The Intelligent Impression - Display and RTB
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The Intelligent Impression - Display and RTB



Google Display Network represents a small part of the Display world we know today. Discover the unique power of Acquisio Trading Desk. Connect to all major ad exchanges to offer a larger reach, ...

Google Display Network represents a small part of the Display world we know today. Discover the unique power of Acquisio Trading Desk. Connect to all major ad exchanges to offer a larger reach, generate large volumes of quality conversions and work against ad fatigue and annoyance.

On Wednesday, June 11th at 12pm, Maria Coletta, Acquisio Display Subject Matter Expert, and Lee Goldberg, Co-Founder and President of Vector Media Group, will discuss:

The evolution of the digital marketing world of display

Why it's imperative to spread your digital marketing budget and include Demand Side Platforms.

Retargeting strategies, Video Ads, all forms of new user prospecting and how to leverage them.

How a major retailer improved its ROAS by 700% presented by Vector Media Group.



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The Intelligent Impression - Display and RTB Presentation Transcript

  • 1. HOSTED BY: & THE INTELLIGENT IMPRESSION The Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD)
  • 2. WEBINAR HOUSEKEEPING • The webinar is recorded and will be made available by email • The slides will also be available by email • Q&A session at the end of the webinar • Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time
  • 3. Maria Coletta – Display Subject Matter Expert of Acquisio – 10 years experience in the Display and RTB industry. Lee Goldberg – Co-founder & President of Vector Media Group Inc. – 10 years experience in crafting high-performance Internet marketing strategies. – Frequent author for several industry publications. SPEAKERS SPEAKERS
  • 4. THREE PRIMARY OPTIONS FOR DISPLAY BUYING Publisher Direct UPSIDE: Know the exact site Custom units DOWNSIDE: No user targeting High CPMs Ad Network UPSIDE: More reach than a single publisher DOWNSIDE: CPMs from $4 - $15 with big markups No transparency about publisher/placement publisher/placemen Demand Side Platform UPSIDE: Maximum reach, user targeting possible Transparent CPMs from $0.50 - $4 DOWNSIDE: Newer concept for clients 1 2 3 The Acquisio Trading Desk
  • 5. ATD ACCESSES EVERY MAJOR AD EXCHANGE INCLUDING THE FACEBOOK EXCHANGE • Global Reach • Millions of Publishers Available • Connect with your Valued Customer Almost Immediately • Boasting a Huge Internet Footprint Making Retargeting Your Users Easy & Efficient
  • 6. HOW ATD DIFFERS FROM ITS COMPETITORS ATD is a Direct Publisher ATD is NOT an Ad Network. When you're not dealing direct, you will likely incur additional 'middleman' fees. ATD has access to a large digital marketing footprint as it connects with all the major ad exchanges including the Facebook Exchange. ATD is Frequency Transparent ATD is unique in its ability to optimize frequency and recency. We are not a black box outfit, but one that is transparent and sets realistic frequency caps. Black box frequency capping can easily result in ad fatigue or worse, user annoyance! ATD’s Unique Recency Data Recency is data we uniquely have reflected in our reporting. We can bid on cookies that are more valuable as they convert and lower bid multipliers on those that tend not to convert. This decreases CPA and increases performance as we utilize your budget to the utmost extent. ATD’s High Definition Reporting Our HD reports are the most comprehensive in the industry with a total of 16 tabs of data. The data is used to optimize campaigns on a granular level. ATD Offers a 48 Hour Out Clause This is rare to find in the industry as we are confident that we can show results pretty quickly. Media Buyers are very attracted by this low risk element. ATD Offers Low Commitment Insertion Order ATD can work on a month to month basis and we don't require a large spend. Retargeting Only = $5k/Mth and Channel + Retargeting = $10k/Mth
