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Dec 2012 acs newsletter

  1. 1. Family TimesVolume 3, Issue 12 December 2012Flu Season Article from’s that time of year again – flu season. Time not infect the body. Some recipi-for you and your family to get flu ents report mild flu-like symptoms,shots. Not only will you significantly which result from antibodies yourlower your chance of getting the flu body produces that help fight offthis winter, but you can make an im- the actual flu.portant contribution to public healthby limiting the spread of this danger- Getting a flu shot is easy and inex-ous disease. pensive for TRICARE beneficiar- ies. You can get your flu vaccineThe Center for Disease Control and from any military medical clinic orPrevention states “flu seasons are un- hospital at no cost to you, or from  Minimize close contact with sickpredictable and can be severe.” All your pharmacist at one of 45,000 net- members, six months and work pharmacies that administer vac-older, should be immunized every cines to TRICARE beneficiaries. You  Practice good health habits. Getyear, since the flu virus changes can also be vaccinated by your doctor, plenty of sleep and exercise, man-slightly season to season, requiring or at one of the retail health clinics age your stress, drink plenty ofyearly vaccinations. found inside many pharmacies. Keep fluids, and eat healthy food. in mind this is considered a “medicalThis is especially true for people at visit,” so you may have cost shares or  Cover your nose and mouth with ahigh risk of catching the flu or with a co-pays. tissue when you cough or sneeze.risk of flu-related complications, such Throw your used tissue in theas children, pregnant women, people Generally, if the pharmacist adminis- trash.65 and older and those with chronic ters the vaccine, it is at no cost to you.medical conditions such as asthma. A If another healthcare professional ad-  If you are sick with flu-like illness,complete list of people at higher risk ministers the vaccine, it is a medical stay home until at least 24 hoursof complications is available at the visit and you must pay the associated after your fever is gone (withoutCenter for Disease Control and Pre- co-pays. Although getting vaccinated the use of fever-reducing medi-vention website: is the best way to prevent the flu, there cine).groups.htm. are additional steps you can follow to avoid the flu. It’s important to get a flu shot everySome people worry flu shots don’t year – your chances of staying healthywork. It is possible to get the flu, even One of the most important is to washafter getting immunized. There are your hands regularly with soap and this winter increase dramatically ifdifferent strains of the flu virus in cir- water, or use an alcohol-based hand you do. For more information on thisculation, meaning you can be exposed sanitizer when those are not available. year’s flu season, visit a version of the virus you’re not Here are some other tips from flu. To learn more about TRICAREimmunized against. Some even be- coverage of flu shots, visitlieve the flu vaccine causes the flu.This is incorrect. Flu shots contain  Avoid touching your eyes, nose,only pieces of killed flu virus that can- or mouth.
