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A2 dt year 2 folder unit 2 full

  2. 2. KEF BRAND DECODINGFor KEF brand decoding i wanted to explore the context of KEF: about the company, the style of there products and variousdetails about the products they make for there target market. The next few pages will look in detail at various aspects of KEF.HISTORYKEF was founded in 1961 by Raymond cooke- its name originated from its headquarter located, called KentEngineering & foundry, hence the name. Raymond Cooke’s primary intention with KEF was to experiment with ‘newmaterials and technologies’ and create a product to execute quality in sounds to appear like the original recordings.Since their beginning they have become renowned for their high quality speakers.STYLEKEF’s signature design is seen as a very minimalistic and modern, sleek design. It uses high shine and sharp finishesto accentuate its original design. In all of KEF’s flag ship designs the speakers can clearly be seen on the design withmany of them having a mostly black colour. A lot of their designs do not take great care in the balance and weightdistribution vertically, focussing souly on the aesthetics.TARGET AUDIENCEWhile looking at the KEF website and the service they give to costumers, its clear to say that the typical person usingand buying this type of product would have a keen interest and would have prior knowledge of speakers itself, this isdue to the technical language used, pricing and some of the equipment that is being spoken about. The targetaudience for most of these products would be a very sophisticated man/ woman with a keep interested in music. Alastair Cross KEF
  3. 3. KEF BRAND DECODINGPRICINGKEF’s products can range from a variety of products that they have, some cheaper products that they sell are fromaround £2-5 hundred pounds to buy fully, however there are medium and upper priced ones also. medium pricedspeakers growing in size, quality and style can go from a few thousand to a lot more this is depending on the statureand reputation. Finally the highest priced speakers, mostly consisting of the flag ship designs can be in the hundredthousands, with the KEF muon (image above) will go for roughly £200,000 as its reputation as one is the great styleicons makes it one of the best.MATERIALSKEF only use the finest and most innovative materials for their products materials such as: ‘ACE’ (Acoustic ComplianceEnhancement)- which is a self KEF made product which can be placed into a smaller bass cabinet, which would givethe sound a normal speaker would give in twice the size of one with ACE.THE LOGOKEF’s logo is a very original one, which has a very special and individual look to it. The design has continued to bechanged, developed and improved throughout its 50 year life span. Its evolution through a simpler coloured design haschanged into something more sophisticated and more representative of what the company produces today. Throughoutthe use of the logo, the speaker symbol before ‘KEF’ has stayed constant throughout its history giving it history andalmost keeping the name KEF meaning and substance in the modern era.TYPES OF PRODUCTSKEF mainly deal with the creation of high quality load speakers with sub sections of: Hifi-speakers, home theatrespeakers, custom speakers with many environmental sections to place these different designs some of these locationsinclude: standing, on-wall, outdoor, commercial etc. Alastair Cross KEF
  4. 4. KEF BRAND DECODINGHOW TO USE THE PRODUCTSKEF designs are usually kept very simple with most of the space needed for the quality of the sounds and the designstructure, however they have come up with various idea to help the functionality and the accessibility. The use of: wirelesstechnology, outdoor usage and in-ceiling feature have all been achieved with KEF, but with all of these modifications andnew models ‘pure sound‘ is still their main focus.WHERE KEF IS SOLDKEF is now an international company operating in many countries across the world, however it is not a mass productioncompany with hundreds of stores, it operates with minimal stores in each country, mostly keeping to one or two. KEF canbe found in places such as: Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands and obviously many more includingengland.TECHNOLOGYAgain KEF only use the best of the best of all things, and this is no different to its technology. Its constant development ofparts of designs is amazing, with each part there is something to better something to improve and head towards perfectionof sound. Its technological features include things such as: Low profile driver-which works with shallower designs, wirelesssystems which are completely different to ordinary designs and even advances in where you can place you speakers anddock them safely when playing music.PRODUCTIONwhen creating such design spectacles as the muon there is a lot of thought that is need to create such things- in terms ofthis model it would be created in a similar way to vacuum forming but using aluminium. this would be a largely hand madeprocess with the use of high precision equipment.COMPLICATIONSWhen talking about KEF i do not understand the technical side or the manufacture of the product, i will have a look at this anddevelop it by looking at similar products and disassembling then and seeing how joining and other manufacturing steps are donewell. Alastair Cross KEF
  5. 5. KEF BRAND DECODINGFUNCTIONKEF products have functions such as: sound production, wireless usage, aesthetic pedigree but not much in terms of everydayhelpful functions, although it can be said to be not an everyday appliance seen everywhere.REPUTATIONKEF has an international pedigree which has made it renowned for its creative and inspiring designs and has built up a lot ofreputation and so, many awards for this contribution. some of the awards that have been won by KEF include: ‘Most innovativebrand 2011’ (image above) and ‘Best of the Best 2012’. These impressive awards won by KEF show the creativity that has beenput into every model they create, with something new in every one the deign whether it may be with aesthetics, function orfeatures.PERSONAL VIEWIn terms of the company as a whole it has created very interesting and evolutionary designs which will stay in history as one of thebest in audio design, however from all of these creations there are none which stand out on a room of other extremely high end,well design pieces. To improve this i plan to create something even more special than the designs created already and somethingthat will aesthetically will take someone’s breath away. As for the sound and music quality clearly the company have got the rightformula for creating superb speakers and this will not be my greatest worry.COMPLICATIONSWhen talking about KEF i do not understand the technical side or the manufacture of the product, i will have a look at this anddevelop it by looking at similar products and disassembling then and seeing how joining and other manufacturing steps are donewell.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- From the last pages i have leant that KEF is a very innovative company and haspioneered in many developments and have been noticed throughout the world and has got a lot ofrecognition from that. From this stage i will start to look in more detail at the actual technology used inKEF speakers and how that will relate to my design when i make it. For KEF speakers i do like theinnovative technological advances inside the speakers however the style and design is hardly breathtakingand could become something special if the style and design of KEF speakers meets the technology that isused in all of their products. Alastair Cross KEF
