Webinar: the procrastinator's guide to ppc optimization - holiday edition


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The holidays are a time of year that can leave the PPC pro more stressed out than an elf with a December 24th deadline. Holiday PPC takes up a lot of time and energy, and it’s far too easy to blow a budget quickly and unevenly.

But it’s not too late to make this holiday season your most successful ever.

John Gagnon, Bing Ads Evangelist, will guide you with last minute tips and tricks for your holiday season campaigns:

- Timing is everything – key dates and online holiday shopping patterns.
- Should you test out “free shipping” or “coupons” in your ad copy strategy this holiday season?
- Touch on mobile ad copy strategy and buying patterns on key dates
- Did you know using “holiday” in your search ad is a recipe for poor performance? Dive into a big data study from Bing Ads.

Marc Poirier, EVP & Co-founder at Acquisio will discuss some real case study experience. Learn how other retailers are cutting their cost-per-order in half and doubling sales within a few days without doing any additional work.

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  • We at Bing Ads would like your business.We don’t expect you to come to us without reason. That’s why we’re going to talk about some of the exceptional things happening at Bing Ads.First I’m going to lay out some facts about online shopping for the holidays.Then we’re going to talk about timing – because search marketing during the holiday season is a game of time. You’re working against the clock just as much as shoppers are.Next we’ll drill down into specific actions you, as search marketers, should be taking right now to take advantage of the insights here at Bing Ads.We’ll wrap up with your questions, so be sure to jot them down as we go along.
  • With a 15% increase in consumer spending, does it make sense to increase your ad budget by 15% to keep pace with your competition?
  • We don’t need to tell you that capitalizing on this period is critical.
  • This might be you. Or it might be your competitors. When are you going to begin your holiday promotions?
  • We’re seeing free shipping as an expectation among online shoppers now. Free shipping is the cost of beating your competition. When customers choose one retailer over another because of a free shipping offer, make sure you’re the one they’re choosing.
  • 54% of shoppers are using social media in the store – this means their phone is in their hands and they’re engaged with the screen. Make sure your brand is showing up there.Crowdtap.com, August 2013
  • With these facts about online shopping, knowing what’s coming your way, let’s look at how you can capitalize on the spend with some intentional, smart timing.
  • Let’s drill down into some specific dates that are hot for online shopping.
  • Search marketing is both art and science, and at Bing Ads we’re into getting messy with the paints and precise with the numbers. I want to talk to you briefly about one of our recent studies on the best words to use in your retail ads.
  • Webinar: the procrastinator's guide to ppc optimization - holiday edition

