How to Install the Geolocation Database for the LiveHelp Server

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This guide will help you to install the geolocation …

This guide will help you to install the geolocation
free database in your own server side.

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  • 1. How to install the Geolocationdatabase in your server sideThis guide will help you to install the geolocationfree database in your own server side.
  • 2. 1. Download the Geolocation DatabaseThe last free IP2Location database is availablethrough the follow link :, remeber you need to use the DB5.NOTE : The database is available in two formats, CSV and Bin.In order to make the process easily we convertedthe CSV file and the table DML in a single standardSQL script that can be load easily through the mysqlconsole. Our script have 1.685.307 records.NOTE : Our single script is available through our technical forum at the follow link :
  • 3. 2. Install the Ip2Location DatabaseIn order to do the installation you need to haveaccess to your server via SSH. The process is quitesimple, please follow the next steps :1. Upload the script ip2location.sql in your server side via FTP.2. Via SSH go to the same path where you have the file and start theMySQL Console through the follow command line:$ mysql --user=username --pass=password database_name3. Select the database where you want to run the script.mysql> use ipdb;4. Finally run the import script through the follow command line:mysql> source ip2location.sql;NOTE : The script will be run for a few moments in order to upload the all records.NOTE : You can create and upload the data in the same database where you have the CMS.
  • 4. 3. Install the Gelocation ScriptIn order to access the Geolocation database youneed to install a simple php script in your serverside. The process is quite simple, please follow thenext steps :1. In your server side create a folder named : iplocation2. Upload the script ip_query.php in the new folder.3. Edit the php script and enter the database connection info.NOTE : Remember you always need to use the information that point to the database where is theGeolocation database installed.
  • 5. 4. Setup the Script on the LiveHelp ServerThe last process is enter the link to the script in theLiveHelp Server tracking script. Please follow thenext steps :1. Via FTP go to the path where is the LiveHelp Server Tracking script:Joomla : componentscom_activehelper_livehelpserverimportWordPress : wp-contentpluginsactivehelper-livehelpserverimportDrupal : sitesallmodulesactivehelper_livehelpserverimport2. Edit the file named : javascript.php3. Search for the line : and update foryour server link. Example :
  • 6. 5. Test the new DatabaseThe database need to be tested with a fresh visitor.NOTE : If you don’t get any geolocation info this is because you dont follow the steps like the guide says.NOTE : Please remember that the database is provided by a third-party and we don’t offer support relatedwith this or with the accuracy of the data.