  6. 6. TASK ANALYSISFor the product i will be designing and manufacturing, there are many things to think about when i will create my product, some of these include:Number of speakers- the amount that are included in the design will affect many things like the aesthetics and power/ loudness of the speakers- KEFdesigns usually use less, higher quality speakers.Safety- tripping hazards must be kept minimal, and durable to support wear from controls, must be solid with no smaller parts or sharp edges.Sizes- the design can range from a variety of sizes to within 300mm to 2 meters high, its must be space efficient though and be able to fit into environmentslike living room and bedrooms.Materials- materials like: aluminium, steel, pine, elastomers, acrylic and other thermoplastics can be used throughout the design.Function- it must have a power source, able to turn on or off, play music in high quality and must be able to pick music freely.Aesthetics- it should be either: sleek, well finished, pleasing to the eye at all angles, suitable for the environments it may be placed with the target audience.How strong are the speakers- speaker must perform in many environments and so much be strong enough to hear in many locations around the area-they can range from a few hundred up to thousand watts in terms of performance.Longevity- the product should last for 3-10 years maximum if kept in good condition- if durable to wear then smaller parts should last longer. The larger partssuch as the shell should be the strongest to keep parts inside lasting for long periods of time.Types of speakers- speakers can come on many forms- headphones, docking stations, high-fi speakers, theatre systems and wirelessManufacture- The product can be made in many ways depending on the products that are used- for metal speakers forming such as forging, plastic can bedone with forming process and so on....Technology- It can be made using various special materials and technology to improve the overall style, shape or function of the product. This could helpwith the space economy of the product(fitting more into a smaller space) and many other important aspects of speakersUser interaction- people can interact with speakers in different ways some include: manual switches, wireless remote, remote sensors, thermochromaticsensors, infrared sensors, and touch screen monitorsEnvironment- A speaker can be placed: on the wall, on ceilings, stand alone, surround sound, outdoor, motorised, or hidden- these would depend of theenvironment and how the layout of the room would allow.Prices- It can be low, medium or high priced depending on the materials and labour usage- low priced would generally be smaller sized and a worse soundquality, however it would appeal to a larger scale audience. Medium priced would have more around the high hundreds maybe around the thousand in termsof price and high would be for the very rich in the many thousand and more.... these wouldnt sell so much but may give a greater profit.Power source- It can be main power operated using traditional power method however this does cause a tripping hazard and must be looked at carefully, itcan also be powered by batteries and recently made touch sensitive chargers which would be good for speakers being constantly moved throughout andenvironment.Future products- A product can be changed and developed for the better, improving certain aspects and making it better overall. future products will includemany new features and aspects as a lot of this can be down to the location in the world as places have much higher technology in places like Japan the US,these places would create something faster than other places in the world.What i have learned- In task analysis i have learned that i can use many different methods, materials and other ways to create mydesign in the KEF style. I can change many things to encompass all of the brief and specifications throughout my design. From the taskanalysis i will further onto the technology and what make KEF speakers, and their identity itself. Alastair Cross KEF
  7. 7. AUDIO PRODUCT DECODINGOn the next few pages i will be breaking down KEF products and see how they operate inside the box. These will include the technology they use intheir systems and how it works to improve their products. i will be looking at 4 products such as the: muon, R series, XQ series and the LS50- allof these designs contain different technology which makes them perfect for their uses and environment. Speakers operate mainly using fixed magnets, electromagnets and sending electrical currents through the electromagnet to produce vibrations which is sound. In the muon (left) acoustic technology is used to create crystal clear sound through its flag ship design. This design uses a powerful four way speaker system to produce this sound, technologies like ACE(a type of charcoal which uses air pickets amplifying the sounds throughout the environment) and Uni-Q are also used in this design.In the R series(right), Uni-Q is used. Uni-Q is a driver placed inside thespeaker (In between the tweeter and the mid-range cone) where the source ofthe sound is spread out more evenly throughout the environment so the soundcan be enjoyed from all areas. Alastair Cross KEF
  8. 8. AUDIO PRODUCT DECODING The XQ series(left) uses a technology called ‘Aluminium done tweeter’ this type of ‘wave guard’ softens and smoothens the higher frequency waves from the speakers- as well as preventing stray ‘fingers‘ produced within the speakers. The XQ also uses smart connect which controls the output from the input of the speakers making better sound overall. The XQ has a lot of different models however a lot of the technology is replicated throughout the range.With the LS50(right), it uses two main technologies which makeit perfect for a compact, high quality speaker in studio qualitysound. The first one being UNI-Q and the new ones being:Finite Element Analysis and Computational FluidDynamics(sound testing and movement). These processesused in the production of the LS50, gives immeasurable studioquality within a very small space.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- On the last few pages i have learned how KEF speakers work technically. Ihave learned the components and the technology that they use to make their products special. Fromhere i will look on to make my own product through a brief and research and develop my idea throughKEF. Alastair Cross KEF
  9. 9. PRODUCT BRIEFFor the brief of my product i plan to design something the embodies the style of KEF howeverencompasses different aspects to the design such a sculptures. I also plan for my design tobe extremely aesthetically pleasing to eye and something that should wow people and attractthem to the design but also have an specific functionality to the design. My product will includea variety of materials including woods, plastics and maybe some composites as well. whilebeing inspired my KEF i want my design to also be looked at a perspective of architectsculpting using shapes and lines to accentuate the design itself, and almost a work of art withcan be admired by people who see it. From my project i plan to achieve a working modelmanufactured in the proper way that includes inspiration and style from KEF and architecture.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- I have learned the very brief outline of the design i will be creating. It givesme a starting point to think about the design i will use in the future whether it be headphones, standing,wall, ceiling..... From here on i can look more clearly and focus on what i want create this is whereresearch and furthering my knowledge on speakers will come in. Alastair Cross KEF
