7 ways social media and digital content are changing broadcast media



7 ways social media and digital content are changing traditional broadcast media. The impact of digital media, technology and the connected consumer on traditional broadcasting presented by A Couple ...

7 ways social media and digital content are changing traditional broadcast media. The impact of digital media, technology and the connected consumer on traditional broadcasting presented by A Couple of Chicks Digital Marketing at Staying Tuned 2014 BBM Canada Conference.



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  • -Sportsnet FAN 590 – a Radio and TV network (channel is 360) Toronto centric Sports and other large sporting events.-3 hour show – MONDAY-FRIDAY -Local sports based talk show…they don’t take themselves seriously throwing in humour and often bantering back and forth-Tim on the left is more conservative…where Sid is likely to be a little more animated.
  • -Twitter becomes the live dialogue between the show and audiences – then of course it went VIRAL on Youtube

7 ways social media and digital content are changing broadcast media 7 ways social media and digital content are changing broadcast media Presentation Transcript

  • What’s Next? 7 ways social media and digital is changing traditional broadcast media Alicia Whalen, Co-founder and Principal acoupleofchicks.com
  • #soundbites • What’s changed in digital media • Multi-platform content consumption • Impact of media consumption & social media • 7-ways social and digital is changing traditional media • Case Study: Tim and Sid • The Opportunity • Tips & Tools • Conclusions @acoupleofchicks
  • 2014 Digital Trends Digital Convergence: Multi-platform content
  • Content is consumed across multiple devices FACT: 90% of all media interaction are screen based Source: @Nielsen 2013 @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  • What’s the impact ?
  • The new connected consumer -Socially Connected -Influenced by what they see online -Using WIFI and Mobile Devices
  • Digital Media Convergence: the impact on traditional media Mobile is the driving source Must have content for all screens
  • Screen Convenience: Digitized content and technology interact on the same screen. Digital Media Convergence: #StayingTuned2014
  • Social Media Impact on TV
  • Impact: Engagement on Twitter about content on TV and Radio DRIVES REACH AND BRAND
  • Social Media Engagement= Ratings Impact: Both radio and television were once a one-way medium Creates a feedback loop adding ROI to a primarily “reach” advertising medium. 27% increase in engagement and 30% increase in ratin #StayingTuned2014@acoupleofchicks
  • 1 . Increase of live programming • NBC attracted 18.6 million viewers for its live broadcast of The Sound of Music. • High-quality live stream video delivered to any device and through multiple channels. • Impact on advertising: cloud-delivery of ads in the video stream. Hard to block advertising, easy to target and measure @acoupleofchicks What is changing?
  • 2. LIVE is Part of the Experience: • Social media has become part of the Television watching experience Multi-screening @acoupleofchicks Social media is LIVE
  • Most used LIVE Social Media Channels: Twitter Facebook Tumbler Vine Instagram YouTube Shazam Source: @Forbes Social Media = LIVE @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  • 3. The micro-video Branded Vines 4X more likely to be shared than traditional online video -micro video is portable to all screens Could eventually result in micro-video becoming the most portable video format across screens.
  • 4. Broadcasting is no longer a one-way conversation • Social media has created a two way conversation with audiences • Content providers now become content mediators. • The Voice voting - integrated into iTunes @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  • 5. Expanded reach and engagement Re-broadcasting Extends the Reach Internationally and increased relevancy for the content Britain’s got talent: building new audiences outside of Britain... Over 7-Million Views and counting! #StayingTuned2014@acoupleofchicks
  • 6. The advertising industry is catching up Source: MarketingLand: Danny Sullivan What has changed over 2013? @acoupleofchicks New Record For 2014: Hashtags Mentioned In 57% Of Super Bowl Ads
  • The #selfie that broke Twitter • Ellen’s #oscars #Selfie: impact on engagement with the Oscars - reach was far beyond those watching on the LIVE broadcast 7. Expanded audience engagement: @acoupleofchicks
  • The Tim and Sid Show: A Case Study @acoupleofchicks How Social media boosted the show's reach outside of traditional radio and TV #StayingTuned2014
  • @acoupleofchicks The Ice Dance Rant It happened!! Originally broadcasted as part of the daily radio and TV show: -Podcast -YouTube -Twitter
  • The YouTube Re-broadcast Tessa did the thing...with the skate behind her head ..The guy that invented the move said @Virtue_Moi should be leading! 204,811 YouTube views
  • The Parody Tim and Sid Fan Parody Expanded REACH and ADDED NEW Audiences
  • The Opportunity Use SOCIAL MEDIA and Media convergence to grow audiences and increase advertising Revenue
  • Except the medium has EXPLODED and the messages are different depending on what medium is being used. The Medium is the Message @acoupleofchicks
  • Social media has made broadcasting a dialogue. Audiences are now content producers So what now? @acoupleofchicks
  • Tools for producer’s and hosts to monitor and proactively engage in social media conversation with fans. Crowd sourcing platforms Social media contesting @acoupleofchicks Strategy: Add Value “Radio Freaks Out: Radio Station Turns Over Control To Listeners 24/7 On Web And Mobile” Source @TechCrunch #StayingTuned2014
  • Build New Audiences + more engaged audience = happy advertisers @acoupleofchicks
  • Listen. Respond. Optimize. Measure. Repeat. @acoupleofchicks
  • Keys to success: Content plan Resources Monitor and Measure Have a Social Media Strategy @acoupleofchicks
  • Hashtag strategy Cross platform linking (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) Integration into other media (Live radio or TV broadcast) Encourage the dialogue Proactive Social Media Strategy @acoupleofchicks #StayingTuned2014
  • Tools to manage @acoupleofchicks Sprout Social: Listen and segment audiences Hootsuite:Listen and manage posts across platforms Buffer:pre-tweet at peek times Tweetdeck: available as an app For producer’s, journalists, TV radio personalities, media sales people
  • Conclusions: It’s all about the content Multi-channel approach a must Invest in Social Media Invest in content accessible across multiple channels and devices #StayingTuned2014@acoupleofchicks
  • Thank you! @acoupleofchicksacoupleofchicks.com