    2. 2. WEBINAR housekeeping • The webinar is recorded and will be made available by email • The slides will also be available by email • Q&A session at the end of the webinar • Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time
    3. 3. SPEAKERS • John Gagnon – Bing Ads Evangelist at Microsoft. – 7 Years Experience in Search Marketing. – Loves search marketing & helping businesses grow by making smart decisions • Marc Poirier – EVP & Co-Founder of Acquisio. – 17 Years Experience in Digital Marketing. – Master Fisherman.
    4. 4. Holiday strategies for search marketers How and when to be where you should be.
    5. 5. Microsoft Confidential What we’re talking about today Online shopping stats for the holidays and what they mean to you Timing is everything: What to do now and where and how much The Yahoo Bing Network has you covered, of course Microsoft Confidential
    6. 6. The truth about holiday online shopping. (You’re going to like this.) Microsoft Confidential
    7. 7. Holiday spending climbs year over year, almost without fail. US retail commerce sales for the holiday Season (November – December) will grow 15.1% to $61.8 billion in 2013. $0 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000 $6,000 $7,000 $8,000 Week 1 (11/4) Week 2 (11/11) Week 3 (11/18) Week 4 (11/25) Week 5 (12/2) Week 6 (12/9) Week 7 (12/16) Week 8 (12/23) Week 9 (12/30) $Millions Week Ending 2012 Weekly Online Holiday Season Spending vs. Corresponding Days in 2011 Y 2011 Y 2012 eMarketer: Holiday Shopping Preview, 9/4/2013
    8. 8. There’s a reason this is the most wonderful time of the year. Top 10 highest spend days for online shopping in 2012 all happened during the winter holiday period. eMarketer: Holiday Shopping Preview, 9/4/2013 11/28 Thanksgiving 12/17 Last ship date 11/29 Black Friday 12/02 Cyber Monday 12/27 Post-holiday sales 12/09 Green Monday
    9. 9. Microsoft Confidential Spook the Halloween shopper with your holiday promotion. eMarketer: Holiday Shopping Preview, 9/4/2013Microsoft Confidential 30% of retailers say they’ll begin promotional offers before October 1
    10. 10. Microsoft Confidential This is how the exception becomes the rule. Online shoppers were actively seeking “free shipping” across all search engines in 2012. comScore e-Commerce MeasurementMicrosoft Confidential 50% of online transactions had free shipping during the holidays last year
    11. 11. Online promotions can add to your holiday happiness. eMarketer: Holiday Shopping Preview, 9/4/2013
    12. 12. Mobile is always invited to the party. Mobile use is everywhere and constant – but not yet for actually purchasing items. eMarketer: Holiday Shopping Preview, 9/4/2013
    13. 13. Timing is everything. (Anyone who says otherwise never accidentally went dark on Cyber Monday.) Microsoft Confidential
    14. 14. October Review and analyze last year’s campaign Get familiar with new Bing Ads features Launch and test holiday keywords Create seasonal ad copy Monitor your competition 42% of online shoppers have begun holiday shopping now
    15. 15. November Microsoft Confidential 80.4% of shoppers are now shopping for the holidays Prepare and launch specific ads for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Monitor ad position and adjust bids Offer incentives and discounts
    16. 16. December Microsoft Confidential 96.6% of shoppers are shopping for the holidays Meet urgency with updated ad copy After last ship date, drive traffic to brick-and-mortar stores Don’t forget that post-season sales continue after the holidays Make sure your ads are competitive in positioning, with the right bids Keep ad budget high in the weeks before Christmas, then hold steady through the end-of-year sales
    17. 17. Thanksgiving 11/28/13 Apparently the whole US eats dinner between 2 and 4pm – then we all get back on our computers to finish shopping until 11pm. Time zone is PST. IBM Core Metrics, 2012 Ad titles and descriptions should include: discounts, Black Friday Important keywords: store hours, locations, Black Friday Bids/budget: Before you leave the office for Thanksgiving, make sure you’ve got lots of budget left for these critical days 201220112010
    18. 18. Black Friday 11/29/13 Black Friday shopping starts before the sun comes up. 24% of shoppers visited a retail site via mobile device on Black Friday 2012 Ad titles and descriptions should include: discounts, Black Friday, brand name, free shipping in the title Important keywords: store hours, locations Bids/budget: Make sure your budget is robust Time zone is PST. IBM Core Metrics, 2012 201220112010
    19. 19. Cyber Monday 12/2/13 The good news is that Cyber Monday hits after the first of December. This means automated budgets will be renewed, and ready to hit hard. Multiscreen Shoppers shopped in store, online and on mobile devices to get the best bargains on Cyber Monday 2012. Ad titles and descriptions should include: discounts, Cyber Monday Important keywords: store hours, locations Bids/budget: Budgets renewed the day before, so make sure your dollars are going where you want them; verify ad positions and adjust bids Time zone is PST. IBM Core Metrics, 2012 201220112010
    20. 20. Last Shipping 12/17 + Desperation 12/20-23 Now things are getting exciting. Now shoppers are turning to brick-and-mortar stores. Ads should include store locations, hours, phone numbers. Shoppers want to know their gift will arrive in time. Ad titles, descriptions and titles should answer this for them. Time zone is PST. IBM Core Metrics, 2012
    21. 21. After Christmas Don’t stop the ads – now all those gift cards will be redeemed online. Slide source: GiftCard.com by CardLab Gift Card Spending Report 2012. 59.8% of people asked for gift cards in 2012 50% Nearly of survey respondents planned to buy at least one gift card in the holiday season of 2012
    22. 22. Choose your words carefully. How word choice affects search ad success for the retail industry.
    23. 23. The Retail Heatmap from Bing Ads Research Study conducted in November 2012 96,000 ads 254 million impressions 7 sub- categories
