Modern Application Development Using Stackato and Nebula One


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In the age of scalable, elastic cloud infrastructure, six months to build and deploy an application is simply too long. Before, developers had to manually provision compute resources, configure their databases, and any of the other mundane tasks that slow down the work and add points of failure. But there is a better way. Together, ActiveState and Nebula are enabling developers to build an application once and seamlessly deploy it across clouds in minutes.

Join Phil Whelan, Developer Evangelist from ActiveState and Gabriel Hurley, Senior Developer from Nebula, as they demonstrate how distributed development teams can leverage Nebula infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Stackato private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to speed application development and deployment.

These tools allow you to deploy apps directly to the cloud from your laptop and collaborate with your fellow developers, enabling agile practices and DevOps methodologies.

This webinar will demonstrate how to:
- Deploy Stackato onto the Nebula One cloud
- Develop applications with a distributed team
- Improve collaboration with other developers
- Utilize tools like Jenkins and Github for continuous integration
- Diagnose problems
- Utilize Stackato’s distributed Log Streaming to manage logged data from across the cluster in real-time

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  • Any Language, Any Stack, Any Cloud™
    Multi-Choice, End-to-End, Portable
  • Any Language, Any Stack, Any Cloud™
    Multi-Choice, End-to-End, Portable
  • Any Language, Any Stack, Any Cloud™
    Multi-Choice, End-to-End, Portable
  • Modern Application Development Using Stackato and Nebula One

    1. 1. WEBINAR: Modern Application Development
    2. 2. Presenters Phil  Whelan
 Developer  Evangelist,  ActiveState   ! ! ! Gabriel  Hurley
 Platform  Team  Manager,  Nebula   Slide 2 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    3. 3. Agenda Webinar  Overview   Introduction  to  Nebula   Introduction  to  Stackato   Nebula  One  +  Stackato  DEMO   Questions Slide 3 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    4. 4. Webinar Overview Stackato  manages  your   applications   ! Nebula  One  manages  your   infrastructure   ! Together  they  provide  the   entire  stack  to  quickly   provision,  deploy  and  scale   applications Slide 4 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    5. 5. Introduction to Nebula Slide 5 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    6. 6. Introduction to Nebula Full  IaaS  private  cloud  offering   ! Turnkey  installation   ! Scalability   ! High  availability   ! Security  from  the  ground  up   ! Supports  commodity  servers
 (IBM,  HP,  Dell,  white  box) Slide 6 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    7. 7. How can you use Nebula? Slide 7 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    8. 8. Why do enterprises use Nebula? I couldn't be more pleased with the stability and performance of our Nebula cluster! This product rocks. ! Albion, Pharma Informatics team at one of the world’s largest biotech firms Slide 8 We  make  OpenStack  easy   ! Security   ! Performance  and  stability   ! Helps  speed  application   development | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    9. 9. Introduction to Stackato Stackato  runs  on  your   cloud  infrastructure,  and   is  the  middleware  from   which  your  applications   are  launched   ! It  runs  on  any  hypervisor   or  infrastructure  layer   Slide 9 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    10. 10. How does Stackato Work? Developers  upload  their   application  code  and  Stackato   automatically  configures  
 the  required  language  
 runtimes,  frameworks,  databases   and  messaging  services.   Auto-Provisioning, Configuration, Scaling of Application Middleware Frameworks Database & Messaging Service Web Servers Languages ! Monitor  and  configure,  users,   roles,  applications,  scaling  and   usage,  through  its  web  interface  
 or  command  line  client. Slide 10 Processing Storage | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014 Network
    11. 11. What comes in the box? Slide 11 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    12. 12. Scaling Stackato It  is  easy  to  wire  many  Stackato  VMs  together  to  form  a  cluster   ! Slide 12 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    13. 13. Why Enterprises Use Stackato Faster  Time  to  Market   With  Stackato,  developers  can  get  apps   to  the  cloud  in  minutes,  not  weeks.     Greater  Security   Stackato  has  been  extended  and   hardened  to  provide  enterprises  with   tighter  security,  better  compliance,   and  more  control  over  secure,   sensitive  data. Agility  and  Scalability   As  usage  grows,  Stackato  scales   applications  to  deliver  performance   for  end-­‐users  demand. Productivity  and  Innovation   Stackato  automates  the  configuration,   deployment,  and  management  of   applications.   Flexibility   Stackato  gives  developers  and  IT  managers  the  freedom  they  need.  The  polyglot  nature  of  Stackato  means  you   can  give  your  developers  the  flexibility  to  work  with  the  best  choice  of  language  for  any  task. Slide 13 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    14. 14. What You Will See In The Demo • Installing  an  application  the  old  way   ! • Setting  up  a  Stackato  on  Nebula  One   ! • Deploying  an  application  to  Stackato   ! • Scaling  Stackato  on  Nebula  One   ! • Continuous  Delivery   • Creating  your  own  application   • GitHub  Enterprise  hooks  to  talk  to  Jenkins   • Jenkins  job  to  deploy  to  Stackato Slide 14 | @activestate | | | Copyright 2014
    15. 15. Questions? Phil Whelan email: 
 twitter: @philwhln Gabriel Hurley email: twitter: @gabrielhurley !