Webinar: How to increase your conversions and lower your cpa on GDN
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Webinar: How to increase your conversions and lower your cpa on GDN






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  • 1 Jul 2012 – 372 conv @ $1.91 CPACross over – 19 Jul 2012 – 965 conv @ $1.21 CPA31 Jul 2012 – 1,864 conv @ $0.98 CPA
  • 25 Aug 2012 – 33 conv @ $3.20 CPA23 Sep 2012 – 92 conv @ $1.37 CPA

Webinar: How to increase your conversions and lower your cpa on GDN Webinar: How to increase your conversions and lower your cpa on GDN Presentation Transcript

  • How to increase conversions and lower CPA for Google Display Network using AdMetrica
  • House Keeping• The webinar is recorded and will be made available• The slides will also be available• Q&A session at the end of the webinar• Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time
  • AdMetrica:How to increase conversions and lower CPA for Google Display Network
  • ScienceOpsAlgorithmic expertise in astrophysics, genetics, and online advertising
  • Google Display NetworkThe first technology devoted exclusively to optimizing GDN conversions.
  • AdWords APIThe Algorithms of AdMetrica run within Google AdWords (via API).
  • Purpose• CPA target + Conversion volume + Spend control
  • GDN Revenue Growth
  • Performance Advertising Growth
  • GDN Display Market Share 2011 Display Ad Spend(in Billions $ with and Market Share %) $5.8, 19% Other Display International GDN US GDN$6.5, 21% $18.1, 60%
  • CPA at volume
  • X Graph #1
  • X Graph #2
  • Ad Placement?
  • Scope of AdMetricaClient Client Landing PurchaseAd Keyword URL Ad Thank- orCreative Lists Placement Selection Page Registration you Page Bidding Budget AdMetrica
  • Variables OptimizedFive Conv. Variables 1. Keyword Lists 2. Ad Placement 3. Bid Pricing 4. Budget Control 5. Ad Selection
  • Keywords Keyword lists are constantly (algorithmically) sampled, tested and rewarded according to live 1. Keyword Lists performance data and quality score feedback. This gains access to an ever-expanding number of GDN pages that convert.
  • Ad Placement Ad-to-page placements are controlled down to the URL level, increasing a given ad’s relevance (and 2. Ad Placement its CTR) by more closely fitting the ad to the content of the page.
  • Bids Algorithms bid in a live and dynamic process that 3. Bid Pricing allows for far greater control over bid pricing. This enables either suppression of CPA or, if desired, incremental bid increases to gain conversion volume
  • Daily Budget By monitoring of daily budgets hourly, algorithms can 4. Budget Control allocate budgets only to campaigns that warrant it. This lowers CPA by cutting off underperforming campaigns, and feeds budgets to high performance campaigns.
  • Ads Metrics-based analysis allows for comparative 5. Ad Selection performance evaluation between ad creatives This allows for an objective measurement of ad performance.
  • Not for Humans Decisions: 100,000+/day/accountTo effectively gain conversions at the right price, an enormousnumber of decisions are made by adMetrica’s algorithms.The daily job of properly managing a GDN account (i.e. choosingkeyword list combinations, making budgeting adjustments, targetingURL’s for ad placement, and fine tuning bid prices; with 50campaigns) requires an average of over 100,000 decisions.For this, a human would be need to make 1.2 decisions everysecond – with perfect accuracy.
  • 2 Stage Conversions
  • 2 Stage Conversion Approach• Stage 1 • Customer joins site with a free membership • Customer information acquired• Stage 2 • Conversion event with revenue • Campaign Quality of conversions • Feedback drives the process
  • Target = $1.40 Mean = 1.39, SD = 0.27 140 120 100 80Frequency 60 40 20 0 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2 2.2 2.4 avgCPA
  • Case Study #1 – MRD1• CPA decreased • CPC targeting optimization on major solo site – 30% decrease • Mobile advertising • Dropped overall CPA by 30%+ • 35% cheaper than average• Conversions increased • Mobile increased volume by 180%+ • Audiences increased volume by 15%+ • More solo site targeting increased volume by 10%+
  • Online Dating campaigns• CPA decrease • Decreased by 30% due to fine grain targeting • Focused optimization of bidding on the very best sites• Conversion increase • Great solo placement (domain) targeting increased by 40%+ • Increased Side door targeting increased by 20%+
  • Google Search Activity Tsunami Effect Google Search* AdMetrica GDN Conv.s (sweepstakes) (sweepstakes) AdMetrica captures surges of $ CPA conversions (and plummeting (sweepstakes) $3.25 CPA’s) accompanying sudden 8,000 spikes in Google’s general search traffic volume. $3.00 7,000 $2.75 6,000 AdMetrica GDN Conv # AdMetrica GDN CPA $2.50 5,000 dddddddddddddddddfdffffggfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffgfffffffffffvggd z $2.25 Google Search 4,000 Vol. $2.00 3,000 $1.75 2,000 $1.50 1,000 $1.25 0Google Display Network ad engine engineGoogle Display Network conversion * Source: Google Trends
  • Clients“The (Google) display network has always been cloaked in mystery, butAdMetrica seems to have cracked the code. This technology allows us to scalefaster while lowering costs. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.” – Joe Davison, eComm. Mgr., Meredith Media“American Family has never seen conversion numbers like this; it tookAdMetrica only 3 days to outperform our prior GDN numbers by more than100%.” – Scott Krauss, Mtg. Mgr., Am.Family, Time Inc.
  • Getting started with AdMetrica1. Paperwork complete2. Provided by client • Ads for campaigns • Sales funnels (landing page to thank you page) • Performance data on previous efforts • Account access granted for MCC access3. Kickoff meeting4. Initial keyword lists created and approved5. Initial launch6. 30 day incubation period