Sv croatia 7 day guided cycling 2011


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Sv croatia 7 day guided cycling 2011

  1. 1. Croatia  Seven  (7)  Day  Guided  Cycling  Trip  2011    This   is   a   fantastic   Southern   Visions   seven   (7)   day   guided   cycling   trip   through   Croatia,   which   boasts  unparalleled  beauty!    Despite  the  recent  hype,  the  pleasures  Croatia  offers  visitors  are  more  timeless  than   trendy.     The   glistening   Adriatic   Sea   winds   around   rocky   coves,   lapping   at   pine-­‐fringed   beaches  along  1778  km  of  coastline.    Ports  bustle  with  local  fishermen  while  children  dive  into  the  sparkling  water.     The   Croatian   islands   offer   some   of   the   best   cycling   anywhere,   but   it’s   hard   not   to   get  distracted  while  you’re  pedaling  because  the  scenery  is  so  inviting!    The  cycling  on  this  Croatia  trip  is  considered  moderate.    The  itinerary  features  a  combination  of  rolling  terrain   and   moderate   hills,   with   a   few   steep   climbs   on   each   of   the   four   islands   we   visit.     Our   van   support  will  always  be  available  for  those  who  need  assistance  during  the  bike  rides.    This  trip  is  appropriate  for  anyone  from  an  athletic/energetic  beginning  cyclist  to  an  advanced  cyclist.    Trip  Highlights     • Professionally  guided  cycling  each  day   • Island  hopping  via  catamarans  &  ferries   • Winery  visit  &  tasting   • Cooking  class  &  dinner  with  local  expert   • Walking  tours  of  Korcula  &  Hvar  towns   • Farewell  party  with  slide  show  presentation    WHAT  YOU  GET!!!     • An  outstanding  adventure  travel  experience   • Peace  of  mind  knowing  you  are  with  a  professional  travel  and  tour  company   • Use  of  Puglia’s  finest  and  best  maintained  bikes   • Local  and  native  guides  with  insider  knowledge  of  Croatia’s  secrets  and  mysteries   • 6  nights  lodging  at  3-­‐  and  4-­‐star  hotels  and  resorts   • 6  breakfasts   • 4  lunches   • 5  Dinners   • Daily  snacks  &  happy  hours   • Guest  shuttles  and  all  luggage  transfers   • Detailed  maps  and  route  notes        
  2. 2.  Day  1    We  will  meet  at  the  port  of  Dubrovnik  at  9:00  am.    You  will  find  your  guide  holding  a  Southern  Visions  sign.    We  suggest  that  you  arrive  no  later  than  the  night  before.    Catamaran  ride  to  Sobra  Lunch:  Polace  Bourbon  Cycling:  39km/24mi  Dinner  &  Lodging:  Hotel  Odisej  Our  adventure  begins  in  historical  and  romantic  Dubrovnik,  one  of  Eastern  Europe’s  most  unique  cities.    The  historic  center  is  well-­‐protected  by  fortified  walls,  making  it  a  wonderful  place  to  stroll.    Given  its  location  on  the  Adriatic  Sea,  Dubrovnik  is  the  perfect  place  to  start  our  journey.    We’ll  meet  at  the  port  at   9:00   am   and   catch   a   catamaran   to   the   nearby   island   of   Mljet.     Covered   with   luxurious   vegetation,  Mljet   has   always   been   a   desirable   destination   for   tourists   seeking   unspoiled   natural   wonders   or  retracing   the   legendary   footsteps   of   Odysseus   and   St.   Paul.     We   will   enjoy   lunch   in   Polace   and   begin   our  cycling  route  there,  stopping  to  explore  Mljet  National  Park  and  two  saltwater  lakes.    We  will  finish  our  ride   at   the   seaside   Hotel   Odisej,   which   boasts   a   caring   staff,   exceptional   customer   service,   and   excellent  cuisine.    Be  sure  to  get  a  good  night’s  rest!  Day  2    Transfer  to  Korcula  Island  Walking  tour  of  Korcula  town  Cycling:  37km/23mi  Wine  tasting  at  Toreta  Winery  Dinner  at  a  local  farm  Lodging:  Hotel  Feral­‐feral.htm      Today  we  will  begin  with  a  boat  transfer  from  Mljet  to  Korcula  Island,  one  of  the  greenest  in  the  Adriatic  Sea.     