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  • CTR = Click-Through Rate, i.e., the percentage of people who view the page and click on the link
  • SEO isn’t just about ranking high in the search engines; it’s also about making sure that your search snippet stands out. Acrolinx helps in this area, not only by checking for keyword placement in the page title, but also by checking that the snippet is free of grammar and spelling errors.
  • A large software company optimized the keywords they used in their support articles. They saw hits more than double, and support calls related to the topics in the articles they optimized dropped by more than 30%.
  • We’re global, we’re the market leader…
  • New Tools to Improve Findability

    1. 1. Using Acrolinx for SEOIntelligent Content Conference 2013 Andrew Bredenkamp PG Bartlett
    2. 2. What Do You Write? Pre-Sales Information Post-Sales Information
    3. 3. Higher Rank = Higher Click-Through Rate HP IBM CTR IBM Fujitsu HP
    4. 4. What’s the Value of a Higher Ranking? 8100 searches / month “unix servers”: IBM CTR 10% (= 810 qualified visits) Fujitsu CTR 5% (= 405 qualified visits)Conversion rate on website: 0.3% HP 2.4 transactions, new customers 1.2 transactions, new customers IBMAvg. Transaction $8000 Revenue+ $19,200 / month Revenue+ $9,600 / month IBM Fujitsu HP Pre-Sales Information
    5. 5. How to Improve Conversion? • Compelling & SEO friendly title • Trustworthy and “readable” URL • Compelling description • Great style, no grammar and spelling errors Pre-Sales Information
    6. 6. What’s the Value of a Higher Ranking? Optimizing support articles: Hits Calls Impact on customer satisfaction & retention? Post-Sales Information
    7. 7. What’s Wrong With Using SEO Firms? They improve content after it’s published, but… Will the improvements stick? Is this process cost efficient? [But SEO firms still perform many other valuable services…]
    8. 8. Assignkeywords to document. Press Continue to start check.
    9. 9. Shows report on each keyword assigned to Click to learn document. how to improve results.
    10. 10. Showsrecommendations for improvement.
    11. 11. Shows SEOissues for entire document.
    12. 12. Some Acrolinx Customers Software Medical Aerospace High Tech Industrial & Engineering
    13. 13. Stronger, Longer-Lasting SEOFrom Acrolinx
    14. 14. Thank You!
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