    24. 24. Most clickable word combos for the top 4 categories by ad spend Consumer electronics PC TITLE DESCRIPTION Cyber Monday Quality Brand Cyber Monday New Promotion Cyber Monday Promotion Other Words In-store pickup New Cyber Monday Brand In-store pickup Online Quality Promotion Cyber Monday New In-store pickup Mobile TITLE DESCRIPTION Other Words Cyber Monday Purchase Cyber Monday Price/pricing Product Brand Resource Price/pricing Free shipping Resource Free shipping Product Service Resource Service Brand Price/pricing Price/pricing Quality Tablet TITLE DESCRIPTION Promotion Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Promotion Brand Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Quality Product Cyber Monday Other Words In-store pickup Official site Product Purchase Other Words Brand In-store pickup Cyber Monday Product
    25. 25. The Retail Heatmap from Bing Ads Research Study conducted in November 2012 Black Friday Brand Callto Action Celebrity Cyber Monday Free Free Shipping Gift In-Store Pickup New Now Official Site Online Price/ Pricing Product Promo Purchase Quality Resource Service Style/ Kind Value Other Words Black Friday Brand Call to Action Celebrity Cyber Monday Free Shipping Gift New Now Official Site Online Price/ Pricing Product Promotion Purchase Quality Resource Service Style/ Kind Other Words Consumer Electronics Ad Description AdTitle Great Bad No DataGood
    26. 26. Most clickable word combos for the top 4 categories by ad spend Toys and hobbies PC TITLE DESCRIPTION Black Friday Purchase Call to action Promotion Black Friday Call to action Other Words Official site Quality Promotion Purchase Black Friday Call to action Style/kind Black Friday Promotion Promotion % off Promotion Service Mobile TITLE DESCRIPTION New Call to action Product Purchase Official site Brand Official site Now Promotion Black Friday Product Brand Product Now Promotion Brand Official site Service Style/kind Service Tablet TITLE DESCRIPTION Official site Brand Official site Now Official site New Free shipping Free Service Free Service Free shipping Service Service Free shipping Service Free Service Free Free shipping
    27. 27. Most clickable word combos for the top 4 categories by ad spend Apparel and accessories PC TITLE DESCRIPTION Brand Call to action Size New Price/pricing Now Size Brand Size Official site Size Fashion Free shipping Official site Free Official site Official site Official site Brand [Huge/wide/great] selection Mobile TITLE DESCRIPTION Brand Call to action Official site Online % off Size % off Now Brand Online Promotion Gifts Fashion Promotion No variable [Huge/wide/grea t] selection New Purchase New Product Tablet TITLE DESCRIPTION Official site Call to action Official site Online Brand Call to action Brand Online Style/kind Online Style/kind Call to action Free shipping Official site Gifts Style/kind Style/kind New Gifts % off
    28. 28. Most clickable word combos for the top 4 categories by ad spend Department stores PC TITLE DESCRIPTION Black Friday Product Celebrity Product Value Resource Value #’s {KeyWord} Black Friday Black Friday Store Celebrity Store Brand Furniture Brand Celebrity Clothing Cyber Monday Mobile TITLE DESCRIPTION #’s Purchase #’s Promotion #’s #’s Black Friday Store #’s Style/kind Product DKI Brand New Number Brand Resource Service Brand Clothing Tablet TITLE DESCRIPTION Black Friday Store Celebrity Store Brand Furniture Purchase Resource Clothing #’s Clothing Purchase Product DKI Purchase Brand Style/kind Store Brand Celebrity
    29. 29. Why Yahoo Bing Network (We knew you’d ask.) Microsoft Confidential
    30. 30. Microsoft Confidential We’re the holiday gift you weren’t expecting. 31M retail searchers not reached on Google 65M total retail searchers 117M total paid clicks 510M total retail searches (3) Searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network1spend 38% more online than the average internet searcher. Searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network spend 5.6% more than Google searchers.2 1. The Yahoo! Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo! Core Search sites in the U.S. 2. comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), June 2013. 3.comScore US Search Categories Report (custom), June 2013
    31. 31. Acquisio Dynamic Campaigns
    32. 32. Dynamic Campaigns Category: Electronics SubCategory: Televisions DisplayType: OLED Size: 60 inch Brand: LG SKU: 73883 388 3098 38 Name: OLED Smart TV Color: Black Price: $10,999.99 Inventory: 7 Margin: $1,786.65 URL: http://www.site.com/product.html PRODUCT FEED CAMPAIGN & AD GROUP GENERATION Google AdWords Bing Ads KEYWORD GENERATION brand + category brand + subcategory brand + displaytype size + brand size + brand + subcategory color + name brand + size + name displaytype + category ( … ) AD GENERATION Keywords Change Ads Change Campaigns, Ad Groups, Settings Change Feed Changes
    33. 33. Acquisio BBM
    34. 34. What is BBM? BBM Delivers Optimal Results for AdWords. Our Algorithms Run Every 30 Minutes, Intelligently Sharing Budgets Across Campaigns while Adjusting Bids Automatically. • Suppress CPC (also CPA, Avg. Pos. or ROAS) • Maximize Click Volume (also conversions or revenue) • Spend Maximum Budget Effectively • Available to all Acquisio clients • Uses AdWords Conversion Tracking tags • No need to change account structure
    35. 35. Why does this matter?
    36. 36. Google Display Network ad engine Tsunami Effect Google Display Network conversion engine AdMetrica captures surges of conversions (and plummeting CPA’s) accompanying sudden spikes in Google’s general search traffic volume. AdMetrica GDN CPA Google Search Vol. AdMetrica GDN Conv # 1,000 0 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 Google Search* (sweepstakes) Conversions (sweepstakes) $3.25 $3.00 $2.50 $2.75 $2.25 $2.00 $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 CPA (sweepstakes) * Source: Google Trends Google Search Activity
    37. 37. Maximize Conversions Slash Cost per Conversion Control Budgets Accurately
    39. 39. • Dynamic Campaigns: • Improve ROI • Address Long Tail • Integrate with Product Feed • Real Time Updates • BBM: • Rapid Learning Algorithms – More Sales for Same Budget • 30 Minute Bid and Budget Updates • Dynamic Campaigns with BBM: • Up to 3X number of sales for the same budget • CPO lowered by 20 – 65% • Quick turnaround – usually same week. • Minimal effort on your part • 1.5% of ad spend – including Acquisio platform + BBM* Dynamic Campaigns with BBM * This offer does not include Dynamic Campaign.
    40. 40. Would you like to learn more about Dynamic Campaigns and BBM? a) Yes, please have someone contact me about BBM b) Yes, please have someone contact me about Dynamic Campaigns c) Yes, please have someone contact me about BBM and Dynamic Campaigns d) No thanks, I'm not interested LIVE POLL QUESTION
    41. 41. LIVE Q&A TIME!