  • 7. Machines Are Tools To Enable Human Activities Pacing & Budgeting Audience Site Site category Frequency Language Tech & Browser Recency SSP or Exchange Above / Below the fold Ad format Dayparting Pacing & Budgeting Audience Site Site category Frequency Language Tech & Browser Recency SSP or Exchange< Above / Below the fold Ad format Dayparting Human Control On every targeting variable buyers can take control when needed or automate when appropriate. In either case, ATD provides 100% transparency. Machine Automation
  • 8. Standard, pre-pivoted HD reports include performance insights by: Frequency Ad Format Site Category Website Creative Day of Week Time of Day Position on Page Ad Exchange Geography Browser Type Device Type Operating System The most detailed and comprehensive display reporting THE ATD SOLUTION: CLEAR BOX = ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS
  • 9. Ad Format 300x250 is over-priced; decrease CPM bids and shift more volume to 728x90 Day of Week Weekends are top performers; turn off bidding for all other days of week Sales Cycle 79% of customers convert within 5 days of site visit; retarget for 7 days max BETTER REPORTING MEANS BETTER OBSERVATIONS, INSIGHTS & ACTION
  • 10. The Acquisio Trading Desk allows for the greatest opportunity to optimize both the recency and frequency of our retargeted ads. Day 1 - 7 Day 31Day 8 - 14 Day 15 - 30 Maximize impressions Begin to slow delivery Stop serving ads Show fewer impressions ATD Reporting will inform optimal recency windows for site visitors who have not yet converted Site Visit LEADING RETARGETING CAPABILITIES
  • 11. HOSTED BY: & THE ATD SOLUTION: The Acquisio Trading Desk Stops Retargeting B u r n o u t Other retargeting vendors pummel users with ads, wasting advertising dollars on users who have already converted and causing them to feel “followed” I ALREADY HAVE THOSE SHOES!!!
  • 12. ATD LEVERAGES ALL MAJOR RETARGETING STRATEGIES Retargeting is one of the most effective Performance Driven Strategies, it is the ‘low hanging fruit’ so we leverage it as a performance driven initiative as much as possible. •Retarget Users while they are anywhere on the internet. We have full access of all the exchanges and can thereby cast a very large net in order to reach your valued customer.Site Wide Retargeting •Retargets users while they appear on their Outlook or Yahoo Webmail. This is a highly coveted group as they are the massive amount of previous Hotmail users migrated to Outlook.Outlook & Yahoo Retargeting •Retargets users with an ad that appears on the right hand side of their FB page. This strategy will not conflict with FBX Newsfeed as Facebook keeps them separate so you can maximize performance through both strategies. FBX RHR (Right Hand Rail) Retargeting •Retargets users while they appear on the You Tube site. We use Video and Free Companion Ads for this form of RetargetingYou Tube Retargeting •Placing a pixel in the HTML mailer and retargeting users wherever they appear on the internet.Email Retargeting •Retargets users via their IP address to connect with all members of that specific household. It allows for a connection with all family members across all of the separate devices they use. Ie: Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, PC, etc Household Extension Retargeting •Which is specifically retargeting users who didn’t fully complete the conversion funnel. Shop Cart Abandoner Retargeting •Connecting with your valued customers while on their Facebook page in the most coveted real estate area on Facebook: The Newsfeed Section. Newsfeed boasts a viral effect as users can share, like or comment the posts with FB friends with no cost to the Advertiser! FBX Newsfeed Retargeting
  • 13. • The linear television and digital worlds are colliding • Companies such as Hulu and Netflix exhibit the direct impact the web is having on the future of television advertising • The Acquisio Trading Desk is best positioned to capture these advertising opportunities during their transition from one medium to the next • ATD will white list the Netflix Site to specifically display ads to users “Netflix is launching ‘Profiles’ to provide personalized recommendations to different members of a household. It’s utilizing social media for better content discovery. And it has released a new player for Smart TVs and set-top boxes for faster playback.” – Forbes, April 2013 EVOLUTION OF WEB & TV ADVERTISING