Like   most   of   the   Croatian   islands,   Korcula   was   first   settled   by   the   Greeks,   who   gave   it   the   name  Korkyra   Melaina   (Black   Corfu)   for   its   dark   and   densely   wooded   appearance.     Korcula   is   rich   in   art   and  culture,  as  well  as  beautiful  natural  elements  such  as  breathtaking  views,  tiny  and  secluded  beaches  and  bays,   and   uninhabited   smaller   islands   just   off   the   main   island’s   coast.     Legend   has   it   that   Marco   Polo  called   Korcula   Island   home.     The   main   town   on   the   island,   also   named   Korcula,   is   a   typical   medieval  walled  Dalmatian  city,  with  round  defensive  towers  and  a  cluster  of  red-­‐roofed  houses.    We  will  take  a  walking  tour  of  the  town  and  then  give  you  some  time  to  enjoy  lunch  on  your  own  in  one  of  the  many  amazing  cafes  and  restaurants.    Then,  we  will  cycle  to  one  of  the  island’s  top  vineyards  for  a  lovely  wine  tasting.    You  will  have  some  more  free  time  to  rest  or  explore  before  we  head  to  dinner  at  a  small  local  farm.    Get  ready  for  another  exciting  day  tomorrow!    Day  3    Cruise  to  Hvar  Island  &  Lunch  onboard  Cycling:  27km/17mi  +  additional  options  Dinner  &  Lodging:    Hotel  Podstine    After   breakfast   in   Korcula,   we   will   cruise   to   Hvar   Island,   enjoying   lunch   aboard   the   ship.     From   the  earliest   days   of   seafaring,   Hvar   was   at   the   center   of   Adriatic   trade   routes.     With   an   excellent   natural  
  3. 3. shape  and  nearby  small  islands  blocking  perilous  winds,  the  port  of  Hvar  served  as  a  perfect  safe  haven  for  boats.    When  you  look  back  on  your  time  in  Hvar,  you  will  remember  rich  sensory  experiences:  the  feel  of  sunshine  on  your  face,  the  sight  of  beautiful  secluded  coves,  the  sound  of  crickets,  the  taste  of  wine,  and  the  smell  of  heather,  rosemary,  lavender,  and  sage.    We  will  take  an  exhilarating  ride  along  the  north  coast  between  Jelsa,  Vrboska,  and  Stari  Grad  –  a  stretch  that’s  especially  well-­‐suited  to  cycling.    After  our  group  ride,  you  may  choose  to  clock  some  extra  kilometers  on  your  bike  or  have  some  fun  in  the   city   center,   just   15   minutes   away   from   our   hotel.     Or,   if   you   prefer,   you   can   explore   the   sandy   white  beaches   and   enjoy   unparalleled   swimming   and   snorkeling   at   a   nearby   chain   of   islets   known   as   the   Resin  Islands.     Of   course   you   can   always   decide   just   to   relax   in   your   room   or   by   the   pool   at   Hotel   Podstine,  where  we  will  all  have  dinner  together.    Don’t  worry  if  you  can’t  fit  everything  in  today,  as  we  are  lucky  enough  to  spend  tomorrow  again  in  Hvar!  Day  4    Lunch:  Antica  Resto  Hvar  walking  tour  with  local  guide  Cycling:  41  or  61km/30  or  38mi  Cooking  class  &  Dinner  with  Margita  Viskovic    Lodging:  Hotel  Podstine        After   a   hearty   breakfast,   we   will   venture   out   for   more   cycling   through   peaceful   coves   and   islets   filled  with  a  multitude  of  pleasant  scents,  plus  a  lovely  walking  tour  with  a  local  guide.    These  activities  will  waken   your   senses   to   the   island’s   pleasant   Mediterranean   climate   and   rich   vegetation   of   palms,   aloe,  pine  trees,  laurel,  rosemary,  and  lavender.    We  will  stop  for  lunch  at  a  delicious  local  restaurant,  Antica  Resto,   and   then   catch   a   little   rest   at   the   hotel   before   enjoying   a   cooking   class   and   dinner   with   local  superstar   Margita   Viskovic.     We   must   bid   goodbye   to   Hvar   tomorrow,   so   be   sure   to   make   a   special  memory  for  yourself  tonight!    