  10. 10. INITIAL SPECIFICATION (ACCESSFM)In initial specification this is where i look more finely tuned into the design/ product i will be making, this include the aesthetics, cost, costumer, environment, size,safety, function and material and these will be described in more detail on this page:AestheticsWhen designing my speaker the aesthetics will be modern and fit the profile of KEF, it will be smooth and incorporate different materialsgiving it texture and character in the environment where it must be placed. The use of composite and smart materials interests me(i.e.carbon fibre) to fit in with the design of KEF and creating a sculpture style product.CostDue to KEF’s reputation and extensive collection of pricy products, my design will also be a high priced design. The materials, joinings andoverall cost of making the design will be of extreme quality- this is due to the clients that buy KEF speakers.CostumerThe main users of my product (continued on page 11) will be a sophisticated character, male or female, very interested in functional artisticart and can be placed anywhere in their specified environment. My user can be of any range as long as the interest of music and art isapparent, and can afford the highly priced product.EnvironmentMy design will be placed in a very minimalist and modern home environment which can be distinguished wherever it is placed in thatenvironment whether it would be on the wall, ceiling or stand on its ownSizeIn terms of the product, the design can be any type of size due to the amount of free space in the modernist environment, however i do notplan for my design to be as big as a design as the KEF Muon. It is to be big enough to capacitate the speakers and be recognised in theenvironment as a stylish piece of gear, that is the only specification for size.SafetyFor speakers, safety must be taken in the electrical and heat insulation of the product, to make sure the user does not get burned or get anelectrical shock. Care must also be taken in: tripping hazards, the products durability to stay together and being stable. my product willhave none of these so it can form to the environment and become one with it.FunctionThere can be many functions and features for speakers however my design should be mainly aesthetically pleasing and functional in termsof the sound that will be produced. I may include some small smart features such as touch sensitive, but nothing to change the style of thedesignMaterialsI will use materials mostly including plastics and wood, however to make my design unique i might use some smart materials such ascarbon fibre....WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- I may want to experiment with these materials before i decide whether i will want to use themor not , but from here i can see the various options i can have when i want to create a speaker. From here i will look atmore areas of the speaker market. Alastair Cross KEF
  11. 11. DEFINE TAGET MARKETKEF has a specific target market which it aims to attract their costumers to all of there designs that they make, on this page i plan todescribe the typical market that KEF make their products for.To begin with, the typical costumer of KEF would be a highly tuned enthusiast of the use and sound of speakers itself,the design, technology, aesthetics would all interest this person. The sophisticated style of the user would have manydesigns and products in their own home of KEF designs or similar. This in tern would make then a high earner, muchabove the typical person wages, this can be seen through the Muon which cost around £200,000. However there are afew other cheaper designs so lower earners are not completely left out in the KEF thought.This type of person would be living spaciously in a modernism environment, using a lot of there own money on thingssuch as cars, art work and expensive decor for their environment. The typical age range of a KEF buyer/enthusiastwould be between 20-60, this is an incredibly wide range of ages however its style is age-less and admired by manypeople due to their sweeping designs and innovative technology and this would be attractive to many people, male orfemale.Some jobs that would be occupied by the type of people who buy KEF speakers would include: Architects, graphicdesigners, Product designers and other creative-like jobs.This type of person would buy and use only the best of all types of products- such a grooming, clothing, technical andother areas of their life. Alastair Cross KEF
  12. 12. LINKSFXFor LINKSFX we can look at the various parts of a design and how i will be putting it to my design. The next few pages will help me to furtherpin point various things about my design, some examples of this would be: needs of the users, keeping/ scrapping, function against aesthetics and whatwill make my design stand out and be special compared to all of the speakers on the market at the moment.Logical and IllogicalSpeakers have many logical uses in their specified environment while being used correctly, most notably would be theability to play music as it is the fundamental thing that makes a speaker. Another local example could be the use intelevision, amps and phones: using speakers for these products are a common thing at the current time and many peopledo this from various ages in many places. Another use would be its ‘portability’ which would allow someone to movearound their design without having to do a lot of work or effort. One more final key point of speakers in a logical sensewould be the idea to create an environment whenever the music is played out loud, whatever the music may be, this candepend on the design and the speaker quality.Speakers can be used in the way thy are not specified this can be due to their shape, size and where it is placed in anenvironment. In a modern environment space is a precious commodity and with speaker such a the muon which isincredibly large and this is not the function of a speaker to take up space this can also be linked to having lots of differentspeakers for lots of different things (TV, music, instruments, phones, iPods), however the modern age is to buy a speakerfor everything and this is both wasteful and inefficient in space. In some cases aesthetics is a illogical feature as it doesnteffect the sound and so shouldnt be important in a design.... however in real life situations aesthetics are incrediblyimportant and can sell a product purely down to its looks. The use of a speaker being heavy compared to its soundsloudness or quality is illogical as it has to be moved or placed in other places in its life span and if it is too much effort tomove it is not good for the user. A most notable illogical use would be its use as storage or seating due to the generalshapes and sizes of designs (square and knee height respectively).NeedsA speaker has to have a power supply to its unit, this is to give energy to the product which is key. Another few needs aspeaker has to have is safe in normal use, stability and durable materials: these are needed due to KEF as their productsare such high quality and their technology are superior to many others. they should give the base of a great design. Formy design i plan for it to be held on a wall using a sophisticated method, aesthetically pleasing and to be easily worked tobe turned on and off. Alastair Cross KEF
  13. 13. LINKSFXKeep/ScrapMany products just like KEF have very good ideas to use on their design, such ideas would be volume change andvolume display, although a small feature it is very useful and functional and can be disguised in many ways..... Anotherpart of designs i would like to keep would be the modernistic style of KEF as a very simple, clean and minimalistic.Designs like KEF often show of the speaker and nothing else on the design, i would like to keep this for my designkeeping it simple and effective.For most typical designed speakers the shape is usually mostly square or rectangular, this i want to scrap on my designas the limitations on the aesthetics are high and is not in the right styling as KEF. A tacky feel/ texture is always a problemon a lot of speakers as the main material is usually polymer plastics which usually if they are not finished well can feelcheap, i want to get rid of this aspect and if i am to use plastics they should be well finished using different processes.Form VS FunctionCreating a design of speaker that is pretty and very functional can be done, this can be seen in ‘Bose’ and otherspeakers, however these are usually very expensive and sometimes not the pinnacle of aesthetics and can sometimes beundermined by the technology of the speakers. Of course people want speakers for the quality of the sounds however alot of the time people will buy speakers because of the style, due to this i want to incorporate both very well to my design.X-FactorFor my design to be special compared to the many other different types of speakers available right now it can have:extremely creative aesthetics which would just simply draw in people to the style and shape of the design (eye catching),the ability to give the design possibly the versatility in an environment (rather than having a speaker in every room) andfinally the possibility of the design to produce light and illuminate the room, this would give a logical use by creating anenvironment itself.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- From the last few pages using LINKSFX i have learned that i can do many things to make mydesign better than many others on the market this could be with keeping the good parts and loosing the bad, looking atwhat a speaker should and shouldn’t do, what it needs, what is more important aesthetics or functions. From this pointonwards i will need to research many things such as: primary research, product disassembled, mood board and manymany more...... Alastair Cross KEF
