2012 AFAP issue update book


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Review the lates updates to the 2012 AFAP Conference.

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2012 AFAP issue update book

  1. 1. The Face of America’s Army in New York City … Communicating for SuccessPrioritized issues from the 11 December 2012 AFAP Conference. Issue #: FH-12-003: Inclusion of BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) into calculation of Child YouthSchools Services Fees.Scope: Basic Allowance for Housing is included in determining Child Youth Schools Services rates. BasicAllowance for Housing is provided for housing and utilities only. Inclusion of Basic Allowance for Housingin Child Youth Services fee calculation drives rates up.Recommendation(s): Calculate Child Youth Schools Services fees without Basic Allowance for Housing.Status: CLOSED/Unattainable --The fee calculations for the Child Development Center are set by theFee Policy and executed Army wide. The guidance states that the Secretary of Defense prescribes policythat requires the Military Services to establish child care fees based on total family income, (TFI). Part 3of the fee policy states that TFI calculations must also include quarters substance whether received incash or kind. The Fee Policy also states that allowance for housing is to be based on the BAH chartwhether or not they live in government housing or off the installation.Issue #: FH-12-005: IHG Policy Standardization.Scope: Reservation issues aside, IHG Lodging policies are developed using a model without consistencyor consideration for the Army’s mission. Fort Hamilton’s lodge has no universal policies regarding hotelrates (leisure vs official business) reservation or pets. Decisions are made on the local level. This fostersconfusion and stress among Service members. This is particularly relevant now that prioritization isleading toward a business model that is in conflict with mission requirements.Recommendation(s): Develop, implement and enforce uniform policies consistent with the needs ofservice members and army mission requirements. Specifically change policies regardingreservation/priority information and pets.Status: CLOSED-- The Holiday Inn Express is not federally funded and is a private entity. As with mosthotels, the rates vary with the seasons, however, since becoming the Holiday Inn Express their rateschanged once and those rates are still $150.00-$175.00 per night plus tax if not on official orders.Holiday Inn Express did run a special last year with a lower rate during the holiday season and duringhurricane Sandy when most hotels rates were $300 or more nightly, Holiday Inn Express rates remainedthe same and are well within 75% of the per diem rate for this area.
  2. 2. Issue #: FH-12-006 Community Events and Information on Fort Hamilton.Scope: There is no centralized information center and source. Information/Event updates are not passeddown to public. Both service members and civilians are not aware of information/events in community.Recommendation(s): Create centralized community portal/newspaper for events/information on lineand off.Status: OPENResponse: Alison Kohler, Director of Public Affairs -- The posts command information newspaperexisted through a civilian enterprise no-cost contract up until 1995. When Fort Hamilton was slated forclosure, the contract was not renewed. When the decision was made to keep the post open, thecontract was never reengaged. We are exploring the possibility of contracting the service in exchangefor the contractor to keep the advertising revenue. As newspapers, especially weeklies, are edged out ofthe market due to the lack of timeliness, there is a good chance the new contract would be an onlineoption only. We expect it to take at least 6-8 months for a contract to be drawn, competed, awardedand work to begin. In the interim, Fort Hamilton uses the following methods to communicate commandinformation to our population:www.hamilton.army.mil, www.hamiltonmwr.com, www.facebook.com/usagforthamiltonDaily mass e-mails to the workforce with announcements that includes the housing liaison to pass onrelevant information to the management partner (Continued on next slide)Daily mass e-mails to the workforce with announcements that includes the housing liaison to pass onrelevant information to the management partner.. Digital marquee at the 101st St. Access Control Point. Digital marquee across from the mini-mall outside the Post Office. Flyers and posters in gathering places (PX, commissary, ID card section, gym, hotel, etc.). Banners on major roads for long-term campaignsIssue #: FH-12-008 Cold meds at Ainsworth ClinicScope: Cold medications are not available to family members. Cold meds can cost up to $75 - $100.Service members and spouses lose time from work and incur out of pocket expenses for medications.Recommendation(s): Ainsworth Health Clinic should provide over the counter cold meds for minormedical issues for family membersStatus: CLOSED/Unattainable--In light of the fiscal uncertainty and cut-backs to the pharmaceuticalbudget, the Department of Pharmacy at Kelly Military Treatment Facility, West Point NY, cannot supportor recommend starting an over the counter drug program at Fort Hamilton.Issue #: FH-12-029 Supervision and restriction of internet access for public at Bowling Center.Scope: Users have ability to view inappropriate material on public accessed computers at BowlingCenter. There are no controls on Public accessed computers at Bowling Center.Recommendation(s): Restrict internet access of inappropriate sites and provide user supervisionStatus: COMPLETED--The Bowling Center computer lab was shut down on 12/18/2012 for routinemaintenance. The computers were verified that software installed on the computers that restrictinappropriate websites were there, however, additional software has now been installed on thesecomputers for additional restrictions. Signs have been posted about the rules of the computer lab (i.eprohibition of inappropriate websites such as pornography) and that their computer usage may bemonitored. Currently, the computer lab is closed until additional physical security components areimplemented on the systems to prevent inappropriate usage.
