2013 annual general meeting


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2013 annual general meeting

  1. 1. 2013 Annual General Meeting
  2. 2. How we have been tracking
  3. 3. Strategic Action Plan Vision statement The Association must provide, without exception, balanced and fair representation to the benefit of the members. The organisation must also develop and effect unbiased policy for the betterment of the Geographe Wine Region. Our strength will always remain with high representation and the continued support of all members. Mission statement To represent the Geographe Wine Region by supporting grape growing, winemaking, wine tourism and associate members by focusing primarily on promotion, marketing, and technical improvement.
  4. 4. Local Focus  High levels of involvement in local communities  Increased penetration to on-premises wine lists  Social Media activities  Involvement with key influencers  BRAG / BREC / CRUSH / BCCI / GWS etc
  5. 5. Finance & Governance  Significant boost in the level of corporate membership to 8 sponsors and 3 associates  2013 saw introduction of a flat membership fee for all members regardless of size  Looking to the future:  New funding models including APC  Alternative income sources
  6. 6. Stakeholder Engagement  Australia’s South West  Wines of Western Australia  Tourism WA  Department of Agriculture  Wine Australia  AGBC
  7. 7. Quality & Business Development  Lack of buy in for GWIA offered training opportunities  Applications submitted to GWRDC for grants  Partnering Approach  More than 10 opportunities presented to membership throughout the year  Leverage Margaret River’s resources
  8. 8. Updating the SWOT Actions
  9. 9. SWOT Review Strengths Weaknesses 2 hour proximity from largest population centre in WA Perth, less from Mandurah/Rockingham Friendly operators Consumer access to passionate owner operators Excellent Quality vs Value for wine produced Interesting new grape varieties grown Wide range of wines produced of consistently high quality Membership base includes skilled people Skilled, knowledgeable and experienced grape growers Diversity within the Geographe Region Bunbury, one of fastest growing regional centres in Australia Current lack of profile with consumers and other stakeholders Geographical size of region Dispersed wineries Poor integration with tourism associations and government agencies Poor understanding of what Geographe represents – what is our value to consumers, what makes us different? Wine tourism, poorly developed and not available 7 days a week in most cases Opportunities Threats Intrastate tourism visitors to the region Special interest groups Train/bus tourism operators Wine & Food based events in the region International Visitors, friends and family Supporting sub regional activities/events Development of wine tours Development of wine trails Maintaining the current level of activity, status quo status Lack of consolidated support from GVA membership Competition from other wine regions within WA Poor existing recognition of Geographe within the greater wine industry Continued Australian wine grape glut Cheap Imports
  10. 10. Strengths  Friendly operators  Consumer access to passionate owner operators  Meet the people behind the wines signage  Alternative Varietals  Continued growth in breadth and depth  Bunbury, one of fastest growing regional centres in Australia  Ongoing engagement with all levels of stakeholders
  11. 11. Weaknesses  Lack of Profile  Website  Industry Engagement - e.g. wine for wait staff course  Maps – dissemination & reprint  Signage Expansion – Funding Applications  Social Media (YouTube, Blogger Outreach, Facebook etc)  Dispersed wineries  Long term the quality of wines in the region will attract further wineries to establish  Short term further consolidation occurring
  12. 12. Opportunities  Bus tourism operators  Solid levels of engagement with current operators  Wine & Food based events in the region  Crush, Donnybrook Fine Food and Wine, Harvey Harvest, Bull & Barrel, Taste of the Ferguson,  Development of wine trails & tours  Limited progress
  13. 13. Threats  Maintaining the current level of activity  Need for further support  Poor existing recognition of Geographe within the greater wine industry  Extensive industry engagement  GWS positioning as WA Alternative Variety show  Competition from other wine regions within WA  Cooperative marketing activities – e.g. Gourmet Escape
  14. 14. What should we be doing?
  15. 15. The Options  Contracted Marketing & Admin Coordinator  More Road Signs  Training Opportunities  Marketing Specialist  Large Scale Event  Small Scale Event(s)
  16. 16. Marketing & Admin Coordinator  Reduce some of the demands on President & Treasurer  0.75 Days per week  Increase bandwidth for marketing activities Potential synergies with GWS  8 Corks
  17. 17. Road Signs  Very tangible reflection of the regions geographic identity  High levels of visibility  Difficulties in sourcing locations  Permanent  3 Corks / location
  18. 18. Training Opportunities  More Training Opportunities  Viticulture  Wine Improvement  Business Development  1 - 2 corks per event
  19. 19. Events  Large Scale – e.g. CRUSH   Small scale
  20. 20. Resource Allocation  At the AGM all members present were asked to cast their vote for the allocation of resources by the association for the year ahead.  Each member was provided with 10 corks representing the resources of the association and how these should be allocated and was provided with an opportunity to allocate these to the alternatives described previously  The following graph represents the results of this vote.
  21. 21. Resource Allocation —Marketing & Admin Cordinator 52% —Small Events 42 28% —Marketing Specialist 17% —Large Events 1% —Training Opportunities 2%
  22. 22. 2014 Committee  President – Sue Ward  Treasurer – Merv Hughes  Secretary – Julie Maloney  Committee (GWS Liason) – Anita Robinson  Committee – Kath Keeffe  Committee – Simon Holthouse  Committee (Technical Expert) -Jim Campbell-Clause
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