  14. 14. Gantt ChartWeek 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43no.sec. 1sec. 2sec. 3sec. 4sec. 5 Alastair Cross KEF
  15. 15. Research Plan Primary SecondaryPerson and Product interaction Accessfm of secondary productsIt is important to know how people will use a product like mine and For this piece of research i want to look in detail at a speaker thathow my product will work around other people. I will look at how is similar to what my design will be, and that i wont be able to seepeople: touch carry, hold, change the volume on various products first hand. In this section it should help me understand what hasand see how i can model my design to make it work with people. made that design so good in it specific specification, and then fromThis can be linked to ergonomics and how people hold it use a here i can apply some of their techniques into my own design toproduct and i will look at this in a very detailed way make it better Science of speakersProduct disassembled When thinking about speakers, it is important to know whatIn this section i will look at different types of speakers similar to my happens with things such as the sound waves and reflections ofdesign and i will break it up into sections to see how it works. Each walls and how they interact around an environment. For examplecomponent that i will break down, i will look at things such as where you place a speaker in a room to make sure that you arepower source, fixings, where the speakers and other parts are getting the highest quality sound and least interference to makeplaced on the design to benefit the user. Using pictures to look at sure that the costumer is getting the best experience with theeach part,Environmental snapshot speakersFrom here i will take a picture of the environment that my design Cultural researchwill either be sold or kept, it should represent the style and the For this section it is important to know the different ways thatdesign movement. Also for this section i plan to annotate the different cultures use speakers in their environment, and then i canpicture analysing every aspect of where the design is kept, this use this to mould my design around. For example people in the UKmay also be helpful in the understanding of my costumer and what usually tend to have earphones or headphone to listen to theirthey are like. I will do this by using using a 360 panoramic view of music, however in foreign places this may be totally differentthe environment, this should help people understand my view on Mood boardthe situation and style of my design better. I may use more than For my mood board i will be gathering many images that willone imagine of the environment in a different view just to get a inspire my design, in terms of many things these may include:better idea of what Im looking at. shape, colour, style, design movement, size, environment andQuestionnaire many more.....A questionnaire is done by compiling a group of questions and Market researchasking it to my target audience that i will sell my product to. I will When researching my own market for my design i need to knowask about 12-14 questions which will help me understand what everything from: where products are sold mainly, who are KEF’speople want from a speaker, this my be aesthetics, functions or main rivals(style/ cost), who will use the product, who willfeatures that they want included. It will also give me a idea of what understand it’s concept, how will people know about my design,people thing about the basic ideas of my design, for example what price ranges and who can afford it and even things such as thewill make my design special compared to all the other different production scale and how many will be createdtypes..... Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  16. 16. ACCESSFM of Secondary Product In this ACCESSFM of a product that i cannot get hold of, i will be breaking down a product into part and analysing it, these include the aesthetics, cost, costumer, environment, size, safety, function and material and these will be described in more detail on this page. From this page i hope to know more about higher end speakers in different aspects. Aesthetics This design has a modernist design with a colour flair added to the design, it uses the colours: red, silver and black which work well together and its aesthetics should work well in a typical modern environment. It usage of these different colours make the design stand out from the rest of the other typical black or silver speakers. Cost This speaker can be found for around £20-30, although the availably of the product is limited as many people are buying this stylish design due to price as well as the looks. Due to the fact this speaker only uses a 5 watt power system this keeps the price lower and able for lower income costumers to but such a design. Costumer This design should be bought for budget modern costumers. The design which looks very advanced can be bought for a good price, which for some is very important to people especially in this economic downturn. The costumer should be sophisticated and fairly knowledgable about Blox as it has many other great designs on show. Environment This type of design should be placed typically backed onto a wall or a shelf where the shape of this design can be admired as almost an extension of the room even with the creative colours and angular looks. Size The design is 204mm (L) x 85mm (W) x 210mm (H), making it a perfect size for any table design. The height of around 20cm makes it easy to look over, on a reasonably sized table and this in tern means it can be placed in many other locations around the environment depending of what the costumer would like. Safety The low centre of gravity allows this design to be safe in many locations and also its colour features makes it so that you would rarely not, see the design to trip and injure the user of the speaker. Function Some key features of design include: • Stereo 2.0 (Computer) Speaker set • Plug and Play, no software required • Enhanced 2x 5W RMS full range driver (3”) for optimal clarity and powerful distortion free sound • 3.5mm stereo audio-in connection for connection with a computer or other auxiliary audio devices such as an iPod or Disc-man. • Advanced treble and bass control allow easy equaliser tuning for optimal sound quality • Treble and bass are controlled by vertical adjustment of the speaker positions. • USB powered with detachable USB Power Cable, no adapter required • Magnetically shielded against High Frequency (mobile phone) interference Materials This material used in this design would include basic coloured plastics, some metal exterior parts and slight elastomers for the grips and base. The materials on the design are not the main focus, this is down to good sound and a great aesthetic look. Unlike my design which should include some aspects of good quality materials.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- I found from my ACCESSFM that i need to look at Person/ product interaction as i need tofind out how my user should use these different aspects of the design in an ordinary environment and how they actaround them psychologically. From this page i will take on board about the materials used so that i can replicate this intomy own design. Alastair Cross http://www.boynq.com/promo/pdfdetails/boynq-Black&White-Blox-p.pdf KEF