  2. 2. Director’s CornerThe Holiday season is upon issue, by filling out an AFAP, do take advantage of the submission form at the follow- afap_form.phpHoliday Season in New York ing locations:City. Have a wonderful Holiday Army Community Service, Season.ACS is hosting the 2012 Barber Shop, Belfour BeattyAFAP Conference on Decem- Communities, Bowling Carmen E. Borrerober 11, 2012, 0800-1630 at the Center, Child Development ACS DirectorFort Hamilton Community Center, Community Club, Fit-Club It’s not too late! If you ness Center, ID Section, Posthave an idea which you be- Office, Reserve Center, andlieve would be beneficial to Visitor Control Center or Sub-the Fort Hamilton Commu- mit your Issues today online:nity, submit your AFAP http:// Inside This Issue: ACS Programs & Staff 2 Director’s Corner/ACS Programs & Staff ACS Director Family Advocacy/ Carmen Borrero EFMP 718-630-4457 3 Armed Forces Action Plan Conference Vincent DiMaira 718-630-4460 Army Emergency Relief 4 Master Resiliency Training/Army Family 718-630-4754 Financial Readiness Team Building 718-630-4754 5 Employment Readiness Program-Put Vol- Army Family Team Building John Mapes unteer Work on your Resume Front Desk/ 718-630-4498 5 Volunteer Program Information & Referral Magda Lawrence Army Family Action Plan 718-630-4754 6 Family Advocacy Program-What is Child John Mapes Abuse 718-630-4498 Loan Closet 718-630-4754 Army Volunteer Corps 7 SOS/EFMP/MFLC/SHARP Joseph Gamez Relocation Readiness 718-630-4756 Madeline Pastorella 8 Financial Readiness Program – Regifting 718-630-4462 Deployment/Mobilization Gains Popularity Madeline Pastorella Sexual Assault/Victim 9 Waiting Families/Mob-Dep/Lending 718-630-4462 Advocacy Closet/Newcomer’s Orientation Vincent DiMiara Employment Readiness 10 Relocation Program— Sponsor Training 718-630-4460 Joseph Gamez 718-630-4756 11 Boost Your Metabolism After 40 12 Safety-Clutter Causes Casualties Happy Holidays ! 13 Calendar Page 2
  3. 3. Armed Forces Action Plan Conference December 11, 2012 0800-1630hrs. @ Fort Hamilton Community Club IT’S NOT TOO LATE!! If you have an idea which you believe would be beneficial to the Fort Hamilton Community SUBMIT your Idea/Issue TODAY!! Submit your Issues online @ afap_form.php or visit one of the following locations:  Army Community Service  Fitness Center  Barber Shop  ID Section  Belfour Beatty  Post Office  Bowling Center  Reserve Center  Child Development Center  Visitor Control Center  Community Club  Post ExchangeIf you would like to participate as a Delegate, Facilitator, Recorder, or Transcriber, please contact: John Mapes at 718-630-4498 AFAP….Voice of the Community Page 3
  4. 4. Master Resiliency Training Tuesday, December 18, 2012 1300 to 1430 hrs. at ACS Conference Room  Resilience is the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity.  Learn skills to overcome obstacles and how to bounce back from lifes challenges. For more information contact John Mapes at 718-630-4498. ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING CLASSES Tuesday, December 04, 2012, 1100 — 1230 hrs. ACs conference RoomArmy Family Team Building empowers individuals, maxi-mizing their personal growth and professional develop-ment through specialized training, transforming our com-munity into a resilient and strong foundation meeting to-days military mission.For questions or more information, please call:John Mapes, Program Manager 718-630-4498 Page 4
  5. 5. Employment Readiness ProgramPut Volunteer Work on Your Resume Article from you are looking for a job, your re- Consider integrating your volunteer work learned as a volunteer. Did you have thesume gets your foot in the door. It repre- into the section of your resume called chance to practice public speaking? Writesents you to a potential employer and you "Work Experience." Even if you were not reports, news releases, newsletters? Planwant it to stand out from the resumes of paid a salary and did not consider the projects, coordinate sub-committees, trainthe other applicants. One way to capture volunteering to be "employment," it cer- others to do the work? Such skills are ap-the interest of an employer is to show that tainly was productive work and should plicable to just about any are an involved citizen -- someone count as "experience." The key is to trans-who works to make the community a bet- late what you gained from the volunteer Describe your activities and achievementster place to live. In other words, make activity into the language of the paid fully. You do not need to say these weresure your volunteer work appears on work world. done as a volunteer, though you are ofyour resume. course welcome to do so. If you feel un- Dont