Py imsl activepython webinar final


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Py imsl activepython webinar final

  1. 1. Presented by:Steve Lang, Rogue Wave SoftwareDiane Mueller, ActiveState
  2. 2. Steve Lang Senior Project Manager Rogue Wave Software Steve.Lang@roguewave.comDiane Mueller Director, Enterprise Product Management ActiveState
  3. 3. About ActiveStateAbout Rogue WaveAbout ActivePythonWhat is PyIMSLKey Industries for IMSLBenefits of Using Commercial AlgorithmsPyIMSL DetailsDemonstrationsSummary and Next StepsQ&A
  4. 4. Founded 1997 2 million developers, 97% of Fortune 1000 rely on ActiveState Development, management, distribution solutions for dynamic languages Core languages: Perl, Python, Tcl Other: PHP, Ruby, JavascriptConfidential
  5. 5. Finance Software & Hardware Aerospace & DefenseHealthcare & Life Sciences
  6. 6. Leading commercial-grade distributionWindows, Linux, and Mac OS XActivePython Community Edition Prototyping and developmentActivePython Business or Enterprise Edition DeploymentPyPM Index ActivePython repository of over 7,000 Python packages Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib modules
  7. 7. Global Reach Germany UKOR MA France Japan CO (HQ) TX 40 years -- 3000+ customers -- 36 countries
  8. 8. Customers:
  9. 9. Three Major Product Families IMSL Numerical and Statistical Libraries Enterprise C++ Components and Infrastructure HPC Source Code and Memory Debugging
  10. 10. PyIMSL provides Python wrappers to theIMSL C Numerical LibraryExtend numerical analysis capabilities withPython function callsAvailable for commercial trial license and free fornon-commercial useAvailable for Windows and Linux (32 and 64 bit)and Mac OS X on Python 2.6.Now available with ActivePython via PyPM pypm install pyimsl
  11. 11. Mathematics Basic Types Linear Algebra Eigensystems Interpolation & Approximation Quadrature Differential Equations Nonlinear Equations Optimization Special Functions Finance & Bond Calculations
  12. 12. Statistics Basic Statistics Time Series & Forecasting Nonparametric Tests Correlation & Covariance Data Mining Regression Analysis of Variance Transforms Goodness of Fit Distribution Functions Random Number Generation Neural Networks
  13. 13. Finance and Insurance risk management portfolio optimization forecastingManufacturingScientific and engineering applicationsBioinformatics analysisExtending analysis capabilities for ISVs Business Intelligence, databases, supply chain, etc.
  14. 14. Fully supported, tested, documentedTrusted algorithms for over 40 yearsThe only available source for many analytic algorithms inPython especially areas like statistics, forecasting, differential equations, neural networks, genetic algorithms, classification.Tuned, high performance C based algorithmsAvailable in many other languages (C, C#, Java,Fortran) and on many platforms
  15. 15. PyIMSL can greatly reduce the time and effort inprototyping applications and then moving them into aproduction environment. Rapidly prototype in Python Productize and deploy in native Python or… Productize and deploy in native C/C++, Java, C#, or FORTRAN No need to use different analytics in prototype work and deployment, which introduces risks in that results may not match.
  16. 16. In-depth documentation with usage, algorithmdescriptions, references and sample code
  17. 17. Wrappers for all IMSL C Library functionality API closely matches the IMSL C Library APIWrappers are written in Python Uses Python ctypes package to interface to IMSL shared libs Integrated with NumPy for array supportThe IMSL C Library API is presented with a fully Pythonstyle interface. Positional and keyword parameters are used extensively. Data can be passed using many collection types including lists, tuples and NumPy ndarrays
  18. 18. PyIMSL analytics combined with ActivePythonprovide a robust platform for the development ofcommercial mission critical analytic applicationsThe breadth of functionality, performance andaccuracy of the IMSL libraries are unmatched foranalytical and statistical work in Python
  19. 19. Next Steps: Visit PyPM Index and install PyIMSL Learn more about Rogue Wave Softwares IMSL Libraries 303.545.3258 Phone: (Toll-free) 1.866.510.2914 Twitter: @ActiveState