Best Practices in List Segmentation


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Learn about building out a prospect profile and how to create dynamic segmentation

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Best Practices in List Segmentation

  1. 1. AMA Webcast:Best Practices for ListSegmentationPresenter:Janelle Johnson, Director, Demand Generation, Act-On SoftwareModerator:Alli Libb, American Marketing AssociationSponsored by:The audio portion of today’s presentation is available via broadcast audio.You can also dial in to hear audio:Participants (US & Canada, Toll Free): 800.945.9434International Participants: +1 212.231.2908
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  4. 4. Today’s Presenter Janelle Johnson Director, Demand Generation Act-On Software • 15 years of experience • Manages email marketing, marketing programs and content creation • Specializes in marketing and sales alignment @janelle_johnson @ActOnSoftware
  5. 5. Best Practices in List Segmentation Presented by:Janelle Johnson, Act-On Software @janelle_johnson | #AOWEB
  6. 6. Janelle JohnsonDirector, Demand Gen@janelle_johnson@ActOnSoftware #AOWEB
  7. 7. AgendaThe BasicsBuilding out Prospect ProfileIt’s Dynamic! Segmentation & ContentGetting Started
  8. 8. The Basics
  9. 9. Importance of Segmentation SEGMENTATION IS THE KEYto increasing email marketing metrics and conversion rates for marketing campaigns – and to improving prospect engagement
  10. 10. Segmentation BasicsDemographic/Profile Behavioral • Web pages visited• Title • Forms submitted• Department • Emails clicked• Geography • Whitepapers• Company size downloaded• Industry • Webinar registration & attendance
  11. 11. Build a Segmentation StrategyDefine the profiles and behaviors thatcharacterize your existing best customersBuild desirable, productive segments byunderstanding who buys now, and why they buyCreate “personas”– profiles of ideal buyers – andthen look for prospects that match the personas
  12. 12. Building Out Prospect Profile
  13. 13. Build out Prospect Information • Information a prospectExplicit: gives you, such as via a form • Gathered by observing theImplicit prospect, i.e. what website pages they visit
  14. 14. Gathering Explicit Data: Forms Webinars/Events Whitepapers Free trial sign-ups Videos Surveys Demo Requests
  15. 15. Progressive Profiling• Use a sequence of simple forms to build up profile of a visitor over time• As you collect more data, programs can become more targeted Keeping forms short and simple increases conversion rates
  16. 16. In Action: Progressive ProfilingAn anonymous visitor clicks on a whitepaper link on your website Form asking for just name and email address is shownNext time this visitor clicks on a different link, a form that asks for company, job title and industry is displayedFor the 3rd subsequent asset contact requests, form can request phone number, # of employees, etc
  17. 17. It’s Dynamic!Segmentation & Content
  18. 18. Dynamic Segmentation• Define dynamic segments by combining profile attributes with observed behaviors• As people take action, they automatically move into that specific segment• Set up automated campaigns and actions for these dynamic segments
  19. 19. In Action: Segmentation Rules
  20. 20. Dynamic Content Drive More Quality Leads for Sales Build Better RelationshipsIncreased Relevancy = Increased Revenue
  21. 21. In Action: Dynamic Content Email: Targeted Personal Effective
  22. 22. Pulling it All Together
  23. 23. In a Nutshell• Measure marketing interactions with your prospects• Combine this behavioral data with demographic information to define highly targeted segments• Automate personalized campaigns to these targeted segments
  24. 24. 7 Steps to Getting Started1. Begin with two or three segments2. Begin with simple campaigns targeted specifically to those segments3. Collect progressive data and refine4. Measure success at every step; consider using at least two metrics5. Analyze at regular intervals6. Watch for patterns and adjust7. Keep evolving #AOWEB
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