use "volunteer" as a job title. Its an easy about representing volunteer work asIt is a common misconception that there is adjective and alone does not convey the equivalent to a full-time paid job, you canonly one "right" way to design a resume. work that you accomplished. So, if you identify the volunteering as being part-Actually, the most important thing is to did tutoring, use the title "Tutor." If you time. Be honest. Dont overstate what youpresent the information in such a way as coordinated a project, identify your work did. But also be sure to give yourself theto document and support your career accurately as "Project Coordinator." The credit you deserve.goal. If you tell a prospective employer fact that you filled this position in an un-that you want a particular job, your re- paid capacity is part of your description If you are a student seeking your first realsume must prove that you are the right of the work. First grab your prospective job, being able to show volunteer work oncandidate to fill it. Sometimes your paid employers interest with an accurate posi- a resume demonstrates that you had inter-work history may not be as important as tion title. ests beyond the classroom. If you are re-what you have done as a volunteer in turning to the paid work force after somedemonstrating that you have the neces- Next describe the volunteer work in terms time away, your volunteer activities provesary job skills. of your achievements, highlighting the that you kept yourself sharp and in- skills that you learned and demonstrated. volved. If you want to change careerOne approach used by many people is to What would be important to the work fields, it may be your volunteer work inadd a section to their resumes called world about what you did? For example, the new field that tells a prospective em-"Community Service" or "Volunteer did you raise $100,000? Did you manage a ployer youre worth the risk, even if allWork." They list the highlights of their budget or accomplish goals on schedule? your paid employment history is in somevolunteering here, to show that they have Did you supervise a staff of people? Even other field. Be unapologetic about givinginterests outside of their employment his- if they, too, were volunteers, your success space on your resume to volunteering.tory already described. This is certainly required the ability to be a motivating Since the whole goal of a resume is to getbetter than ignoring volunteer experience leader. All these sorts of things impress an you an interview, think how more inter-on a resume, but it is not the best way to employer. esting your face-to-face conversation willhighlight what you have learned as a vol- be when you add all those communityunteer. Take the time to analyze what you activities to show who you really are. Fort Hamilton Employment Readiness Program (ERP) Army Volunteer Corps Employment Readiness Offers:  Meet New People  Job search assistance  Become Active in Your Community  Resume development  Gain New Job Skills  Career Planning  Feel Good About Yourself  Enhance Job Opportunities  Vacancy Listings  Gain Experience  Computer Lab TO REGISTER call To schedule an appointment (718) 630-4756 Please call (718) 630-4756
  6. 6. Family Advocacy ProgramWhat is Child Abuse? It shouldnt hurt to be a kid....  Child abuse is physical -- shaking, hitting, beating, burning, or biting a child.  Child abuse is emotional -- constantly blaming or putting down a child; excessive yelling, shaming.  Child abuse is sexual -- incest, any forced sexual activity, exposure to sexual stimulation not appro- priate for the childs age. *Department of Emergency (DES)  Child abuse is neglect -- a pattern of failure to provide 718-630-4456 for the childs physical needs, such as food, clothing, *Administration for Children’s Services shelter, and medical care; a pattern of failure to pro- 1-800-342-3720 vide for the childs emotional needs, such as affection, attention, and supervision. What are the Consequences of Child Abuse? It is legal in every state to spank a child on the buttocks  In an abusive environment, children are often expected with a bare hand. Any other discipline, such as a slap, to behave as if they are much older than they are. hitting with an object or any kind of discipline that causes  Children are often "punished" for behavior they are too a mark, a bruise or an injury is abuse! young to control. Every one of us can help stop child abuse  Abusive parents do not know they have to teach the  Help out a parent under stress with a few hours of behavior they want the child to have. Punishing un- child care or assistance with other chores. wanted behavior is not enough.  