Kill Fleas and Ticks


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Learn How To Control Fleas and Ticks Once and For All!
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Kill Fleas and Ticks

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Controling these pests from hurting your pet! ====No matter where you live, if you have a dog at some point your dog will have fleas. Flea medicinesfor dogs have provided more comfort for canines perhaps than any other drug in the veterinaryfield.A scratching dog can be a nuisance for the owner but for the dog, its a miserable state of affairs.Fleas crawl about on the skin of the animal, taking little bites here and there and the dog can donothing to get rid of the pests.Your pets only recourse is to scratch what itches and that often means scratching anywhere hecan reach. Dogs will rub on furniture, wear bare spots in their backs rubbing against a fence andchew their paws until they bleed.Scratching leads to hair loss and skin infections for many dogs. An allergy to the saliva of fleas isnot uncommon and produces a condition known as flea allergy dermatitis. Dogs with this allergicreaction can develop serious skin problems that are difficult to treat and extremely uncomfortablefor the animal. Dogs will chew their skin until there are raw patches in an attempt to stop theitching caused by flea bites.Fortunately your dog doesnt have to turn himself into a pretzel trying to get rid of nasty fleas. Fordogs with flea allergy dermatitis, the best products are flea drops which are placed on the skin atthe top of the neck once a month. For larger dogs, it is recommended that you divide theapplication between the neck and lower on the back at the base of the tail. Three of the bestknown products are Advantage, Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix. These flea solutions kill adultfleas and continue to kill hatching fleas for up to 30 days.Revolution provides the same type of spot on application and offers an all-in-one solution thatprevents heartworm and kills fleas. Because they quickly kill adult fleas, the spot products are therecommended choice for dogs with flea allergies.Program and Sentinel are flea products administered in pill form. They contain insect growthregulators. They contain parasitic insecticides that kill fleas when they hatch but do not kill adultfleas on your dog. They can be used in combination with Advantage or Frontline Plus to kill adultfleas with the drops and then prevent new infestations of hatching fleas. Sentinel also is aheartworm preventive medication and kills tapeworm, hookworms, round worms and whip wormsin the canine.The topical drops are the most popular choice of flea control for pet owners. The products arewidely available online without prescription but should be purchased from a reputableveterinarians site as there are low cost fake products designed to look like these top selling
  2. 2. brands that will not kill fleas and could harm your pet.The oral products will keep your dog flea free once the adult fleas have been destroyed but somebreeds display allergic reactions and rashes when using the pill forms.Advantage is a reasonably priced topic flea medication for dogs that is applied once per monthand is widely available. Frontline is slightly more expensive but also prevents ticks. Fleas multiplyquickly and they adapt to protect themselves from topical flea medicines for dogs. The medicationyou used last year may seem less effective in preventing fleas this year. If you choose topicaltreatments, its best to rotate brands yearly as the fleas in your area will adapt.Capstar is a new addition in the field of oral flea medicine for canines. This product is meant to beused for special circumstances as a one time application. A dog with no flea infestation may befine in his flea controlled home environment but risks picking up fleas at a dog show, whenboarded at a kennel or when visiting the dog park. Capstar quickly kills any fleas your pet mayhave picked up in his travels.If your dog has flea problem - you have a flea problem. Chances are there are fleas in your carpet,your dogs bed and on your furniture. When you treat your dog for fleas plan to wash the dogsbedding and use a safe insect spray designed to kill fleas on his bedding and throughout yourhome. Most of the sprays have a residual effect that continues to kill fleas for 30-90 days. Forcarpets, a dust can be sprinkled on the floor, left for a few minutes and vacuumed up with thedead fleas that were hiding in the floor covering.Eliminating a problem with fleas is a multi-pronged attack. Once most of the fleas in your homehave been killed, regular treatment of your dog is usually sufficient to prevent flea activity in thehouse.There are states where fleas are a problem only in the warm summer months. In those climates,flea medications for dogs may be needed only from mid-spring to late fall. In coastal states, stateswith moderate climates and any location near water or marshland, flea prevention should be ayear round routine for your dog.Stop fleas [] fromtaking over your dog and your home with effective flea medicines for dogs. Buy fresh dated fleameds at discount prices directly from a veterinarian at Source:,_D.V.M.
  3. 3. ==== ====Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Controling these pests from hurting your pet! ====