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A secure, stable, and commercially supported Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built with open source components such as Cloud Foundry and Docker. Stackato runs on your cloud infrastructure, and is the middleware from which your applications are launched.

Companies use Stackato in order to streamline their application development process and get their applications to market faster.

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What's New in Stackato v3.0

  1. 1. What’s New in Stackato v3.0: The Platform for the Agile Enterprise Phil Whelan Stackato Developer Evangelist December 16, 2013
  2. 2. What is Stackato? • A secure, stable, and commercially supported Platform-as-aService (PaaS) built with open source components such as Cloud Foundry and Docker Slide 2 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  3. 3. Where does Stackato fit in the Cloud Stack? • Stackato runs on your cloud infrastructure, and is the middleware from which your applications are launched + others Slide 3 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  4. 4. How does Stackato Work? • Simply upload an application and Stackato automatically configures the required language runtimes, frameworks, and data/messaging services Auto-Provisioning, Configuration, Scaling of Application Middleware • Administrators can monitor and configure settings, such as user roles, application components, scaling, and memory usage, through the Stackato web interface Storage Network Processing or command line Frameworks Slide 4 Database & Messaging Service activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013 Web Servers Languages
  5. 5. Why Enterprises Use Stackato Faster Time to Market Agility and Scalability With Stackato, developers can get apps to the cloud in minutes, not weeks. As usage grows, Stackato scales applications to deliver performance for end-users demand. Greater Security Stackato has been extended and hardened to provide enterprises with tighter security, better compliance, and more control over secure, sensitive data. Productivity and Innovation Stackato automates the configuration, deployment, and management of applications. Flexibility Stackato gives developers and IT managers the freedom they need. The polyglot nature of Stackato means you can give your developers the flexibility to work with the best choice of language for any task. Slide * activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  6. 6. Stackato v3.0 • Based on Cloud Foundry v2 • All new APIs • More consistency across APIs • Better design • The first commercial Enterprise solution built on-top of Cloud Foundry v2 Slide 6 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  7. 7. Stackato Re-integration • Still have Stackato proprietary features on-top of Cloud Foundry v2 • Log streaming • TCP/UDP port services for applications • ssh into application containers • LDAP/SSO support • more… Slide 7 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  8. 8. Command-line Admin Tools • kato command-line admin tool • Upgraded to work with Cloud Foundry v2 components • Added “kato upgrade” for upgrading VMs • “stackato” command-line end-user tool • Upgraded to work with Cloud Foundry v2 components • Supports all new APIs and CFv2 features • Support all previous Stackato enhancements • Still single binary download deployed on VM for Mac, Windows and Linux. Slide 8 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  9. 9. Web Console • Still JavaScript based console, but using new frameworks and technologies • Much faster and real-time updates • Activity Stream • Follow activity of your apps, spaces and organizations in real-time • Start dialog on any event Slide 9 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  10. 10. Organizations and Spaces • New concept not available in Cloud Foundry v1 • Replaced Stackato’s “Groups” with this • Organizations • Multi-tenancy • Groups users together • One Organization cannot share or see resources of another Organization Slide 10 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  11. 11. Organizations and Spaces • Spaces • Belongs to an Organization • One Organization can have many Spaces • Groups applications • Applications can move between Spaces • Example of Spaces may be “Development”, “Testing” and “Production • Different Users can have different access rights to a Space and hence different access rights to the applications in that Space Slide 11 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  12. 12. Backend changes • Cluster configuration • Doozerd replaced with Redis • Internal messaging system • NATS replaced with gnatsd • Docker integration • Stackato LXC containers replaced with Docker containers • More eyeballs on security from large Docker community • No functional change to Stackato, yet • More Docker features exposed in future releases Slide 12 activestate.com/stackato | @activestate | #stackato | activestate.com/blog | Copyright 2013
  13. 13. Download your own Stackato micro cloud at: www.activestate.com/stackato
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