Improving Customer Experience Using ActivePerl and ActivePython

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Perl and Python can be found in any number of places - on websites, in downloadable apps, in systems back-ends, on the cloud, and within enterprise software solutions. Parallels, a leader in …

Perl and Python can be found in any number of places - on websites, in downloadable apps, in systems back-ends, on the cloud, and within enterprise software solutions. Parallels, a leader in virtualization and automation software, supports dynamic languages ActivePerl and ActivePython in its Plesk product to create a more seamless experience for their customers. Quality components and seamless installations make Parallels Plesk Panel, a server automation solution, a great choice for small business customers and hosting providers who require simplicity and reliability, and ActiveState helps to provide a solid solution within Plesk.

Join Blake Tyra, Plesk Panel Product Manager at Parallels, and Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering at ActiveState, the dynamic languages experts to learn how to:

* Get to market faster and add easily add functionality with ActivePerl and ActivePython in your software products
* Increase customer experience and satisfaction with language distribution integration
* Reduce QA cycles with ensured quality components
* Eliminate legal risks when distributing Perl and Python in commercial products

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  • Jeff Hassle free redistribution of of dynamic languages (ActivePerl/Python/Tcl) with your product
  • Jeff
  • Many companies wont take products unless all protected
  • Parallels has been using our solutions since 2003, and many other companies rely on our solutions.