Lend an ear to a parent or child in crisis.  Parents and caretakers often abuse children in response to their own anger and unhappiness. It may have no  Support programs that offer child care, parent educa- relationship to what the child is doing at the time. tion, family counseling, and child safety.  Abused children  Call a Parental Stress program for resources and sup- port. *Believe that they have no value. If you suspect that a child has been abused: *Believe that they cannot affect the world around them with good behavior.  In cases of an immediate emergency, always call 911 for Law Enforcement intervention. *Feel angry and/or depressed.  Where the situation is not an emergency needing the police, reports should be immediately to: Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is dedicated to Spousal & Child Abuse Prevention, Education, Prompt Reporting, Investigation, & Intervention. To access the Family Advocacy Program, contact Vincent DiMaira at 718-630-4460 To access the Ft. Hamilton Social Worker, contact Elizabeth Winslow at 718-630-4242
  7. 7. Exceptional Family Member ProgramLosing a loved one is one of the most difficultthings anyone can go through. In its commit- EFMP is a mandatory enrollment programment to the Families of the Fallen, the United that works with other military and civilianStates Army has developed a comprehensive agencies to provide comprehensive and coordi-Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Program. nated medical, educational, housing, commu- nity support, and personnel services to Fami-The mission of the Survivor Outreach Services lies with special needs.(SOS) is to provide long-term support to Fami-lies of our Fallen Soldiers by offering assistance For any questions concerning the Exceptionalwith any concerns or issues, providing informa- Family Member Program, please contact Vin-tion on services and programs, and connecting cent DiMaira, Family Advocacy Program Man-Families to outreach organizations both inside ager at 718-630-4460and outside the Department of Defense. To enroll your Family Member in EFMP, con- If you would like more information, please tact Nola Francois at Keller Army Community call 718-630-4754 Hospital in West Point. Phone: 845-938-6881 NEED TO TALK? Military & Family Life Consultants Help with the Stress of Military LifeMilitary Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) are mental health specialist whoprovide confidential, short-term, non- counseling to Military families. To access MFLC services please call: (718) 704-3485
  8. 8. Financial Readiness ProgramRegifting Gains Popularity Article from moneymanagemnet.orgIf you’re someone who’s looking to make cuts in yourspending this holiday season, but youre not sure how, tryregifting! Regifting can be a great way to ensure you have afrugal, yet festive, holiday season, but first, you shouldbrush up on your knowledge and take a course in Regifting101.If you are thinking about regifting this holiday season, askyourself the following questions: Is the gift regiftable? Never regift handmade or one- sirable, the recipient probably will too. If you are of-a-kind items. Signed books and monogrammed regifting simply because you ran out of time, gift cards items are off-limits. Do you have to be told not to are simple to obtain and always well received. regift free promotional items? Some gifts that are good candidates for regifting include good (unopened!) bot-  How does it look? When it comes to gift-giving, go tles of wine, new household items and inexpensive jew- for show! While gift bags in good condition can be elry. reused, wrapping paper is a one-time thing. Always spring for a new card or gift tag. How is the condition? Only new, unopened gifts in good condition should be considered for regift-  Can you handle it? If you don’t plan to announce the ing. Never give partially used gift cards. Don’t give gift as a regift, ask yourself if you can keep the se- items that you have owned for a long time. A general cret. Never feel guilty about regifting once you’ve rule of thumb: if you have to dust it off, it is not done it. regiftable.  Have you considered your options? An unwanted gift Is this going to work? Successful regifters use com- could be a welcome donation to a charitable organiza- mon sense. If you are going to regift, be sure you know tion. It is also an option to suck it up and keep an un- who gave you the item, so you don’t return something wanted gift—after all, it was a gift. to the original giver. Only regift items to people who Finally, if you suspect that a gift you’ve received has been are not likely to see the original giver. recycled, take comfort in the fact that MMI survey respon- Do you have good intentions? Don’t just give a gift dents regift because they know the gift is something the to give a gift. Be sure that the recipient will appreciate recipient would really like. the item. Remember, if you feel that an item is unde- Financial Readiness Program Financial Educa- tion Classes of- fered to Service Members and their Families To schedule appointment Call 718-630-4754
