Get More Out of LinkedIn Avvo webinar: September 2012


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You’ve got a basic LinkedIn Profile and you send and receive invitations to connect on LinkedIn. Maybe you have even joined a Group or two. But what are you really supposed to do with LinkedIn, and how can it help you develop business relationships (and hopefully, new clients)? In this webinar, we’ll move beyond the basics and show you some of the advanced features of LinkedIn and how you can use them effectively.

Lawyers who attend this webinar will learn more about:

• Advanced Profile features
• How to effectively connect with others on LinkedIn and what to do once you are connected
• Searching for, participating in and creating your own Groups
• How to use LinkedIn’s search features to your advantage
• The ethical issues are implicated with LinkedIn use
• Company Pages and what can you do with them
• How to effectively monitor your LinkedIn network

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Get More Out of LinkedIn Avvo webinar: September 2012

  1. 1. Allison C. Shields, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.
  2. 2.  President, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. Practice Management, Productivity, Marketing and Business Development for Lawyers Services include individual coaching, training, assessments & surveys, and business and marketing strategy Practicing lawyer for over 15 years Former law firm Administrative Partner Co-author, LinkedIn for Lawyers, published by the American Bar Association
  3. 3. LinkedIn for Lawyers.
  4. 4.  700,000 members in the legal field >2 members join per second Average: • $109K household income • 24% have portfolio value $250K+ • 15 years experience • 41 years old • 168 connections
  5. 5.  Special concerns for lawyers “False or Misleading” information Uncertain regulatory environment
  6. 6. Supercharging Your LinkedInProfile
  7. 7.  Professional Engaging and Inviting Consider using same one you use on other networks for ease of recognition
  8. 8. Important: When someone interacts withyou on LinkedIn this is what they see first.Be descriptive!
  9. 9.  Use all three options Change default names Change public profile link
  10. 10.  Short Bio Use Keywords in your profile ◦ Words someone would use to find you ◦ Language clients use to describe their problems or issues
  11. 11.  Certifications  Volunteer Experience Publications and Causes Honors and Awards  Languages
  12. 12.  Slideshare  Lawyer Ratings (M-H)  Projects Events  WordPress Google Presentation  Legal Updates (JD Supra)
  13. 13.  Manage received recommendations Send recommendations Request recommendations Ethical issues
  14. 14. “Specialties,”“Expertise” & Disclaimers
  15. 15. Effectively Connect withOthers on LinkedIn
  16. 16.  Add Contacts Load up & look up (Outlook)
  17. 17.  People You May Know Who‟s Viewed Your Profile?
  18. 18.  Personalize your invitations to connect. Don‟t use the default invitation Give them a reason to connect
  19. 19. *Continue theconversation: thankthe personfor connecting
  20. 20. KeywordLocationIndustryGroupRelationshipLanguage
  21. 21. Grow contacts throughevents + business cards:Send invitation as a follow upwithin 1 – 2 days
  22. 22.  To connect or not to connect with clients? Connecting with judges and others
  23. 23. Participation: Groups
  24. 24. Organized by:• Area of practice• Personal interests• Alumni• Charitable• Other
  25. 25. • Unauthorized practice of law• Unintended attorney-client relationship• Confidentiality issues
  26. 26. Participation: Monitoring YourNetwork
  27. 27. Be inspired by statusupdates: correspond & fastforward relationships!
  28. 28. Tagcontacts fortargetedmessages(can onlymessage<50contacts)
  29. 29. Goal: take it off-line „digital topersonal‟
  30. 30. Settings
  31. 31. Adjust your LinkedIn profilesettings from the toolbar on thetop right of your screen.
  32. 32. 1. Updates2. Activities3. Profile Views4. Connections5. Social and Partner advertising
  33. 33. Company Pages for Law Firms
  34. 34. Click on Companies,then Add a Company
  35. 35. Use Your CompanyPage To:• Update employees• Share valuable information• Promote firm events• Showcase Employees• Describe Your Services/Practice Areas
  36. 36. Contact Information:Allison@LegalEaseConsulting.comPhone: (blog)