  3. 3. Issue #: FH-12-035: SOS program pin.Scope: 1. There is no Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Pin to identify survivors. 2. Making a pin available to survivors/volunteers makes them visible to the community. 3. SOS Program Pin would bring awareness to the program and instill commonality in those who work and volunteer for the program.Recommendation(s): Design and distribute an SOS pin thru SOS Program Managers.Status: CLOSED—There is a Survivor Pin (Gold Star Pin) and it is given to the Family Members. At onepoint a local SOS pin did exist but it was targeted towards the National Guard. At this time there is nofunding to manufacture a local SOS pin.Issue #: FH-12-036: Public awareness for the different meanings of the Gold, Blue and Silver Stars.Scope:1. No one knows the definition of the Gold, Blue and Silver Stars and what they represent.2. There is no general awareness of these categories.3. Parents/Spouses want recognition in the military/civilian community on their sacrifice.Recommendation(s): Create a media blitz on Gold, Blue and Silver Star Programs.Status: OPENResponse: Carmen Borrero, ACS Director-- The SOS Program Manager will post posters around theinstallation about the meaning of the different color stars and what they represent. Issue #: FH-12-040: Housing accommodations for DOD/Small Families/Single SoldiersScope: There is a lack of accommodations for small families and single Soldiers. There are no one or twobedroom options on post. The lack of options for smaller families and single Soldiers forces them intopaying for larger housing accommodations on post or to move off post.Recommendation(s):1. Provide one or two bedroom on-post housing options/ equivalent for small families/ single Soldiers.2. Analyze and restructure on post housing prices.Status: CLOSED/Unattainable-- At present, it does not appear that RCI privatized Army Family Housingwill be able to accommodate single Soldiers at reduced rates. Single Soldiers can partner with othersingle Soldiers to rent/obtain Army Family Housing at Ft. Hamilton under the present occupancywaterfall structure. Privatized Army Family Housing was never intended to support the housing of singleSoldiers. The Army has recently developed and implemented a Privatized Unaccompanied PersonnelHousing Program, however, such a program does not exist at Ft. Hamilton. During the early stages ofPrivatized Army Family Housing, it was determined through surveys and customer feedback that threebedroom homes would be the minimum standard for all new construction. Additionally, privatizedhousing costs are determined based on the Basic Allowance for Housing entitlement of the sponsor, forthe geographic location of the home, pursuant to Department of the Army policy memorandum dated28 April 2005.
  4. 4. Issue #: FH-12-041: TRICARE customer service at Fort HamiltonScope: The Tricare representative is not accessible to the Fort Hamilton Community. Currentgovernment contract does not include appointments, phone calls and receptionist at Fort HamiltonTricare office. Military service members, family members and retirees cannot get Tricare service theyneed. Soldiers delay/neglect receiving care which reduces mission ready force. It also forces servicemembers to pay out of plan expenses.Recommendation(s): Amend government contract to provide a full time 40 hour staffed office to include a first Saturday of each month Expand online portal (I.E. TriWest) to allow self changes to Tricare benefits Require a Fort Hamilton Tricare telephone number that provides a live operator for customer service and Tricare benefits for local provider information to beneficiaries The Fort Hamilton Tricare office is open to walk-in traffic from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm with the last customer seen at 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Additionally, Staten Island has an office where Service members, Family members and retirees can go for assistance. TRICARE is a government contract, any changes or contract modifications would have to be presented to and approved by TMA.Status: OPEN (still negotiating a resolution to this issue)Response: Carolyn Hutchinson, Tricare, West Point--The Fort Hamilton Tricare office is open to walk-intraffic from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm with the last customer seen at 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.Additionally, Staten Island has an office where Service members, Family members and retirees can gofor assistance. TRICARE is a government contract, any changes or contract modifications would have tobe presented to and approved by TMA.Issue #: FH-12-044: Service members life insurance beneficiary’s briefing designation.Scope: 1. Service members are not properly trained on the ramification of their beneficiary‘s designation, which affects family members. 2. Soldiers should be encouraged to update their life insurance beneficiary selection at least once a year. 3. Briefing Service members on ramifications of beneficiary selections can impact families in event of death.Recommendation(s): Provide standard briefing on ramification of insurance beneficiary’s designationduring in processing.Status: CLOSED-- This issue has already been resolved and the Army has been very pro-active with thisissue. SMs are briefed on SGLI coverage. The spouse is also notified by mail if SM chooses not to electspouse as the beneficiary