Destination Benchmarking 2013: Online Benchmarking for DMO's - Canadian Program Update 2013
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Destination Benchmarking 2013: Online Benchmarking for DMO's - Canadian Program Update 2013






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    Destination Benchmarking 2013: Online Benchmarking for DMO's - Canadian Program Update 2013 Destination Benchmarking 2013: Online Benchmarking for DMO's - Canadian Program Update 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Canadian Benchmarking 2012 |2013 Reporting UPDATE January 30, 2013 Alicia Whalen:Co-founder, A Couple of Chicks™ Digital Tourism Marketing & Online Revealed Canadian Program Director, Destination Benchmarking for DMO’s
    • Program Update:In our efforts to create an International Destination Marketing Benchmarking program comparing the online success ofDMO’s in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA, we are excited to announce the commitment of 23 CanadianDMO’s in the 2012/2013 sample, and the release of the first of three annual reports to be available in early February.With a strong sample size of 23 Canadian Destination Marketing Organizations, we have divided the sample into 3separate Tier levels based on; geographic size, reach, and overall budget. We have taken care to group the Tiersappropriately to ensure valuable comparison data for our partners. Reporting success metrics, as reviewed in theDecember conference call and program update include: geographic traffic source analysis, consumer engagementmetrics and social media metrics - with additional search data provided by Google Canada, and comparableperformance metrics from the Canadian Tourism Commission’s (CTC) consumer site .In order to ensure that our sample size was strong, reflective of DMO’s large and small, and representing regions fromacross the country, we were delayed in starting the first in the series, a 2011/2012 comparison report. We are nowcompleting the research and will be making the first reports available in early February. Thank you to our legacypartners who have helped us fund this research, and we look forward to providing you with strong metrics and insightsinto the successes and challenges facing our industry through the next 12 months.
    • Participating Canadian DMO’s With a total of 23 participating DMO’s included in the reporting sample for 2012/13, we were able to provide additional metrics (based on feedback from the industry) to include benchmarking between DMO’s of similar size, reach and budget.
    • Program Overview We will continue to move the program forward this year by offering: • 3 DMO specific reports, with analysis and recommendations • 3 Aggregated Reports summarizing results from all participatingCritical Insights to include: destinations• Domestic vs. Intl. Traffic • Social Media Reporting• Country by country trends• Sources of traffic • Google Search Data Overlay• Mobile growth • Webinars to present key findings and action steps• Engagement comparisons• Social Media Benchmarking • Special half day review of the study will be presented at the Online• Comparative CTC data Revealed Canada Conference (April 2-4, 2013 in Windsor Ontario – more• Google Insight information at
    • Example: 2011/2012 Reporting
    • Metrics IncludingDMO Tier Breakdown:
    • Aggregated MetricsIncluding:
    • SocialMedia Reporting : Social Media ReportingFaceb Social Media Reporting In Association with:in association with
    • Calculating engagement rates The Our Engagement Rate assesses engagement (likes, comments and shares) in proportion to a page’s number of fans and number of posts. (Likes) + (Comments x 2) + (Shares x 3) _____________________________________ Number of Posts / Number of Fans
    • More Fans Canadian DMOs More Engagement Fans and engagement rate mapping plots both factors to compare competitor performance.
    • Additional Data: Google Insights
    • Thank youOn behalf of the teams at both A Couple of Chicks™ and Miles™ Partnership, who have worked to get this program offthe ground since the pilot program launched at Online Revealed 2012, thank you for your participation and support inhelping us to develop an industry standard in benchmarking the success of Destination Marketing Organizations both inCanada, and Internationally.We look forward to to delivering the full 2011/2012 comparison reports to the legacy partner participants in earlyFebruary 2013. Analytics-only participants will receive a snapshot report for their DMO following the release of the paidprogram participants.A special keynote general session will be presented at the April Online Revealed Canada Conference | - with a review of key findings reviewed by a panel of industry experts including: Chris Adams;Miles Partnership, Paul Nursery; Canadian Tourism Commission, and David Pavelko; Head of Travel, Google. I willmoderate this exciting session, and we will also be offering a workshop dedicated to implimenting key findings at theconference. We look forward to seeing you at Online Revealed in April, and hearing feedback from the first reports thatwill be available in February. Thank you once again for your support! Alicia Whalen p. 905.401.2249 e.