  9. 9. Waiting Families Support Group Mobilization/Deployment Have a Deployed Service Member?Join Waiting Families Support Group for fun, Immigration & Naturalization outings & support! Assistance: This service offers information on Immigration and Naturalization policies, procedures and forms. Due to the high demand of this service, appointments are preferred. Service provided to Active Duty Service Members, Retirees, and their Dependants To schedule an appointment call (718) 630-4462 Army Community Service Lending Closet Are You Departing or Arriving to Ft. Hamilton Without Your Household Goods? New to Ft. Hamilton? Attend Our Come to the ACS Newcomer’s Orientation Lending Closet for January 31, 2013 Temporary use of 8:30 am—11:30 am Household Essentials ACS Conference Room you may Need. Bldg. 137-C Poly Place, 1st Floor Followed by a complimentary lunch For More Information Call: at the Fort Hamilton Community Club 718-630-4754/4462 Please call to reserve your seat (718) 630-4754
  10. 10. Sponsor Training Available! trouble helping your sponsors perform their job?WE CAN HELP! Check out the new comprehensive application for sponsorship training, communication, and management of the process. eSponsorship Application & Training: The online application provides:  Registration for you and your newcomer  Training  Certificate for your files  Sponsorship Duty Checklist  Newcomer and family needs assessment  Congratulations and Welcome letter templates and packages  Links to important DoD and Service moving websites  Reporting module  Customer Satisfaction Surveys Contact: Madeline Pastorella Army Community Service 137C Poly Place, 1st Floor Brooklyn, NY 11209 Page 10 (718) 630-4754/4462
  11. 11. Boost Your Metabolism After 40 Article from 40 sets off midlife crisis shoulders and belly, as well as youralarm bells in most women and it’s wonder. This milestone agebrings grim realities like a slowing Solution: To fight muscle loss in yourmetabolism, resulting in seemingly back and shoulders try plank exercises;unexplainable weight gain. Indeed, you can do them during commercialafter 40 your metabolism winds breaks while you’re watching TV.down 5% every 10 years, which Simple squats are great for firming upmeans you have to consume fewer thigh muscles; try doing them in thecalories and work out more just to kitchen while you wait for dinner tomaintain your normal weight. Many finish cooking.women dread turning 40, the agewhen metabolism begins to slow, Metabolism Boosters for Under $5causing disarming effects like a big- Here are 4 more ways to fight metabo-ger belly and steady weight gain in lism slow down without breaking yourother areas, too. before? bank account.What is Metabolism? Metabolism is the Answer: After 40 your estrogen levels Oolong Tea: Oolong tea contains poly-process the body uses to convert food into drop which causes insulin levels to go up phenols that help block fat-building en-energy. Your body either uses this fuel and thyroid levels to go down, both of zymes. This young tea is low in caffeineright away or stores it in body tissues, like which increase hunger. You wind up eat- so you can drink it throughout the day foryour liver, muscles or as body fat. Many ing more and burning fewer calories, continued results. Research shows thatfactors influence metabolism including which adds to the fat deep inside your your metabolism will be raised for 2sex, age, thyroid levels, the ratio of mus- belly known as omentum fat. hours after every cup of Oolong.cle to fat and your emotional state. Here are the answers to your biggest Solution: Soluble fiber is your best de- Black Pepper: Black pepper contains thequestions about metabolism after age 40, fense against hunger and belly fat. It fills alkaloid piperine, which helps speed upfollowed by simple ways to rev it back up you up fast so you eat less and stay satis- metabolism. Add black pepper to tomatoagain. fied. At 40 you should consume 25 grams juice for a double metabolism boosting of fiber daily. Consider these excellent effect—tomatoes contain lycopene, an1. Why am I gaining fat in new places? sources: antioxidant that helps protect your mito- chondria. Reach for the pepper mill whenAnswer: Mitochondria—the structures 1 bowl of steel-cut oats = 9 grams of fiber you’d normally use salt; you’ll boost yourwithin cells that convert food into en- 1 cup raspberries = 8 grams of fiber metabolism and reduce your sodium in-ergy— slow down or die off after age 40. 