  • 14. Video Supply Sources Video Formats ⁻ In-Stream Video ⁻ Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ⁻ 15-, 30-, and 60- second ⁻ Companion Banners ⁻ Ability to host creative directly and support 3rd party tags ⁻ QPS: Current averages are around 40k QPS with peaks around 60k VIDEO - SUPPLY SOURCES & CREATIVE FORMATS NEW USER PROSPECTING
  • 15. ATD provides in-depth video engagement metrics, like video starts, quartile completions and completion rates. • View performance for video and display in one single report • Same granularity as display reporting, which is more detailed than any other DSP VIDEO RTB REPORTING NEW USER PROSPECTING
  • 16. Find prospects in relevant content by targeting ads to a custom site list, to contextual categories, or to specific keywords  Autos & Vehicles/Vehicle Brands/Land Rover  Autos & Vehicles/Trucks & SUVs/SUVs  Autos & Vehicles/Vehicle Shopping  Autos & Vehicles/Vehicle Shows “Land Rover” “Land Rover LR4” “Range Rover” “Test Drive SUV” Competitive keywords: Mercedes G-Class, Cadillac, etc. Example sites Example categories Example keywords CONTEXTUAL/CHANNEL TARGETING NEW USER PROSPECTING
  • 17. Segment Name Data Provider Insert Applicable Segment Insert Data Provider Insert Applicable Segment Insert Data Provider Insert Applicable Segment Insert Data Provider Insert Applicable Segment Insert Data Provider Insert Applicable Segment Insert Data Provider Insert Applicable Segment Insert Data Provider Insert Applicable Segment Insert Data Provider Potential 3rd Party data segments for audience targeting Reach your target audience using audience data from the largest online providers. The Acquisio Trading Desk is also able to measure and optimize the performance of each individual audience. BEHAVIORAL TARGETING NEW USER PROSPECTING
  • 18. Example segments for exclusion 1. ATD reporting - provides complete site and content transparency, allowing optimization to the best performing sites and contextual categories Example of site-level reporting 2. Audience Learning – the ATD platform enables automatic inclusion or exclusion of the most/least valuable audiences (Note: data exclusions at only $.05 CPM) Example segments for exclusion ADVANTAGES OF ATD’s CONTEXTUAL TARGETING NEW USER PROSPECTING
  • 20. HOW?WHAT? Predictive Audience – Look Alike Modeling Targeting (New User Prospecting) applies algorithmic learning to 3rd party data to build an audience comprised of users who matter for achieving an ad group’s configured goals The targeting algorithm uses pixels (retargeting or conversion) placed on an advertiser’s site and utilizes look-alike modeling to find 3rd party data segments to build audience comprised of high-value users The algorithm also deactivates underperforming segments and constantly adjusts the predicted model to reach the most valuable audience Data Pool Filter Added to Targeting Discarded
  • 21. The Data Alliance is a type of 3rd party Audience Targeting o In the past, layering 3rd party audience data on top of FBX CPMs was too expensive o FBX CPMs are typically between $0.20 - $1, and 3rd Party Audience Targeting can add another $1-$3, hurting efficiency o The Data Alliance revolutionized 3rd Party Audience Pricing by charging a % of CPM, instead of a flat fee Example Campaign Targeting Females: Data Alliance: Fee of 12% For Targeting Females  On FBX, if the CPM is $0.30, the additional cost for Data Alliance is only 12%, or $0.03, making your total CPM cost about $0.33  Compare this to typical 3rd party data pricing where targeting Females costs a flat $0.75. $0.75 for data + $0.30 CPM fee = $1.05 (3X higher than targeting with The Data Alliance) THE DATA ALLIANCE & FBX NEW USER PROSPECTING
  • 22. HOUSEHOLD EXTENSION NEW USER PROSPECTING 22 1st party audiences can be targeted across all household devices via ATD Household Extension, leveraging IP targeting to reach customers and families. Wife visits website to look for promotions and gets retargeted Ad reaches daughter (influencer) on phone Ad reaches grandmother (influencer) on tablet Ad also reaches husband on laptop
