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Social Media As Sales Tool
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Social Media As Sales Tool


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. You in? Social Media and the Power of Trusted Referrals
  • 2.
    • Straight to the top
    • Quotes from the big guns at my three favorite social media services.
    • “ Social media is about putting “The Power of Trusted Referrals” to work.” -- Bobby Johnson, last year’s keynote speaker at INTIX and Chief Engineer of Facebook
    • "LinkedIn is the office, Facebook is the barbecue in the backyard, and MySpace is the bar." –Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn CEO (@quixotic)
    • “ Twitter is really the messaging service we didn’t know we needed until we had it.” -- Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder (@Biz)
  • 3. What makes someone “good” at social media?
    • Genuine interest
    • Something to say
    • A little bit of time every day
    • The ability to create content & continue the conversation even when you are in your off-season.
  • 4. Facebook
    • Allows you to develop relationships with people who are putting their preferences, favorites & more right in front of you.
      • They like you but don’t know you.
      • Who likes you? Search Facebook for groups or pages that fit your performance format and invite their fans to become fans of your page.
  • 5. Facebook
    • Personal Friends -- Even if the common bond between your friends is only *you*, they trust you enough to join your group or page.
    • Always the goal -- They buy a ticket or send their support ($$).
      • Allow supporters to “Tell a Friend” or “Share” it on Facebook or Twitter.
      • Posting “I just bought tickets to David Sanborn
      • at MCG Jazz!” can influence their closest and
      • most trusting friends.
  • 6. Facebook
    • FBML – allows for the creation of branded content on Facebook
    • Great landing pages:
  • 7. Twitter
    • What are you doing?
    • Twitter is less personal but also somehow more engaging.
    • Power Twitterers share their most important updates only.
      • Post compelling tweets that inspire retweeting
      • Allow others to share your message
  • 8. Twitter
    • Create your handle
      • The shorter your handle, the more room you have for tweeting
      • I was Amy_at_MCGJazz, I’m now Amy_MCGJazz, giving me room for 3 more characters per tweet.
    • Takes as much or as little time as you want it to
      • Compose your thought and edit
      • Short, concise messages that are retweetable
  • 9. Twitter
    • Why would a ticket pro need Twitter?
      • Because we’re interesting.
      • Because we meet the crazed fans.
      • Because Miley Cyrus’ bus just pulled up in front of the box office.
      • Because we are a source of insider deals.
  • 10. LinkedIn
    • A business networking tool that may be a terrific place to recruit potential board members, volunteers and donors.
    • A LinkedIn profile is a resume. Aren’t you looking for staff?
  • 11. Very Good / Not-As-Good
    • Flickr Photo Contest
      • 200+ submissions
      • Photos still being used
    • SMS Campaign for Chris Thile & Punch Brothers
      • Cost very little
      • Customer texts “THILE” to 34346 to get a $10 coupon code
      • Sold 90+ tickets (10% of the house)
    • Myspace
      • Lost a lot of power in the last two years
      • Skews younger and with less $$, according
      • to recent Nielson research
      • MCG Jazz’ friends are bands & artists
      • looking for a label or a venue.
      • You know your audience, you decide.
  • 12. Contact Me
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter: @Amy_MCGJazz
    • LinkedIn:
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Phone: 412.322.0800 (w) or 412.417.4213 (c)