals to improve rate of response #6 Look for Old Content to Update on Third Party Sites • Data Mining Tool • Scrape Lists to Find Similar • Scrape SERPs to Find Similar www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LESSONS WE’VE LEARNED • Avoid spammy tactics, nothing worthwhile is easy • Develop content that attracts links or can be leveraged • Conduct backlink analysis and ensure you have quality backlinks • Use tools and natural tactics to garner links • Learn from past spammy mistakes www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • LINK SMARTER, NOT HARDER. www.verticalmeasures.com @cliquekaila
    • QUESTIONS? Kaila Strong KailaS@VerticalMeasures.com @cliquekaila 888.476.1881 www.verticalmeasures.com
    • ACT-ON SOFTWARE Interested in a demo Call +1 (877) 530-1555 Email sales@act-on.com Web www.act-on.com • • • • • • • • Ask about Quora Need tipsus on us on the Marketing Action Blog it today Collect from Converse with us on Twitter Circle us on Google+ Follow us on Pinterest Learn about us on LinkedIn Meet us on Facebook Watch us on YouTube