Day  5    Private  transfer  to  Brac  Island,  Bol  Town  &  Lunch  onboard  Cycling:  45km/33mi  +  additional  options  Lodging:  Hotel  Elaphusa      After   a   lovely   last   breakfast   at   Hotel   Podstine,   we   will   cruise   you   over   to   Brac   Island   for   two   glorious  days   in   an   unspoiled   natural   environment.     Featuring   a   rich   cultural   heritage   that   dates   back   to  prehistoric  times,  Brac  Island  offers  unique  gastronomy,  beautiful  beaches  and  bays,  crystal  blue  waters,  high  quality  accommodations  at  private  facilities,  and  warm  hospitality  from  the  locals.    We’ll  stay  two  nights   at   the   newly   renovated   four-­‐star   Hotel   Elaphusa,   located   in   the   southern   part   of   the   island,   along  a   walking   path   in   a   pine   forest   midway   between   the   town   of   Bol   and   Zlatni   Rat,   Croatia’s   most   beautiful  beach.    The  hotel’s  spa,  outdoor  pools,  and  other  amenities  make  it  a  favorite.    A  ten-­‐minute  walk  along  a  seaside  path  leads  you  to  Bol,  with  many  excellent  restaurants  and  a  charming  city  center.    You  will  be  free  to  explore  and  enjoy  dinner  at  your  own  leisure.    Brac  Island  and  Bol  are  among  the  most  visited  Croatian   destinations   for   good   reason,   so   be   sure   to   take   full   advantage   of   your   time   here   and  experience  as  much  as  you  can.  Day  6    Cycling:  48  or  97km/30  or  60mi  Farewell  gathering  &  slide  show  at  Hotel  Elaphusa  Farewell  Dinner:  Konoba  Gust  
  4. 4. Lodging:  Hotel  Elaphusa    We   get   to   wake   up   to   the   beautiful   town   of   Bol,   ready   to   start   another   fantastic   day.     After   breakfast   at  the   hotel,   we   will   cycle   into   Bol   for   a   journey   through   history:   the   Roman   baths   and   stela   (grave  markers),   the   ancient   Christian   sarcophaguses   engraved   with   crosses,   the   pre-­‐Romanic   church   of   Sts.  Ivan  and  Tudor,  the  bishop’s  residence,  the  Church  of  Madonna  of  Graces,  the  fortified  Gothic  summer  palace,   the   Renaissance   and   Baroque   Palace   with   a   notable   gallery   of   contemporary   Croatian   art,   and  the   Church   of   Madonna   of   Karmel   decorated   with   angels   with   the   handkerchief   of   Veronica.     You   will  have  some  time  on  your  own  to  explore  the  area’s  beaches  and  underwater  playgrounds  or  to  cycle  an  extra   loop   around   the   city.     However   you   choose   to   spend   your   afternoon,   your   day   will   end   with   an  amazing  Southern  Visions-­‐style  farewell  party,  starting  with  a  lovely  cocktail  hour  at  the  hotel  and  the  presentation  of  a  fabulous  slide  show  documenting  our  adventures,  followed  by  a  farewell  dinner  fondly  hosted  by  your  guides  at  Konoba  Gust.    Tonight  will  be  filled  with  friends,  fun,  and  memories!  Day  7    Private  transfer  to  Supetar  &  Split  Farewell  from  the  Southern  Visions  Team    We  will  shuttle  you  to  Supetar,  where  you  will  catch  your  ferry  to  Split.    From  there,  you  can  depart  for  home  or  other  travels.    Of  course,  if  you  would  like  to  extend  your  stay  in  Croatia,  Southern  Visions  is  here   to   help.     Remember,   Croatians   maintain   a   strong   attachment   to   their   native   land   and   traditions,  which  nourished  their  dream  of  independence  for  so  long.    Many  visitors  to  the  Croatian  Islands  have  been  lured  to  stay  longer  or  come  back  to  continue  experiencing  and  honoring  the  extraordinary  beauty  of  this  wonderfully  preserved  coastline.   Arrival  and  Departure  Logistics  Please  inform  us  of  your  arrival  and  departure  plans.    We  recommend  flying  into  Dubrovnik  and  out  of  Split.  Please   be   sure   to   note   these   important   contact   numbers,   in   case   you   need   assistance   before,   during,   or  after  your  trip  –  Puglia:  +39  340  264  4128  or  +39  392  185  7704;  USA  +1  800  737  5760.