1 cup brown rice = 8 grams of fiber take.Subsequently, you can’t burn calories like Total = 25 grams of fiberyou did before and can start gaining Beans: Beans are chockfull of solubleweight. 3. Why can’t I even lose a pound any fiber to help lower insulin levels so you more? store less fat and also feel fuller. Eat 2Solution: To combat the loss of mito- cups of red, white or black beans to getchondria, cut 100 calories from your daily Answer: Muscle burns 3 times more your recommended daily fiber intake ofintake. Easy ways to trim 100 calories calories than fat cells, which means loss 25 grams.include removing skin from chicken of muscle mass causes weight gain and anbreasts; using skim instead of whole milk inability to shed pounds. Key factors that Ice Water: Here’s a surprise: drinking icein coffee; swapping mustard for mayo on create loss of muscle mass include a drop water forces your body to burn calories bysandwiches; and eating plain hamburgers in testosterone levels, crash dieting and bringing your body temperature back torather than cheeseburgers. Studies show disuse from aging. Recent studies suggest normal. Eight glasses of ice water a daythat eliminating 100 calories a day helps that at 40, women lose muscle mass twice works off 70 calories. Drink ice waterto keep weight off long term. a fast as men. You lose the most muscle before a meal to feel fuller quicker. mass on the body’s largest surface areas2. Why am I hungrier now than ever like the core muscles supporting your
  12. 12. Army Safety Gram Army Safe is Army Strong Clutter Causes Casualties Clutter and disorder contribute to many workplace accidents. To help prevent them, use this checklist to find and eliminate the hazards of poor workplace housekeeping:  Floors are free of water, mud, ice, grease, trash and waste materials.  Traffic routes remain clear. They are free of tripping hazards such as electrical cables, hoses and stored materials.  Exits and stairways are well marked. They are kept clear at all times and are not used for storage.  Fire extinguishers are kept charged according to a regular schedule. They are located where they will be easily accessible in case of a fire. They are not obstructed by stored materials.  Trash cans are located where they are needed, and are emptied regularly.  Oily rags are disposed of in covered metal cans.  Lighting is adequate for safety. Burned-out lights are replaced promptly.  Supplies and materials are stored safely. They are stacked so they cannot fall.  Any potentially hazardous materials are safely stored in the correct kinds of containers. They are correctly labeled and accom- panied by Material Safety Data Sheets. Storage arrangements take into account the requirements of temperature, ventilation and humidity for various materials. Potentially incompatible materials are separated.  Flammable and combustible materials are stored away from sources of ignition.  Machinery is kept clean, free of oil, grease and dust. Equipment is maintained properly to prevent fires and accidents.  Tools are cleaned and put away right after they are used. There are designated places for tools.  Work stations are left clean at the end of the shift.  Surfaces and equipment are checked over regularly for hazards such as protruding nails and rough surfaces. These could cause accidents such as eye injuries, cuts and bruises.  Stools and chairs are placed so they are not tripping hazards. They are kept in good repair. When chairs or stools are dam- aged, they are removed from service so they cannot be used accidentally.  Drawers and cabinet doors are kept closed to prevent tripping accidents. Filing cabinets are filled from the bottom up to pre- vent them from tipping over.  Any smoking is confined to certain designated areas. Ashtrays are available and are used.  Lunch areas are kept clean and free of trash. Washrooms are also kept clean and dry.  Everyone takes responsibility for jobsite housekeeping. All employees know how to report safety hazards so they will be cor- rected.Remember, a safe workplace depends on each and every employee taking responsibility for good housekeeping—to prevent fires, falls and other accidents.
  13. 13. December 2012 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 AFTB Training 11am-1230pm ACS Conf room9 10 11 12 13 14 15 AFAP Conference 8am-4:30pm Ft. Hamilton CC16 17 18 19 20 21 22 MRT Training 1:00-2:30 ACS Conf room23 24 25 26 27 28 29 ACS Closed Merry Christmas!!30 31