  • 23. Don’t Forget About Search! NEW USER PROSPECTING 23 Search can be used to build an extremely targeted set of new users who may convert on the first touch Wife visits website to look for promotions and gets retargeted Ad reaches daughter (influencer) on phone Ad also reaches husband on laptop • Long Tail SEO – Faceted navigation, category terms • Unbranded Categorical PPC Terms – Reflects visitors in an early stage of the buying cycle • Branded Terms – Extremely high intent If they don’t convert via search…. Add to cookie pool and Retarget them!
  • 24. DYNAMIC CREATIVE OPTIMIZATION/RICH MEDIA Dynamic Ads (DCO) • Each User sees an ad matching what he/she viewed on Site including Incentives (ie: Bonuses) to close the sale. • Deliver engaging ads on each impression • Keep ads up to date with feeds • Exponentially Increase campaign performance and ROI Rich Media ads • Ideal for engagement and local advertising • Imbed Google Maps • Contact Forms • Facebook Pages • Coupons
  • 25. Example: Mexican restaurant chain with one location near Boston Agency was targeting at DMA level We helped them target 10-mile radius of zip codes instead = 10 Mile Radius The ATD platform is the only solution enabling “Radial Targeting,” where bids are tiered based on proximity to store location Bid $1 Bid $2 Bid $3 GEO TARGETING Proximity is a Huge Driver for Offline Sales
  • 26. ADVANCED ANALYTICS- GEO REPORTING ATD standard reporting shows where conversions are coming from geographically down to the town level enabling Geo-optimizations layered on top of all targeting strategies. Region Metropolitan Area City Impressions Won Cost(USD) eCPM eCPC eCPA Alabama AtlantaGA Roanoke 2,483,950 2,732.35$ 1.10$ 0.90$ 64.32$ Wadley 1,288,048 1,210.77$ 0.94$ 0.76$ 72.14$ Birmingham AL Abernant 546,900 798.47$ 1.46$ 0.68$ 48.35$ Adamsville 269,000 220.58$ 0.82$ 1.10$ 46.43$ ChattanoogaTN Bridgeport 45,930 41.80$ 0.91$ 1.45$ 110.45$ Henagar 17,497 8.22$ 0.47$ 1.60$ 146.78$ Example of ATD Geo Reporting We will report on the cities and towns conversions are coming from. The Acquisio Trading Desk will share these insights back, and will adjust bids to win more impressions in better performing areas.
  • 27. • Great for viewing general stats by day and by ad group/campaign1. Ad Group Performance • For viewing video stat performance by creative2. Video • For viewing performance across frequency. Great for click based optimization campaigns3. Frequency • For viewing performance across ad format4. Ad Format • For viewing performance by creative. Pull in ad format to help organize5. Creative • For viewing performance by fold placement. Great for optimizing click-based campaigns6. Fold •If running on a whitelist or running contextual targeting, see performance for every site on this tab7. Site - Category • Go here for any site optimizations (note you can pull supply vendor into this as well)8. Site •For viewing performance by supply vendor. Can also use to see if you’ve been blocked by an exchange9. Supply Vendor • Reporting in the user’s time of day – really powerful for optimizing and story telling10. Time of Day • Reporting in the user’s day of week – look at performance of weekends against weekdays11. Day of Week • Performance by browser – pull in device type or operating system12. Browser • Performance by device type – pull in browser or operating system13. Device Type •Really powerful tab for optimizing retargeting ad groups. Most important tab for RTG ad groups!14. Recency •Reporting at the data element level inside of an audience. Really great for BT campaigns!15. Data Elements • For viewing performance across the languages used in the browser16. Language ATD HIGH DEFINITION REPORTING REPORTING GRANULARITY & TRANSPARENCY
  • 28. POST-CLICK CONVERSIONS A Post-Click Conversion is straightforward. It is when a user clicks directly on a display ad and converts. All agree that this deserves 100% credit. However, based on significant empirical data, there are relatively few users who actually do click on ads. This reality creates a distortion when determining the actual worth of the Post View Conversion. A Post View Conversion is when a user has actually viewed the display ad but not actually clicked on it. The premise is that the view of the ad has had a direct effect on the user who does not actually click on the display unit, but does eventually convert through another strategy such as search or social which then takes all of the credit through the Post Click Conversion model.
