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Actionly Feature Tour

  1. 1. Welcome to Actionly’s tour of Key Features <br />
  2. 2. Actionly tracks Searches across various Social Networks<br /><ul><li>Add Searches such as Brand, Product, Competitor or Industry keywords
  3. 3. Under ‘Terms to Exclude’, enter irrelevant terms to be excluded so as to keep data relevant
  4. 4. Once you submit searches, Actionly immediately retrieves data for Twitter, Facebook but we recommend waiting for a few hours for all other channels and graphs to populate </li></li></ul><li>Click on Searches and view data across Social Networks<br /><ul><li>Click on the Search and view the mini-dashboard for that particular search
  5. 5. Under the Magnifying glass icon, track data for search across all Social Networks or click straight from the dashboard
  6. 6. You can delete any search and add a new one in its place
  7. 7. Note: Actionly can only pull data for the Search from the date entered into the system</li></li></ul><li>Top Tweets<br /><ul><li>Track top tweets for your Search in any language refreshed every 10 minutes
  8. 8. Reply, Re-tweet, Assign to other colleagues or mark tweets as Favorites, To Do or Read (retrieve from the left hand column as marked)
  9. 9. Follow other tweeters directly from Actionly by clicking on their image</li></li></ul><li>Sentiment Analysis for Twitter<br /><ul><li>Actionly assigns Positive , Negative or Neutral sentiments to tweets
  10. 10. If sentiments assigned are not to your liking, Actionly allows you to overwrite them with your sentiments preferences. Please see Tour How to edit Sentiments
  11. 11. Color tags for Sentiments: Positive = Green, Negative = Orange, Neutral = Grey</li></li></ul><li>Find Influencers for Twitter<br /><ul><li>Actionly encourages interacting with Influencers on Twitter; add them directly to your Twitter account from Actionly by clicking on the Tweeter’s image
  12. 12. Validate if the recommended tweeter is relevant to you by clicking on past Tweets by the tweeter</li></li></ul><li>Facebook Public Searches<br /><ul><li>Track status updates containing the Searches on Facebook
  13. 13. Note: The Facebook user must have set their Privacy settings to Public in order for Actionly to retrieve those status updates</li></li></ul><li>Tag Clouds to help find relevant Posts<br /><ul><li>To help navigate the stream of information on Social Media channels; Actionly provides Tag Clouds where you can follow color coded Top Tags and click on those posts so you never miss any relevant posts
  14. 14. This feature is found on all channels, simply by clicking on the cloud icon on the right</li></li></ul><li>Social Media Dashboard<br /><ul><li>Actionly is your one-stop to track performance of Searches, Twitter & Facebook accounts
  15. 15. Export graphs in PDF or CSV</li></li></ul><li>Track your multiple Twitter Accounts<br /><ul><li>Let Actionly track your multiple Twitter accounts
  16. 16. Click on Mentions, Retweets and Metrics for the specific Twitter account</li></li></ul><li>Track your multiple Facebook (fan) Pages<br /><ul><li>Let Actionly track your multiple Facebook (fan or causes) Pages
  17. 17. Track wall posts, comments etc right from Actionly
  18. 18. View your Facebook Insights</li></li></ul><li>Reporting & Analysis<br /><ul><li>Export Client-ready reports in PDF from the Dashboard
  19. 19. Pull Ad-hoc or Schedule reports in CSV for any of your Social Media channels or Searches and share with unlimited team membersby separating emails by commas
  20. 20. All scheduled reports are sent by 9 AM EST</li></li></ul><li>Publish & track multiple Twitter & Facebook accounts<br />Monitor & Analyze the Goals, Clicks, Facebook Likes etc for posts on Twitter or Facebook and understand what resonates with your social audience<br />
  21. 21. Track Social ROI of Twitter & Facebook accounts<br /><ul><li>View and track the reach of Tweets or Facebook posts using Google Analytics and </li></li></ul><li>Twitter Alerts & Invite Users<br /><ul><li>Manage your Twitter alerts for any Searches and have them emailed to you
  22. 22. Share access to Actionly with various colleagues and even clients
  23. 23. All these features are found under Settings</li></li></ul><li>Top Links for Twitter, Google Buzz, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs & News<br /><ul><li>Click on Top Links and view links tweeted in the last 2 days to help you stay on top of industry, product or brand news
  24. 24. Click on Google Buzz, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs and News to retrieve data for Searches</li></li></ul><li>Custom Sites<br /><ul><li>Track Regional blogs or specific industry related blogs by adding the RSS feed and Actionly will instantly pull that for you
  25. 25. Actionly can even track chinese, thai or other such double-byte languages here</li></li></ul><li>Please check our extensive knowledge base for more help<br />View our extensive feature list for more tools<br /><ul><li>For Pricing information
  26. 26. Website:
  27. 27. Email us for any questions at</li>