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The importance of Business to Consumer applications in the future growth of the location market cannot be over-estimated. It will drive innovation be one of the main drivers of innovation in our …

The importance of Business to Consumer applications in the future growth of the location market cannot be over-estimated. It will drive innovation be one of the main drivers of innovation in our industry and will "spill over" into the enterprise.

This presentation details some of the emerging application areas and cites some of the sources of evidence underpinning our belief in the importance of this trend.

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  • Our world is full of more disruptive technologies than I’ve seen before in my career
  • You need to be smart in making technology choices ... BUT
  • Here’s McKinsey’s opinion on the size of the opportunities that will be created worldwide by 2020
  • Games - played with real world location data. Booyah’s my Town is an example of this type of application. It’s not much to buy the basic app (£0.69) and upgrades are pretty cheap too (£3.99 for unlimited upgrades) but if you have the claimed 4.5m users, that’s pretty good money.
  • Changes to the way we shop.
  • Everyone understands a representation in 3D – takes away hidden magic of map reading


  • 1. The Importance of B2C in theGrowth of the Geospatial Market Andrew Coote Chief Executive ConsultingWhere Ltd. 1 1
  • 2. Prediction is very difficult,especially about the future. Neils Bohr (1885-1962) 2
  • 3. Geospatial Hype CycleHype Geo Cloud Crowd Sourcing LIDAR Augmented Reality Sensor Networks Indoor Navigation Open Data 3D Cities Smart Metering Enterprise GIS Route Optimisation FOSS Consumer Location Apps Geo Social Networking GNSS (GPS 2.0) Big Data Linked Data Time Technology Peak of Trough of Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity Trigger Expectations DisillusionmentWith acknowledgements to Gartner Research 3
  • 4. 400Kg GorillasOracle Microsoft Oracle GoogleNokkia Apple 4
  • 5. Value Created by Personal Location DataSource: McKinsey Big data: 5The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity
  • 6. Smart Routing• Solutions already exist but hugely under-exploited• Applicable to any organisation that controls a fleet of vehicles• Proven 10-15% efficiency savings from fuel savings alone• Reduced insurance premiums already being offered for staying out of high crime areas• In future will be part of in-vehicle telematics system• New extensions will include: – Real-time diversion advice to avoid traffic hold-ups – Links to weather conditions ahead – and maybe ....... – Paying for preferential traffic signalling? 6
  • 7. Social Community Applications 7
  • 8. Entertainment: Games and Film 8
  • 9. Bits and AtomsCourtesy of Jack Abrahams, ebay at Where 2.0 9
  • 10. Monetising Slack Assets• ParkOnMyDrive• CouchSurfing• TOAST Martinborough 10
  • 11. Location-based Dating 11
  • 12. Augmented RealitySource: 12
  • 13. The Significance of 3DCourtesy of British Geological Survey 13
  • 14. Political Influencing Earls CourtCourtesy of ITO world 14
  • 15. Revenue Models• Advertising - sponsored links for mobile location- enabled search• Freemium – basic app is free but premium content is chargeable• Recurring subscription fees for content or service upgrades and extensions• Purchase of virtual items in mobile games 15
  • 16. B2C in the Enterprise“Mainstream consumer-focused location aware smartphones and related location based services will make significant inroads into the enterprise, significantly reducing the cost and effort required for many mobile applications.”Peter Batty, Ubisense 16
  • 17. Embracing Change"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do in any other circumstances”Hillary Clintonafter Rahm Emanuel (former White House Chief of Staff) 17
  • 18. Conclusions• The substantial opportunities in the B2C space won’t come to us – we have to go and make them happen;• Funding is available, locally through “white knight” investors and more globally in Silicon Valley;• As an industry we largely missed the opportunities that the advent of GPS created;• Let’s not miss them this time! 18
  • 19. Thank you for Listening Email: Twitter: @acoote 19 19