Stackato Overview: A Private PaaS on a Micro Cloud, vSphere, or Amazon


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Stackato Overview: A Private PaaS on a Micro Cloud, vSphere, or Amazon

  1. 1. October 2011
  2. 2. Diane MuellerDirector, Enterprise Product ManagementTroy TopnikTechnical Sales Engineer
  3. 3. Founded 19972 million developers, 97% of Fortune 1000 Development, Management, Distribution & Cloudsolutions for dynamic languagesCore languages: Python, Perl, TclOther languages: PHP, Ruby, JavascriptRelated products: Komodo IDE, StackatoSome of our customers:
  4. 4. Beta
  5. 5. Based on Cloud Foundry Open source model, easily extensible Python Community Lead for open source project Stackato: commercially supported, enterprise hardened!Optimized for VMware cloud infrastructure: Runs on vSphere: Most popular virtualization platform in large enterprise vCenter: Manage and monitor
  6. 6. Beta Setup & Develop & Manage & Scale Deploy Monitor• Create a PRE- • Deploy NEW, • Control, monitor CONFIGURED Migrate application private PaaS on EXISTING performance top of private applications to cloud or IaaS in the cloud in 3 minutes steps, < 15 minutes
  7. 7. PaaS IaaS Public and Private Options Many Public Options: Single & Multi-Language• Amazon EC2, Rackspace •• Various private infrastructure • DotCloud service providers • Openshift• Private clouds via hypervisors • Heroku•Developers need more than just infrastructure•Companies want more robust PaaS options with…security, privacy in private cloud
  8. 8. Hybrid Clouds Public CloudsPrivate Clouds
  9. 9. Large enterprise, ISVs/Systems Private government: Integrators: cloud/Managed Private PaaS for Self-manage, Service large # custom migrate and host Providers: apps, security, SaaS applications Add private PaaS compliance to IaaS for clients
  10. 10. IT/Systems Private Cloud (IaaS) Development Teams Administrators/DevOps Hosting Providers• Save significant • Faster code to cloud • Additional revenue amount of time in and time to market: stream configuration, set-up eliminate set-up and provision time, move • More value for clients• Respond to business apps to cloud in < needs faster 15 minutes • Competitive differentiation• Greater utilization and • On-demand self- ROI out of virtualized service: Auto • Greater client loyalty: infrastructure provisioning of “stickiness” of PaaS dependencies• Avoid vendor lock-in • Save time with • Flexibility with choice configuring, client automation
  11. 11. + + = Client (IDE or Deployed to theStackato VM Your App Command Line) Cloud
  12. 12. Write, debug, test, deploy directly from Komodo IDE Languages: Frameworks:ActivePython + packages Django Database Engines: ActivePerl + packages Pyramid MySQL Bottle PostgreSQL Extended from CF: Flask MongoDB Ruby Mojolicious Redis Node.js Dancer Others TBD Java More to come…
  13. 13. Deploy your App in Less Than 15 Minutes!
  14. 14. 1. Enterprise-ready: commercially supported open source2. More choice: languages, frameworks, data services3. Hypervisor (IaaS)-agnostic and Portable: from desktop (micro cloud) to private, public, and hybrid clouds4. Migrate existing apps with minimal re-engineering5. Simplicity of PaaS deployment6. End-to-end: push from desktop IDE7. Monitor performance: vCenter, New Relic8. Enhanced security: multi-tenant LXC containers9. Enhanced application lifecycle management
  15. 15. Twitter: @activestate (#stackato) Blog: Email: #stackato IRC channel on Freenode