  17. 17. Person & Product Interaction QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressorIn this Section i will be recording someone using and/or looking at speakers and art work, From this section i plan to learn a lot more about how people perceive and react about a speaker, are needed to see this picture.also to see what they touch, look at and interact with on a design and on a particular piece of artwork.This should help me mould my design to make it more ergonomic when people wantto interact with my design, in a speaker aspect and a art perspective. 11. In this Video i show someone interacting with a Bose speaker. To begin with the person first interacts and assesses the options he can look at and interactwith. From here once the person has been attracted to a design, he looks at the shape and the functions he does this by turning the design and looking atdifferent angles, and also pushing the various buttons to see what the speaker sounds like and what it can do. Once that is done, people generally look at thedetails of the design by looking at the specifications of the design, things such as: power, cost, technology, accessories. For the design that was looked at, thedesign was well made with high quality materials and simple yet effective controls for the sound and display. There is a green lit display which shows what isplaying, and this would help with the functionality, the design also has a low centre of gravity so that it will not fall over, plus its very modern and sleek looks willattract people to the design.2. Here, i am looking at people interacting with artwork as my design is also inspired by sculptured art/architecture. To begin with someone usually looks at allthe art around them and approaches what catches their eye, if they can, people will touch to check the texture and quality. From here someone can do a varietyof things, this may include: stepping back to look at a different angle, check other factors of the product like weight, cost etc. QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- For this section i have learned a lot about howpeople react about different products and art. People like things that look good,are a good brand and are unique. My product should include most if not all ofthese factors. As i have learned a lot more about how people use products, i wantto look in more detail about how different people use products in different ways 2depending on where they come from, this should be useful to find out who myuser will be Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  18. 18. Cultural research UK (London) Speaker culture UK (rural) speaker culture Constant Loud music use of music from cars in louder music Relax Music when ing environment played in In this part of my research i am looking how different people at bored from different environments around the UKPlaying music headphones will use Audio home Playing music listeproducts and how they will use it differentlywhile on the to other people. I ning in garden with way to Work to family Music played hope to learn how i can use all the different ways people use music Speakers inAudio products and apply them to my design as my user may come publicly Playin every room from any of these environments. Played at g Quieter music events/ out music Const exhibitions Using Listeni To show this information i have used this connecting loud at ant (ambience) music venn diagram to show what places do whatng their with headphone home playe s All while speakers. To find this information i have called up listenin d ages g in people living in rural and coastal environment and working groups listenin g toasked them what they do, while i have written what i do to music music in London (my urban) environment. Creating calm/fun environments along the sea music out Playing loud on phones/iPodsWHAT I HAVE LEARNT- For this section i have learned a loud Arcade/lot about how people react about different products and club music listeningart. People like things that look good, are a good brand and while layingare unique. My product should include most if not all of on the beachthese factors. As i have learned a lot more about howpeople use products, i want to look in more detail about (relaxing) UK (coastal) culturehow different people use products in different waysdepending on where they come from, this should be usefulto find out who my user will be Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  19. 19. Science of speakers Important + Sound In this section i hope to learn a bit more about how sound vibrations from a speaker react around different things in an environment. my results that i have learned will show to the right. distortion through Reflection of sound waves..... Sound materials Import When sound reflects off a special curved surface called a parabola, sound waves will bounce out in a straight line no matter where it hits. clarity Many music arenas are designed as parabolas so the sound will go directly into the audience, instead of bouncing around on stage. If the ant Science parabola is closed off by another curved surface, it is called an ellipse. Sound will travel from one area to the other, no matter where it through the strikes a wall. Reflection is responsible for many interesting features on a room. Echoes are the sound of your own voice reflecting back to your ears, this sound you hear ringing in an auditorium after the band has stopped playing is caused by reflection off the walls and other objects. A sound environme wave will continue to bounce around a room, or reverberate, until it has lost all its energy. A wave has some of its energy absorbed by the objects it hits. The rest is lost as heat energy across the room. features Absorption of sound waves.... nt Everything, absorbs sound, one example of air absorbing sound waves happens during a thunderstorm. When you are very close to a storm, you hear thunder as a sharp crack. When the storm is farther away, you hear a low rumble instead. This is because air absorbs high Sound frequencies more easily than low. The best absorptive material is full of holes that sound waves can bounce around in and lose energy. difference The energy lost as heat is too small to be felt, however it can be detected by scientific instruments. from How sound travels reaches every place in a room.... different directions Since sound travels in a straight path from where it originates from, how does it get around corners? You hear sound because of sound diffraction. Diffraction uses the edges of a barrier as a secondary sound source that sends waves in a new direction. These secondary waves overlap and interfere with each other and the original waves, making the sound less clear. Working together, diffraction and reflection can send sounds to every part of a room. How design Amount shape of effects speakers sound Important -/ Value to my design + Value to my Valuable to my design design -WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- On this page i have learnt in a lot more detail about the science of how my speaker will react inmy specified modern environment. And since i have learned the science of the environment and sound waves, i will nowstart to look at an environment where a speaker may be placed and analysed from there. Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  20. 20. Environmental snapshotHere i have taken some pictures of speakers in a environment, from this page i should hope to know more about where in a room i will place my design, whether ido or do not like the place where these speakers are placed.The set of speakers i am using are a stand alone speaker, will and AC cable to power from the mains, it has a docking station which canhold iPod and iPhones, it also shows a light when it is powered on. From the images the design is clearly placed on the floor, it causeslittle problems with space due to the size and space it has around it, however this is where the positives end. The low nature of where thespeaker ids placed means that people have to bend over to control and active the speaker, it also has issues which the tripping hazardcaused by the wire on the floor. For the design i am creating i want it to be placed in the opposite place from this picture, so it is at chestheight and can be operated simply and quickly without the effort of bending downWHAT I HAVE LEARNT- On tis page i have confirmed the place where i will be placing my design once i create it. Thisenvironmental snapshot has shown me another flaw of using a speaker is stand alone and that has no height to theproduct. I want to make my design convenient and useful to the user and not a burden if people want to listen to music Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  21. 