First steps into Futuring
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First steps into Futuring



This presentation provides a short introduction into futuring and futures that are divided in: the future of the past, the future of the present, the future of the future (After Next).

This presentation provides a short introduction into futuring and futures that are divided in: the future of the past, the future of the present, the future of the future (After Next).



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First steps into Futuring First steps into Futuring Presentation Transcript

  • “Managers make manydecisions each day, anda great majority of themrefers to future events”Spyrog Makridakis
  • Roger BaconScientific Studies, 1260
  • 195019601970198019902013
  • The exploration offutures stronglybases on theparticipants abilities.Ossip K. Flechtheim
  • Social FabricTechnology Fabric
  • Zeitgeist describesthe interactions,values and believes ofa society. It is the“spirit of times” andthe “soul of society”.
  • It describes the period after the present.The Future is inevitable, partial or notknown and symbolizes changes anduncertainty.It is a combination of new or existingvariables and their amplitudes.
  • Future ofthe PastFuture ofthe PresentFuture of theFuture
  • We live, already lived or are reallyclose to the Future of the Past. That iswhy we have more facts andinformation that transforms it into apool of insights and deeperunderstanding of changes.
  • 1966“Probe of the future”, TRW66 forecastsMostly wrong1967“The Year 2000”, Macmillian100 inventions15% corrects10% partial correctSteven P. Schnaars
  • The Future of the Present generates newrealities and identifies new possiblechanges, logics, risks and opportunities. Itis a combination of several variables fromtrends to fictions.The primary objective is to amplify andcreate new perspectives anticipatingdecisions.
  • IsomorphicCyclesTrendsNewVariablesFutureFuture
  • The spread of computersand the Internet will putjobs in two categories:People who tellcomputers what to do,and people who are toldby computers what todo.” Only one of thesetwo job categories will bewell paid.Marc Andreessen
  • After Next (AN) is a vision that is exploredupon a created and selected future. It usesFiction and variables from scenarios as astarting points. AN identifies new possiblerealities, logics and not yet existingopportunities. Once created it turnsatemporal, a reality, that we do not knowwhen it will happen.
  • FutureAfter NextVariables ofthe futureNewVariables
  • SocialZeitgeistFunctionTechnologyScienceParts
  • It is the process of exploring,understanding and creating new futurerealities. Its objectives is to create anew future consciousness of possiblechanges, identify new opportunities,risks and logics for the present context.
  • Linear/ProgressiveCyclic Open/Complex
  • Cognitive(inspired by Metaverse Roadmap)Unseen FutureVirtualMirrorExistingNewPhysicalCognitiveUnseen FutureVirtualMirrorExistingNewPhysical
  • (Daniel Egger 2013)
  • MicroVariablesMacroVariablesMegaVariables
  • Dr. Vannevar Bush “The 3rd Eye”, 1945Core Vision DetailsGoogle Glass, 2013
  • 1913,TheArtofNoises,LuigiRussoloThe CoolHunterThe TrendResearcherThe Futurist
  • The CoolHunterThe TrendResearcherThe Futurist
  • The CoolHunterThe TrendResearcherThe Futurist
  • Planner Futurist(Specific Theme; 3-5 years;may use inputs from theFuturists)(Multiple perspectives; morethan 5 years; constantly in theflux)
  • ExploratoryQualitativeNormativeQuantitativeFuture Studiesapplies multipletools to explorenew realities.
  • - Mechanical Extrapolation- Unexplored Assumptions- Not to imagine- Work only with ONE future- Search for a solution instead of opportunities- Predict the future- Judge the future with todays values- Low Flexibility- “Fashion” Tools- Super simplified Tools
  • “We did not invent time travel yet(unknonw)too change the past.Our only opportunity isto create a new future.