Acrolinx 4.0

Acrolinx 4.0



At this presentation, you’ll learn how Acrolinx is helping you: ...

At this presentation, you’ll learn how Acrolinx is helping you:

*Create content that’s an even better match for your company’s target tone of voice
*Generate reports that are more useful to you – and more valuable to your management
*Set up Acrolinx more easily
*Enjoy other improvements in productivity and ease of use
*This release enhances our support for technical communicators and expands our support to marketing departments so that everyone can produce compelling content.



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Acrolinx 4.0 Acrolinx 4.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Introducing Acrolinx 4.0 28 January 2014 PG Bartlett, Acrolinx
  • Highlights of Acrolinx 4.0  Voice Scores  Acrolinx Analytics  Terminology  Rule Context Configuration  “Scorecard”  Schedule: – Announce today – Release February 28, 2014
  • Voice Scores Create More Engaging Content
  • Driving Success in the Content Era  Relationships are now built on content – Buyers complete 70% of decision before they engage with sales  Technical content now as important as marketing content to help buyers choose  Acrolinx 4.0 focuses on entire customer journey – Both marketing & technical content For almost 89% of buyers, high-quality technical content is either important (33%) or very important (56%) to their initial purchase decision. – IBM survey of clients and prospective clients “Audiences are inundated by pleas for their attention. “Consumers no longer respond to anything but the most compelling content.” – Gartner
  • Voice Scores: Create More Engaging Content  “Voice Scores” measure tone of voice  (“Style” rules guide authors to avoid violations; they do not measure specific aspects of style)  Voice Scores help you create content that’s more engaging by giving authors feedback on their content’s tone of voice  All customers receive this capability Out-of-the-box scores shown above (initially available only for English)
  • How Voice Scores Work  Voice Scores are measurements only – For scores outside target range, Acrolinx displays general guidance • Example: “here’s how to increase ‘Liveliness’… ” – Specific guidance comes from Style rules  Score of 100 is “highest,” not “best” – Target score may vary based on document type – Example: techdocs may have a lower target for “informality”  Score calculations not customer-specific – Instead, you adjust targets to your corporate & document goals
  • Acrolinx Analytics Enterprise-Class Reporting
  • Acrolinx Analytics: Meet Executive Needs  New enterprise-class reporting capabilities – Metrics that executives expect & demand  Improved user experience & performance  Replacement for “Reporting” functionality – If you’re licensed for Reporting, then you get Analytics – If you’re not, please talk to your Acrolinx account manager
  • Twelve Standard Reports New reports on cost savings, quality, usage  Assess results against goals  Calculate cost savings / ROI  Identify problems for translation  Distribution of checks by document type, language, plug- in, rule set, user  Metrics (words & sentences per document, flags per 1000 words, avg. sentence length, avg. score)  Checks performed per hour  For one rule, list of documents with flags for that rule  Number of flags for each rule  Top spelling issues  Quality improvement over time  Quality improvement by document  ROI by category  ROI by period  Terminology usage grouped by status  Number of checks per month
  • Simple Report Generation  Choose report type  Select report parameters
  • New Custom Fields & Dashboard Control  Acrolinx 3.x had User Information only  Acrolinx 4.0 adds: – Document Information – Configurable in Dashboard You can configure custom fields in Dashboard: • Field category (User or Document) • Field name • Field type (List or Free-form) • Field values (if List)
  • Custom Fields Document Fields (examples)  Product  Document type  Version  Audience User Fields (examples)  User name  User ID  Workgroup  Department  Division  Subsidiary
  • Acrolinx Analytics – Dashboard Functionality  Configure ROI report parameters (values, currency)  Select users to “ignore” (typically users who only run tests)  Anonymize user-specific data; helps comply with information privacy laws  Search for Checking Reports based on date range & report name
  • Set up ROI Categories
  • Assign Rules to ROI Categories
  • Terminology Easier & Faster Editing of Terminology
  • Terminology: Easier & Faster  Terms displayed in infinitely scrolling list (no longer paged) – Easier to work with long lists  Many parameters editable in place – No need to leave list view, which reduces picks and clicks  Can “group” terms in list view – Can easily see synonym terms, which speeds up terminology approval
  • Grouping & In-Place Editing of Terminology
  • Rule Contexts Easily Adapt Acrolinx to Parts of Your Content
  • Rule Contexts  Your administrators can enable/disable rules for specific portions (“contexts”) of document – Example: use imperative in procedures  Enable/disable rules through Dashboard – Quick & simple  Previously, only Acrolinx Professional Services could set up rules for specific contexts
  • Change Context for Rule
  • Scorecard Replaces Checking Report & Results Dialog
  • Why Change?  You asked for: – Improved usability – Additional functionality – More information  We wanted to add: – Support for Voice Scores – Sleeker format
  • Introducing the Acrolinx Scorecard  We combined Checking Report and Results Dialog – When check completes, pop-up window contains entire report  Improved usability – Scores now range from 0 (bad) to 100 (good) – Starting view provides quick, complete overview of results – Tabbed interface eases navigation – Links look like links – Select “Do not show this window again” to suppress window from appearing after each check  New functionality – Shows average sentence length (words/sentence) – Provides one-click creation of an email about an issue
  • Scorecard Tabs brings you quickly to area of interest. Hover to see list of most frequent issues.
  • Thank You! PG Bartlett