21. Questionnaire INTERVIEW AUDIO QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.1) How often do you use For my speaker design i plan to ask about 20 people around shops that should sell my design, this includes places such asspeakers? speaker shops around central London in various locations so i can get a broad range of peoples opinions. From this page i hope2) How frequently do you move to learn a lot about the people who i will sell my product to and what they like/dislike in a design.around your speaker?3) Are you looking for somethingdifferent in terms of a speaker?4) Do you think simple minimalistspeakers are still the best on themarket?5) Have you ever been stunned orbeen in awe in front of a speaker,style wise?6) What do you mostly look for ina speaker?7) (For people who like art) woulda artistic sculpture style speakerever attract you to a design?8) When do you mostly use aspeaker?9) Where do you usually put yourspeakers?10) Where specifically in the roomdo you have speakers?11) (If living in a modernenvironment) Do you haveproblems with space and placesto put larger speakers?12) Who is the leading brand inmodern speaker design in youreyes?WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- From doing a questionnaire on the product i will be making i have learned many things on whatpeople think about speakers in this day and age. I feel i cant add parts which will really attract people to the design, stylewise. It can be said that people are not particularly attracted or blown away by people and i think this is a route that i canexploit. From here i will first analyse my results in more detail and then from there look in more detail about the market iwill be selling my product and comparing to my rival products Alastair Cross KEF
  22. 22. Questionnaire Cont. INTERVIEW QuickTime™ and a AUDIO H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.1) How often do you use speakers?From the information i have found it can be clearly said that most people i asked in the interview used their speakers on a daily basis while the other minority of using itweekly and monthly were much lower. Using these results i will have to make sure that my design is easy and quick to use for people who want to listen to music and alsohave longevity so it can be used constantly over long periods of time without breaking or becoming warn, to do this i will make my design out of strong and durable materialsand make sure that the components are easy to use.2) How frequently do you move around your speaker?For my project i wanted to make my design special and have a feature that will wow people, and make the style have a versatility throughout the environment, most peoplesaid when they use a speaker they usually always move it. From here my design plans to be easily moved, even if mu specification says it is to be a wall design.3) Are you looking for something different in terms of a speaker?Almost all of the people i asked in or around a speaker shop said they would like something new and fresh, this is a clear indication that people want some new and creativeto come out that will make people more interested, my product is planning to be more aesthetically pleasing, and from these results i can see am on the right track.4) Do you think simple minimalist speakers are still the best on the market?From the results i have gathered, there is not a complete decisive decision on this question meaning, i can still use a minimalist theme with a twist and with these resultspeople should like it.5) Have you ever been stunned or been in awe in front of a speaker, style wise?This is one of my most important questions as i want my design to have this feature in abundance, people do not see speakers as art for the most part, however i want tochange this by downing peoples eyes to my design, it does not have to be all bright colours and be completely crazy but to have that effect in a modern style design for thebest i can so it can blend in the rest of the environment.6) What do you mostly look for in a speaker?Obviously from the results there are three clear main points to a speaker which attract people most to the design. The sound quality is what makes most higher pricedspeakers special and i want to do this by looking at the environment and seeing how the sound reacts to the walls and objects, for this i have already looked at soundwaves itself and that can be sorted when i am making my design, for the stye and price i must make sure that my materials are both cost efficient but also look good and ifthese is a good balance then this should not be a problem for my costumers.7) (For people who like art would a artistic sculpture style speaker ever attract you to a design?There is a complete success in this question in terms of what i would want people to say, my design will be in a sculpture style and should attract people who like form andfunction, my only concern is that a lot of people who do not like art may be put off, and so create quite a small niece market which i do not want.8) When do you mostly use a speaker?Most people who use a speaker generally use it while they are relaxing, this type of speaker usage would work well with the design i am making, as it can be moved aroundthe environment with relative ease. While the rest of the results are mostly spread i can tell that a particular minority like to use speakers for when they are bored and whenthey use instruments, this tells me a lot about the type of person i plan to make my design for with them being quite creative but can also be bored if the conditions allow it.9) Where do you usually put your speakers?As expected most people put their speakers in the living room, as most people ill do this i will plan for my design to be able to fit into a living room and become a feature ofthe room with the style of a sculpture.10) Where specifically in the room do you have speakers?Most people tend to put their speakers on a desk/table, this is not a particular surprise as most speakers on the market right now are mostly stand alone design which needto be placed on a flat surface, and a desk is a perfect option. For my design i want people to put my design in all sorts of places for people to enjoy music, and so people donot have to waste space on flat surfaces11) (If living in a modern environment) Do you have problems with space and places to put larger speakers?The majority of people who i asked said they did have problems with placing larger speakers in their homes, as i want my design to be placed in this type of environment iwill have to make it either space efficient or can be placed in different places in a home, from this question i have learned more about my user as well.12) Who is the leading brand in modern speaker design in your eyes?Out of all of the options Bose came out on top with this question, from here i will look in market research, to see what makes them so successful with so many people. i willthen use what makes them special and apply it to my design, so that in the future if my design is produced it should attract and entice many people to the style and flair. Alastair Cross KEF
