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How to optimize your app’s discovery & its promotion on the App Store
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How to optimize your app’s discovery & its promotion on the App Store


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  • 1. Mobile Marketing – Best Practices How to optimize your app’s discovery & its promotion on the App Store? Part 1 - Pre-launch Marketing
  • 2. Mobile Marketing – Best PracticesImprove your ASO (App Store Optimization)1. Choose a good name for your app Unique, memorable, easy to say /spell (better for a word-of-mouth viral marketing) Avoid trademarks & close sounding names registered (look also at other languages) Search for synonyms to generate a list of similar words relating to your application name Choose flexible app names referring to your brand /company if you plan to release several applications2. Optimize App Store Searches Provide a detailed description & the most important keywords that define your app Adapt keywords & contents for local language depending on the location of the app Use ASO Tools to optimize search keywords (ASO / / MobileDevHQ / / Searchman ) Find your competitors & use specific keywords to improve your visibility within your competitors communities Choose the right category Estimate the number of downloads needed to rank the category Launch your app in a low competition but relevant section to get some traction & then expand to adjacent, more generic categories Use category switching between various categories of the app store to enhance visibility
  • 3. Mobile Marketing – Best Practices3. Highlight your app by using a specific feature of a new device Retina display (iPhone 5) / NFC (Galaxy S3) Incorporate the new technology in at least one feature of your App4. Create a beautiful & eye-catching icon Explicit & meaningful5. Publish a beautiful & eye-catching ScreenShots Explicit enough to explain the purpose of the app Easy to remember, informative & exciting Sufficiently effective to convince the users to buy & download the app6. Build a great landing page to seduce & engage users Access time to the landing page should not exceed 3 seconds7. Choose a good size for your app to optimize its visibility on any appstores Apps beyond a certain download size are shown only when the user is connected to WiFi8. Choose the right pricing for your app Spy on your competitors to give a fair price for your app
  • 4. Mobile Marketing – Best PracticesPlug Analytics, Tracking & promotional Tools1. Connect your app to an analytic platform Flurry / Google Analytics / Localytics / Apsalar / Xtify / Capptain / Kontagent / Game Analytics2. Connect your app to powerful cross promotion plateforms & networks Chartboost, Gree, 6Waves, TapJoy, Fiksu, Applifier …
  • 5. Mobile Marketing – Best PracticesCreate your social media presence & start speading the word1. Start a Buzz to get featured on review sites Look for the most important blogs, forums & targeted sites specialized in mobile application discovery and start to communicate with them Identify the most important influencers & tease them with the upcoming release of your app Send a press kit to all your contacts containing screenshots, videos and Features description of the app2. Build a social media presence for your app Create a Facebook Fan page / a Twitter Page / a Pinterest Page / a Flickr Page Create a dedicated website & register the domain for your application name Create a”Tutorial” or eye-catching video on Youtube to tease the upcoming release of the app3. Start Press Relations Start Promoting your app on radios & TV Channels (especially on dedicated shows that could be able to talk about your app directly to your targeted customers)
  • 6. Mobile Marketing – Best Practices How to optimize your app’s discovery & its promotion on the App Store? Part 2 - Launch Marketing
  • 7. Mobile Marketing – Best PracticesOptimize the discoverability of your app1. Test the attractiveness of your app by launching a lower paid promotion campaign Contact everyone once the app goes live (Community Management, Blogs Reviews & Newsletters) Use Blog Posts & Blog Reviews to talk about your app Optimize your website product search (SEO) Start Social Marketing actions on Twitter & Facebook (Sharing &Liking) Contact Apple’s editorial team to try to make your application promoted & approved freely on the AppStore’s Featured Apps section Check your analytics stats to see if the app is sticky enough to promote it further. if the retention of the users is not sufficient, continue to improve your application2. Buy Cost-Per-Download based ads to rise quickly to the top of the charts Start a “Burst” Mobile Marketing campaign (Surikate, Inneractive, App-Perf …)3. Start Paid promotion campaign to maintain the visibility of your app Admob / inmobi / Mobclix / Adwhirl4. Rely on companies specializing in mobile apps recommendations to maintain the visibility of your app Happcker / AppCity / App4Today / AppGratuites / Appsfire / Appiday / FreeApps 365 / Application du jour Lower paid promotion, effective for several days/weeks after the end of a burst marketing campaign
  • 8. Mobile Marketing – Best PracticesPreserve visibility & organic virality1. Encourage users to share the app through social networks to stay ranked organically App must contain mechanisms that promote commitment & loyalty (Push notification / rating / share button …) Ask to your community & first fans to rate the app or leave a positive feedback. The number of reviews & star ratings always give information about the quality of the app Request for a review at the right time (3rd session of the app)2. Frequently change the price of your app (Paid > Free ) Let your app be identified & indexed by recommendation websites trackers3. Frequently update your application to extend its use & life duration Bug fixes, new contents, new features ...4. Continue the promotion of your app Keep collecting datas (contacts, informations) Target journalists & editors that cover your field Send press kit to the targeted journalists (pictures, screenshots, videos, logos, bio of the founders, main features’ description of the app…)