  • 29. TYPICAL EXAMPLE A user views a display ad for a popular online bookstore and is reminded to buy that new novel • The user, who typically does not click on display ads, instead when ready, opens a browser and opts to search for the bookstore’s site URL. • This is typical user behavior. The user is most comfortable using search and largely wants to peruse the site on their own time. The user then navigates through the website, purchases said book, and Search receives 100% value • The view of the display ad which triggered the thought of actually purchasing the book receives zero value. The reality is that simple, post click attribution models don’t account for the richness of the conversion path
  • 30. It is also interesting to note that most marketers today actually do use Post View measurement as part of their digital marketing programs. The majority of ad dollars are still spent offline, and offline essentially relies on the Post View model. When advertisers run TV, print, radio, mail or outdoors, they rarely have definitive proof that customers are responding to their campaigns. Brands understand that these campaigns work because they affect an increase in conversions. This has been the mindset for a very long time. Display Paid Search Traditional Marketing Social POST-CLICK AND POST VIEW CONVERSIONS
  • 31. • Post Views may not provide the perfectly efficient model, but it’s important to highlight that the model has worked well offline since advertising began. • The online model is largely more effective both because we know the user has been exposed to the ad and because there are a wide range of studies that demonstrate the correlation between online Post Views and visits and search. • Most DSP’s require 100% value toward Post View Conversions but ATD feels that a fair credit toward Post View Conversions is a 50% attribution model which is the benchmark we use for all our display campaigns. POST-CLICK & POST VIEW CONVERSIONS
  • 32. #1 – How are you measuring display performance? a) Clicks/CTR b) Clicks to Conversions c) Attributed Conversions d) Brand lift POLL QUESTION #1
  • 33. Client: Online retailer of customized products Challenge: How do we grow brand awareness, new customer acquisition, and customer retention in the face of increased competitiveness and saturation in search? CASE STUDY: ONLINE RETAILER
  • 34. Our Solution: Partnered with ATD to create a multi- dimensional display strategy, blending different tactics and attributed data available in the platform. Our plan focused on two core strategies: • Creating new demand • Capturing existing demand CASE STUDY: ONLINE RETAILER
  • 35. Tactics used to Create New Demand: • Category targeting to serve display ads up on very targeted placements with specific creative for each segment • Behavioral targeting to take the profile of a converted customer, and extend it to new placements beyond those available on the GDN • Keyword contextual targeting to match up to placements using the keywords that have converted for us in search CREATING NEW DEMAND
  • 36. Tactics used to Capture Demand: • FBX Remarketing, both on the RHR as well as in the newsfeed • Shopping Cart Abandonment Retargeting, to hit users who had bailed from the shopping cart with a promotional offer • Household Extension retargeting to hit multiple people in the same household CAPTURING DEMAND
  • 37. • 700% lift in client’s overall attributed online Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) • 225% lift in new customer acquisition through the mix of search, display, and retargeting • Consistent upward trend in ROAS thru creative optimization, advanced bid management, and metrics analysis RESULTS Results
  • 38. • Use the custom attribution modeling in the platform to assign proper value to display • Look at Post Click as well as Post View conversions • Look at metrics beyond conversion – Growth in brand terms, engagement, etc. KEY INSIGHTS
  • 39. Would you like help with your Display/RTB campaigns management? I’m interested in: a) Scheduling a discovery call with the ATD team b) Receiving more information about Acquisio Trading Desk c) No, thanks. POLL QUESTION #2
  • 40. LIVE Q&A