  23. 23. Market Research onFrom this page i hope to learn if my design will be placed into this market and if so + Aesthetics gn Ol ivs esi ng &how will be successful to my design. M yd BaIf we look at how my design will be in terms of all the other Cr eat ive Be atsspeakers on the market, i can tell that a lot of other products Bo se h ipsshould be more technically advanced with KEF and bang&Olivson So ny Kl LGleading the line. Ya ma ha Ge ar4 FHowever for my style i plan for it to be far more aesthetically focus lym pu s KEand very attractive to many people, this is the main focus on my O 3 Ap pledesign, i will also have one part of my design which should nic Lo gic Beat bo x asoseparate all the other designs to mine. ni k a P an g ech sunThe people who will use my design (explained in previous pages) T ad Sam W hewill be sophisticated and have an interest in art and speakers, this hil lip s Gear B& Pis a particular market that hasn’t been explored. B PSWhen i market my product to let people know about my design i -Aesthetics/ + Function functionwill try and advertise the design on stylish and/or modernwebsites to show people what the product will be related to, suchthings as art gallery websites and high end design companies asan example.The production of my design should be a relatively small one,with the accessibility of the design being fairly limited making itrare, which in tern makes it more well known for the people moreinterested in speakers. My design could be placed on websitessuch as the Tate modern.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- I have decided from this page i willnot take any of the information that i have found out in, and notuse it. This is due to the fact i have realised i am not planning onputting my design into any of the markets of KEF and theircompetitors as my design is sculpture orientated with a speakersubject, the one thing i will take from this page is how peoplemay find out about my design in the future and the production ofthe project. Alastair Cross KEF
  24. 24. Mood BoardWHAT I HAVE LEARNT- In this page i know know what my design should be inspired by and whatroughly my design should be looking like in terms of the style. I will take most the style inspirationfrom the sculptures, the technical and functional features from the speakers and the general shapeand how they use speaker parts from the sculptured speakers. Alastair Cross KEF
  25. 25. Product disassembled Cont. For this first product i will be disassembling, i will want to find what makes this product successful and the how will i use that feature in my design. This is a very cheap form of audio which is around £1, and once it has been disassembled we can clearly see why this design is so cheap. 2 From image grouping 2 we are breaking down the mechanics of the head band which keeps the headphone on the head. Since breaking up this components i found that the alternating headband is controlled by a simple snap fit component to fix the two together to begin with, and then a slightly resisted with a resistive gel and rough plastic bumps to control the length. Although a simple feature it is effective, very durable and very tough to undo. For this feature i may not use it in the main design of my speaker, mainly due to the idea i am not designing a headphone. From image grouping 1, i disassembled the main component of the headphone which can be seen to the right. Once i took of the initial shell which was held by another snap fit fitment, i found all of the connections between the main magnet and the actual headphone wiring and so one,1 this is another basic fitment that once seen can be said to be very easy to break with very little force. The while product uses very cheap plastic and very few other materials for the structure. The one thing that i may use for my design is the use of their very compact use of all the components which make it a lot lighter and space efficient, which would be very useful for my design which should be placed where space is limited and where the design may have to be moved throughout and environment.WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- Taking inspiration from Apple, as they have had a rise of %268 in sales over the past yeah,apple headphones are very simply made with a stylish design. With most things, simple is good and lots of people will likeit. From this page i know that i must not go over board with all different types of features and just keep to one main partto my design and use only the fundamentals. From this page i feel i can go and start the design of my product as i havelearned a lot from these research pages, i will explain that in the next page. Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  26. 26. Product disassembled On this page i will be taking apart a speaker which has all the typical features of a speaker, this includes: More than one speaker, docking station and other features. From this second disassembling i hope to apply some ergonomic features as well as some functional ones. 1 Looking at image grouping 1 we can see that i have taken apart the basics of the speaker and looked at the frontal area in which we can see 4 main speaker ports where sound will be produced, this was protected by a very dense plastic grill which is very useful as it can give a longer working period which i may use in my design, it also does not effect the sound which is an added bonus. We can also see that the frontal area which contains the speaker and battery container is held together by an adhesive and slotted fit which firmly holds together this component. From image grouping 2, i broke down the design even further with the use of screwdrivers, chisels and a hammer due to the strong fitments. By taking it all apart i saw how the speaker, battery pack and the control panel are all as single part and joined together at a later date by wiring it all up. This would save cost and space in a design such as this. However the one part of this design that i would use would be the docking components which simply folds outwards quickly and cleanly. 2WHAT I HAVE LEARNT- From this page i know i will use the space conserving features as well as the docking stationidea, from here i will assess all my information and them start to design my idea through various media. I will probably usecomponents from the designs i have disassembled to create my design as i know they will work and have a certain manor ofFinnish which is accepted in the industrial world Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  27. 27. Research Report -What i wanted to find- -What i researched- -What i wanted to find- -What i have found- Development -What next- -What i will take from this- -What i will pick to use- -Conflicts with research-Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  28. 28. environment where it must be placed. The use of composite and smart materials interests me (i.e.carbon fibre) to fit in with the design of KEF and creating a sculpture style product. Further Specification When designing my speaker the aesthetics will be modern and fit the profile of KEF, it will be smooth and incorporate different materials giving it texture and character in the environment where it must be placed. I will use some composite materials in my design, it should show and emphasise sculptured design as well as a modern minimalist feel. Cost Due to KEF’s reputation and extensive collection of pricy products, my design will also be a high priced design. The materials, joinings and overall cost of making the design will be of extreme quality- this is due to the clients that buy KEF speakers. My design will be a medium to high priced design, with the joining, materials and overall quality being good. The finishes should be extremely high and a smooth texture should be consistent throughout the product. It should be attractive to KEF costumers. Costumer The main users of my product (continued on page 11) will be a sophisticated character, male or female, very interested in functional artistic art and can be placed anywhere in theirNew Specification-Old Specification- specified environment. My user can be of any range as long as the interest of music and art is apparent, and can afford the highly priced product. The main users of my product (continued on page 11) will be a sophisticated character, male or female, very interested in functional artistic art and can be placed anywhere in their specified environment. My user can be of any range as long as the interest of music and art is apparent, and can afford the highly priced product. Environment My design will be placed in a very minimalist and modern home environment which can be distinguished wherever it is placed in that environment whether it would be on the wall, ceiling or stand on its own My design will be placed in a very minimalist and modern home environment which can be distinguished wherever it is placed in that environment. I will be placing my design to conserve most space in an environment either on a wall, ceiling or shelfs. It should stand out but not to the scale where the design look ridiculous. Size In terms of the product, the design can be any type of size due to the amount of free space in the modernist