Honour Awards 2010 Finalists


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Honour Awards 2010 Finalists

  1. 1. BUSINESS AWARD presented by
  2. 2. Mike Gordon Has been promoting GLBT inclusion within IBM and the corporate sector for over 10 years
  3. 3. Reece Farmilo Out Travel Owner/operator of Out Travel, promoter of GLBT inclusion in the travel industry and supporter of GLBT community organisations and events
  4. 4. Vicki Harding Jackie Braw Flying Penguin Have established a successful new eco-friendly business producing educational toys
  5. 5. Dr. Cody Hanish Has established a successful new chiropractors practice in Sydney
  6. 6. James Forbes Successfully manages a diverse range of business, environmental, cultural and community interests
  7. 7. MEDIA, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT AWARD presented by
  8. 8. Mark Alsop Veteran GLBT community DJ of over 25 years and significant supporter of GLBT community organisations and events
  9. 9. Sydney Star Observer Chronicler of NSW's GLBT community for over 30 years and significant supporter of GLBT community organisations and events
  10. 10. Trevor Ashley Leading GLBT community and mainstream entertainer and significant supporter of GLBT community organisations
  11. 11. Media Partners of This Is Oz Have helped promote an innovative GLBT rights campaign to millions of Australians by donating almost $1 million worth of national advertising
  12. 12. HEALTH & WELLBEING AWARD presented by
  13. 13. Team Sydney Umbrella organisation for GLBT sporting clubs in Sydney which helps promote healthy lifestyles to NSW's GLBT community
  14. 14. David Allan Has helped thousands of people around the world for the last 14 years through GayLawNet, a news, information and resource website for the worldwide GLBTI community
  15. 15. Kate Munro Helps young GLBTI people in Sydney's northern beaches through the Manly Council supported group GL@M
  16. 16. Robert Hemburrow Inspirational carer, fundraiser, volunteer and GLBT community leader in Albury
  18. 18. Harbour City Bears Has been a leading social group for gay men in Sydney for 15 years and is a significant supporter of GLBT community organisations and events
  19. 19. The Red Rattler In just 18 months this innovative not-for-profit venue has become an important community hub and creative playground for queer women in Sydney
  20. 20. Queer Screen Has provided audiences in Sydney and throughout Australia with the biggest and best LGBT film festivals in the country for over 20 years
  21. 21. Bit Bent Pioneering volunteer-based support group for same sex attracted young people in the ACT
  22. 22. COMMUNITY HERO AWARD presented by
  23. 23. Sekneh Hammoud-Beckett Works with Muslim GLBT people dealing with significant safety and mental health issues because of their sexuality
  24. 24. Stuart O'Brien Established Defence Gay & Lesbian Information Service and has advocated for GLBT inclusion in the Australian Defence Force for over 8 years
  25. 25. Sue Wills + Lex Watson First co-presidents of the landmark Campaign Against Moral Persecution (CAMP) and veteran GLBT rights advocates with 40 year histories of promoting the health and welfare of the GLBT community
  26. 26. Laurell Honey Has been a key supporter of and a tireless fundraiser for Camp Goodtime – Aussie HIV Kids for over 12 years