Great Employee Referrals Programs


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Great Employee Referrals Programs

  1. 1. ERE Event <br />Employee Referral ProgramCase Study<br />Austin CookeVice President, Global Recruiting<br />April 1, 2008<br />1<br />
  2. 2. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />2<br />Target Market<br />40 million “Small Office & Home Office” (SOHO) micro-businesses in North America & Europe<br />Estimated $19 billion annual market<br />Powerful Advantages<br />Technology<br />Internet direct marketing<br />Huge order volume<br />Lower costs<br />Global Presence<br />US Technology and Marketing Operations<br />Lexington, Massachusetts<br />European Marketing<br />Barcelona, Spain<br />Manufacturing<br />Windsor, Canada<br />Venlo, Netherlands<br />Customer Support Operations<br />Montego Bay, Jamaica<br />1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />2<br />The Company<br />
  3. 3. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />3<br />VistaPrint makes it easy for small businesses to get great looking design, print and marketing services at unbelievable prices<br />1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />3<br />What We Do<br />
  4. 4. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />4<br />Helping Small Businesses Market Their Business<br />Business Cards<br />Business Cards<br />Business Cards<br />CreativeServices<br />Presentation Folders<br />Note Pads<br />Rubber Stamps<br />Envelopes<br />Sticky Notes<br />Stationery<br />T-Shirts <br />E-mail marketing<br />Postcards<br />Logos<br />Checks<br />Websites<br />Pens<br />2003<br />2007<br />added in last two years<br />
  5. 5. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />5<br />30 Quarters of Hyper Growth<br />Non-U.S.<br />U.S.<br />“VistaPrint is experiencing a secular growth phase that is allowing it to grow through the cyclical challenges of its competitors, which is one of the greatest signs of the emergence of an enduring and transformational business institution.”StifelNicolaus & Co., February 2008<br />“[VistaPrint’s] growth rate beat Google’s. … a “category killer,” like Home Depot for its potential to reshape an industry.”Rob Gavin, TheBoston Globe – May 18, 2007<br />“More and more, VistaPrint looks like a classic supercompany, destined to rank with Dell, Starbucks, Amazon or eBay.”Motley Fool – January 2007<br />“VistaPrint offers a classic case of disruptive innovation.”InfoTrends/CapVentures in an un-sponsored white paper on VistaPrint, May 2005<br />Quarterly Revenue<br />$millions<br /> 2001 2008<br />
  6. 6. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />6<br />Our Challenge (7.15.06)<br />Hire the right people with the right skills to fuel the “hyper growth” engine of VistaPrint.<br />Keep the bar “ridiculously” high and don’t lower it! <br />Hire world-class engineers, analysts, and direct marketers globally<br />Recruit talent from top companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Capital One, etc.)<br />Hire from the best schools (Harvard, Princeton, MIT, CMU, etc.) <br />At the time the team consisted of 1 full time recruiter and 4 contractors <br />Less than *19% of all hires came from employee referrals<br />
  7. 7. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />7<br />The Idea<br />What if everyone in the company referred one person a year?<br />We would grow the Recruiting Team from 5 to 740 recruiters overnight!<br />We would create a culture that encourages everyone to be responsible for recruiting (not just HR) <br />We would double the company’s headcount every year<br />We would empower our employees to be our culture gatekeepers<br />We would challenge our employees to find people they want to work with<br />
  8. 8. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />8<br />Our Roadmap<br />We needed to get our leadership involved in the program<br />We needed to build trust back with our employees<br />We needed to name the program <br />We needed to market the program internally<br />We needed the referral submission process to be easy & clear<br />We needed to recognize people who participate<br />We needed to start to tracking and publishing referral metrics <br />We need incentives that are easy to understand<br />We needed to get “significant others” involved in the program<br />We needed to keep educating our people <br />
  9. 9. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />9<br />Our Concept<br />Everyone Here is a Recruiter<br />
  10. 10. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />10<br />The Roadmap<br />We got leadership support<br />Letter from the CEO announcing the importance of the program<br />Presentations at all quarterly all-staff meeting<br />Managers encourage and support the program at team meetings<br />Announcements at the “holiday party”<br />
  11. 11. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />11<br />The Roadmap<br />We developed trust with our people<br />We followed up with every referral!<br />We kept employees informed on their referral status<br />We provided open feedback on all referrals<br />We dedicated “significant” time to recruiting internally<br />We created a 3 day rule within our team <br />
  12. 12. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />12<br />The Roadmap<br />We named the program<br />ERP means different things to different groups within our company<br />We chose a name that was easy to remember<br />We chose a name that was easy to refer to<br />We created a buzz with the name<br />
  13. 13. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />13<br />The Roadmap<br />We marketed the program internally<br />hosted a company party<br />sent weekly emails<br />placed posters around the office<br />sent postcardsto employees’ homes<br />desk drops for the launch<br />
  14. 14. We made the process clear & easy<br />We clearly communicate all open positions on a weekly basis<br />We provided 1 point of contact for all questions<br />Hired a “marketer” who manages the program<br />We provide clear & easy directions on how to submit referrals <br />Mailed to all new hires before they start<br />Reviewed with all new employees at orientation<br />Sent out in weekly email for each geography<br />Rules and submission instructions are kept on the company intranet<br />Flat fee’s by geography to make it easy and clear!<br />All marketing material includes internet address for the program<br />1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />14<br />The Roadmap<br />
  15. 15. We publicly recognize people who participate<br />Each week we sent out an email with the names of people who had made referrals that week <br />We recognized new hires that were a result of a referral and named the employee who made the referral<br />All prizes are given away at high profile company events<br />We promote the program with a DVD that featured employees who participated in the program <br />We display a running charts in public places that list all of the people eligible for the grand prize <br />1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />15<br />The Roadmap<br />
  16. 16. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />16<br />The Roadmap<br />We track & publish referral metrics<br />Referral Program Starts (% of Total) July 06 to date <br />Hire Sourcing Mix– January 07 to date<br />
  17. 17. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />17<br />The Roadmap<br />We offered clear and creative incentives<br />Monetary bonus<br />Flat fee’s by geography (we experimented with a “hot jobs” list)<br />Monthly raffle <br />iPod Nano<br />$100 Visa gift card<br />2 tickets to Red Sox opening day<br />Show tickets <br />Team Prize <br />Recruiting team hosted, cooked and served breakfast<br />Grand Prize<br />Trip to Hawaii <br />54” Plasma TV with Bose Surround Sound<br />
  18. 18. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />18<br />Program Killers<br />Referrals have a bad candidate experience<br />Recruiters don’t follow-up with candidates or employees <br />Employees are asked to push out jobs<br />Employees don’t know who to talk with about a particular job<br />Employees don’t know how to submit a referral <br />Employees don’t know what positions are open (or will be) <br />Employees don’t know what to do with a lead <br />The program is not constantly marketed internally <br />Consistently making employees seek out their bonus<br />
  19. 19. We increased our referral rate from19% in July ‘06 to 46% to date<br />1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />19<br />Our Results<br />
  20. 20. 1/28/2010<br />Company Confidential – VistaPrint © 2007<br />20<br />Questions?<br />