  • 1. Improving Customer Experience Using ActivePerl and ActivePython
    • Presented by:
    • Blake Tyra, Plesk Panel Product Manager, Parallels
    • Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering, ActiveState
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introductions
    • Parallels’ story with ActiveState
    • Open source licensing considerations
    • Growth and value of dynamic languages
    • Overview of ActiveState ’ s solutions
    • Question and answer period
  • 3. Blake Tyra, Plesk Panel Product Manager, Parallels
  • 4. Parallels Plesk Panel
    • Major product audiences:
      • Cloud service providers (a.k.a “hosters”)
      • Small Businesses
      • Individuals (personal use)
    • Parallels Plesk Panel is a complete web hosting automation solution that makes it easy for server administrators to create, customize, and manage servers and websites through an intuitive user interface.
      • Small businesses and individuals use Parallels Plesk Panel to create a hassle-free point-and-click web presence, manage their email accounts , and control their server configuration.
      • Plesk Panel’s offering for service providers makes it easy to define hosting service plans, sell/bill, provision, and host these services for their customers – all while providing a self-service interface for their customers to manage their services.
    Extremely mature – Over 10 years in the making
  • 5. What is a Control Panel?
    • Overlays the server’s core functions
      • Core Components
        • Manage users, domains, and email
        • Manage databases, services, and ftp
        • Add applications
    • Creates business models
      • Web hosting
        • Administrative and End-user interfaces
        • Reseller layer options
        • Specific user roles at end user level
    • Virtualization and Cloud
      • Light footprint
      • Support for many Operating Systems and Virtualization Solutions
      • Good replacement for internal IT
    Making Difficult Technology Simple
  • 6. Benefits for Everyone
    • Audiences
    • Web hosts
    • Web designers
    • IT professionals
    • Small businesses
    Wide range of audiences and clients Targeted Features Billing Web Presence Builder Applications Usage Scenarios Hosting automation Dedicated servers Virtual private servers Cloud deployment Powering over 7 million websites
  • 7. Notable Customers Used by the most trusted names in hosting Used by service providers, small businesses, and individuals across 125 countries!
  • 8. Adapting to a Changing Market
    • “ Hosting” is no longer about simply providing disk space / bandwidth – it is about solutions
    • Open source and commercial applications hosted in the cloud are becoming a requirement for small business and personal-use customers
      • Blogs
      • Wikis
      • CMS
      • Shopping Carts
    • Parallels has created an ecosystem of these applications via our Application Packaging Standard (APS)
      • Constantly expanding selection of open source and commercial applications – over 260 applications available, and 100’s of thousands of downloads
      • Install-able via touchless, one-click install from Plesk Panel into a customer’s webspace
  • 9. Application Packaging Standard (APS) Catalog
  • 10. Need for ActivePerl / ActivePython
    • Benefits to our customers
      • In addition to included components in Plesk (AWStats, SpamAssassin), we needed a reliable way to provide the needed scripting languages to power these applications – popular applications like MediaWiki.
      • ActivePerl/ActivePython installed with Plesk seamlessly
      • Known to be widely compatible across OS versions and architectures – allows our product to satisfy a diverse customer base
      • ActiveState is a known and trusted brand in the hosting industry
    • Internal benefits
      • ActivePerl / ActivePython are complete and deliver all necessary modules we needed to ship with Plesk Panel
      • Completely built and ready for deployment “out-of-the-box”
      • Reduced resources needed for development, compilation, and QA
    • End Result: Happier customers running on trusted, stable, and commonly used components--regardless of use case
  • 11. Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering, ActiveState
  • 12. About ActiveState
    • Founded 1997
    • 2 million developers, 97% of Fortune 1000
    • Products & services for end-to-end development, management, distribution of applications with dynamic languages – and now Stackato (in Beta) for cloud
    • Open source projects to mission-critical applications
    • Dynamic Languages:
      • Core: Perl, Python, Tcl
      • Other: PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js and more
  • 13. Why Dynamic Languages?
    • Save development time
    • Get to market faster
    • Improve your end user experience
    • Enabling scripting options for your users/customers
  • 14. Why the Growth?
    • Dynamic Languages Deliver Value
      • Faster time to market
      • Increased productivity
      • Quality applications
      • Flexible and extensible to generate clean, reliable and reusable code
      • Excellent for data processing, and web apps development
      • Large libraries of turnkey modules ready for deployment
  • 15. Dynamic Languages Popularity From “OSS Adoption Patterns in Enterprise IT”, Forrester, March 2011” 5 7% of enterprises are now employing open source languages in their organization
  • 16. What are OEM Solutions?
    • Leveraging other technology inside your products
    • Bundling ActiveState’s language distribution(s) with your products
    • Buying vs building of components
  • 17. OEM: Save Development Time Release to Market Brainstorm Design Development Quality Assurance Deployment ActiveState OEM Solutions Brainstorm Design Development Release to Market Deployment Quality Assurance
  • 18. Differentiating Your Products
    • Advanced scripting options for advanced products
    • Bundle scripting options (instead of self-download) for a seamless installation experience
    • Commercially backed for confidence
    • Full indemnification to ensure continued business from large enterprises
  • 19. OEM for Management
    • Hassle-free redistribution rights
    • Indemnification options for risk-free redistribution
    • Elimination of legal risk
  • 20. Buy vs. Build
    • Faster, best-of-breed software components
    • Better quality software
    • Cross-platform support “out-of-the-box”
    • Save in-house development time and resources
    • Reduce risks with hassle-free redistribution rights
  • 21. Mitigate Risk with Proper Licensing
    • Turn-key licensing (including third-party modules )
      • Reduce complexities and risks
      • Save time in license review
    • OEM license required for redistributing ActivePerl/Python/Tcl
    • Always use a safe redistribution package (OEM) when embedding open source in marketable products
    • For security or enterprise products, always use commercially supported open source to reduce legal risks
    • Consider implications of potential copyright infringement lawsuits - $$$
  • 22. ActivePerl, ActivePython, ActiveTcl ActiveState Language Edition Community Business Enterprise Edition OEM Market/Use For community developers or non-production servers For production servers, external-facing servers and business-critical applications For larger implementations and mission-critical applications For software, hardware, aerospace companies to redistribute OS: Windows, Linux, Mac ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ OS: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX ✓ ✓ ✓ Older versions ✓ ✓ ✓ Commercial support Email 2 days Email/Phone 2 hours Email/Phone 2 hours Indemnification ✓ ✓ Royalty-free Distribution ✓
  • 23. Some Other OEM Customers
  • 24. Contact Us
    • Blake Tyra, Parallels
    • [email_address]
    • Jeff Hobbs, ActiveState
    • [email_address]
    • ActiveState Business Solutions
    • [email_address]
    • 1.866.510.2914
    • Follow @activestate on Twitter