environment, however i do not plan for my design to be as big as a design as the KEF Muon. It is to be big enough to capacitate the speakers and be recognised in the environment as a stylish piece of gear, that is the only specification for size. In terms of the product, the design can be any type of size due to the amount of free space in the modernist environment, however i do not plan for my design to be as big as a design as the KEF Muon. It is to be big enough to capacitate the speakers and be recognised in the environment as a stylish piece of gear, that is the only specification for size. Safety For speakers, safety must be taken in the electrical and heat insulation of the product, to make sure the user does not get burned or get an electrical shock. Care must also be taken in: tripping hazards, the products durability to stay together and being stable. my product will have none of these so it can form to the environment and become one with it. For my design there will be minimal issues with the safety as it will be placed in an area which should not be in the way of the user. As before my design should look as if the design becomes one with the environment, and look aesthetically pleasing while doing so Function There can be many functions and features for speakers however my design should be mainly aesthetically pleasing and functional in terms of the sound that will be produced. I may include some small smart features such as touch sensitive, but nothing to change the style of the design. There can be many functions and features for speakers however my design should be mainly aesthetically pleasing and functional in terms of the sound that will be produced. I may include some small smart features such as touch sensitive, but nothing to change the Alastair Cross KEF Inspired -old spec and then new spec style of the design. Materials I will use materials mostly including plastics and wood, however to make my design unique i
  29. 29. Initial Design SketchesAlastair Cross KEF
  30. 30. Initial Design SketchesOn the next few pages i will be creating some designs and concepts that follow my further specification, which follow below. On thedesigns due to the lack of colour that will be used, i have highlighted certain parts to talk about.What my design must have in my initial design ideas and concepts:-Wall design/ reasonably sized-Style related to KEF (smooth/ sharp design)-Looks like a sculpture (Architecture)-Maybe a specific function-Various materials used in harmony-sometimes the use of carbon fibre Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  31. 31. Initial Design SketchesAlastair Cross KEF Inspired
  32. 32. Initial Design SketchesAlastair Cross KEF Inspired
  33. 33. Initial Design SketchesAlastair Cross KEF Inspired
  34. 34. Initial Design ConceptsAlastair Cross KEF Inspired
  35. 35. Development From the start i always wanted my design to be inspired somewhat by architecture and the shapes that are created in the real Aesthetics- squaring up world, while the initial ‘squaring Aesthetics- The Shard up’of the design has helped improved my vision of what my design would be like, i would want to also used a certain case study to almost use as a direct link to another aesthetic change. The When i first looked at my design shard, which is near complete in that i plan on creating, and more London has always interested me importantly the aesthetics of the due to its pyramidal shape and design, i saw the idea as a very soft stunning angles it can be seen style with the use of all the from, and as this is what i want my smooth curves and the general design to be like, i plan to use roundness of the design. From here some shapes and visual aspects of however i did say in my initial the shard to help my design. The specification it would stand out in a first part of this structure that modernism room, and Im not sure interests me would be the tip of the level that it is at is striking the shard(left). I have taken enough to the eye. So clearly i had construction images and zoomed to change something. So what i did closer to see the detail and was to start sharpening and edging clearly from the images there is of my design to, almost make my the steel top which gives a very design more viscous to the eye. I blade like feature and gives a started with a side profile of the certain danger to the design, i will design and added now views and probably use this feature however details to give me an idea of what i the construction methods will was working towards, and clearly have to fit in for me to from the results(left) the design incorporate this. Secondly is the is certainly more striking with not open space between the struts in one curved edge and pointed edges the building itself, using this on as three separate locations. From my design would give it a raw and what i have changed from the almost unfinished edge just like a design i feel it has improved it, not sculpture would have and this only to follow my specification could be done with the the use of more throughly but it also looks a clear material much more attractive, and this is what i wanted to achieve.Alastair Cross KEF Inspired
  36. 36. Development Moving on from the previous idea of the initial structure, Construction- Initial Structure Construction- Bolts and rather that the use Screws of adhesives all over my design which would be Before i went any further into mostly weak and a my development i wanted to get long process, i my initial structure or the would prefer to skeleton of my design use bolts and completed so once the basics screws to create a are done i can focus on more of more permeant the details and parts that will joint to al the main characterise my design. From the components of the left, my design will have design. There are straight edges all over the many different design, this should help with types of bolts i joining processes and also can use, for making it more sturdy and so the example a dome longevity can be extended. head bolt which Another point that i will make would suit well would be the idea of balance of with my design as it the whole weight is to be put on would give a a section of the wall, this different dimension means my design will either have and a different to have a very strong wall texture which may joint or have a relatively light make my design weight with all the materials more interesting if added together so that it will people were to not fall of the wall at any look closer at the point. But due to my idea of the more detailed shard and different materials i parts. From the top want to incorporate my wall right image, and the design will have to be strong top right of the instead. picture the idea of a 90 degree steel joint which would make complex angles strongly fixed to the designAlastair Cross KEF Inspired
  37. 37. prototype to where i will be able to Development place my design over, it may be simple but this means i can make it Construction- Adhesives Construction- Wall Joint strong incredibly from strong materials. To begin with i used one sheet of a bendable Although i did say adhesives were material, here i a longer and weaker process to used thick joining larger sections of my cardboard as it can design together it doesnt mean be easily bent and that the smaller parts cant be shaped. Then cut joined using using the different diagonals on the methods on the left. Adhesives corners and then such as cement, epoxy resin, PVA and glue gun glue sticks can all fold them over, if be used differently on different this process itmaterials to ensure the bet stick, joined strongly, i will most probably use all of this means my design these to give my design the best can be slotted into overall quality. Glue gun glue the wall joint andsticks are very versatile and can can be permanent orused on most materials however it temporary dependingmay not be strong enough to hold on preferences. non porous materials. The However it needs to strongest adhesive would be be strong so i will cement however this would make it in sections severely weigh down the design and join them and so i will have to look for together using different adhesive later on. strong joins like a dove tail. This will improve the longevity.Alastair Cross KEF Inspired