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Inspired Facebook engagement
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Inspired Facebook engagement


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Learn how busy nonprofit social media managers can utilize high performing content to boost Facebook page engagement. Free content finder -->

Learn how busy nonprofit social media managers can utilize high performing content to boost Facebook page engagement. Free content finder -->

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Who Likes Cute Animals?
  • 2. Cultural Icons?
  • 3. Inside Jokes?
  • 4. Witty Quotes?
  • 5. Zingers?
  • 6. 15 minutes a day, everyday - 700 million people
  • 7. Your page is your brand People don’t visit your page It’s all about the feed Content is King
  • 8. Do you struggle trying to find great stuff to post EVERYDAY?
  • 9. There is hope!
  • 10. 20% unique content, 80% recycled over-performing content
  • 11. Post content again that is working well on your own page Adapt other pages high performing content to fit your unique message Re-post content that is performing well on similar pages Re-use Borrow Flatter
  • 12. Post something uniquely yours Warning: 80% of this will fail, that’s ok
  • 13. Finding Over-performing Content Every page has an engagement average. Look for content that perform significantly better than average Yes it’s really that simple!
  • 14. 16,255 Engagement Avg 168,960 This Post 10X
  • 15. 1,735 Engagement Avg 14,684 This Post 8X
  • 16. Engagement Avg 428 This Post 1,985 5X
  • 17. It’s all about Likes, RIGHT? Only if quantity is all you care about Warning: content deliver rates may vary
  • 18. FAN ENGAGEMENT SCORE Avg engagement on recent posts related to a pages total fan count Perfect score 10,000 You always engage as many people as you have fans on every post 39 Your only as good as your last 100 posts.
  • 19. 270k Fans 1073 avg engagement 39 1143 Fans 39 avg engagement 341
  • 20. 4.4M Fans 96k avg engagement 218 15M Fans 8,000 avg engagement 5
  • 21. 500k Fans 325 avg engagement 6 900k Fans 1,700 avg engagement 18 8.9M Fans 1,153 avg engagement 1
  • 22. 2.7M Fans 16k avg engagement 59 3.3M Fans 1,543 avg engagement 4
  • 23. 36M Fans 180k avg engagement 50 3.5M Fans 44k avg engagement 125
  • 24. Getting to ROI Over-performing content helps messages spread LIKE – SHARE – COMMENT Meaningful actions = deeper engagement SIGN A PETITION – PLEDGE TO DO SOMETHING – THANK SOMEONE More engaged people help you achieve outcomes CONTACT – CULTIVATE – CONVERT
  • 25. 70%of people who complete actions for a page post are not fans of that page. 15%of people on average who engage with a post will also complete a deeper action if asked 35%of people taking action are doing so on a mobile devices Interesting Stats