Microsoft Hyper-v launce Virtual Interop

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Hyper-v and interop in a mix world

Hyper-v and interop in a mix world

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  • 1. Amit Cohen Platform Strategy Manager Virtual interoperability
  • 2. • Interoperability • Standardization in heterogeneous world • Alliances and partnership • Virtualization Support certification
  • 3. Operational Workflows People Processes Policies Semantic Information DB/Files Data Metadata Technical Applications Infrastructure Optimizing performance Diverse Systems within and among organizations
  • 4. Listen to and work Participate in Deliberate delivery with customers, standards bodies Make Microsoft of interoperability in partners, and and support product technology assets Microsoft products competitors to build standards to foster available to others and technologies bridges and coexist interoperability
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Host operating system Hyper-v Guest Guest Operating Operating OS OS System System Application App App Application Application Application App Type II Hypervisor Application Application Application Host Operating System Type I Hypervisor Hardware Hardware
  • 7. Infrastructure Applications Management Interoperability Licensing Virtual Server 2005 Accelerate Ease consolidation Heterogeneous Instance based and Windows Server deployment onto virtual support for Linux licensing for 2003 make cost infrastructure Windows Server effective Reduce the cost VHD Open virtualization combo of supporting Better utilize Specifications Unlimited applications management Promise instances with Windows Server resources Windows Server virtualization is a Turn applications Standards Efforts Data Center component of into dynamic, Free up IT spend DMTF: Standard APIs Edition and for VM management Windows Server real-time PCI-SIG: Standards for SQL Server “Longhorn” services I/O virtualization Enterprise Edition Microsoft Support
  • 8. Developing adapter layer to map Xen hypercall API to Hyper-V hypercall API • Developing disk and networking drivers (VSCs) to integrate with the new I/O architecture Interoperability and joint support for Windows Server and Novel SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 • Support for Linux on “Hyper-V”
  • 9. “Virtualization without good management is more dangerous than not using virtualization in the first place.” Thomas Bittman, Analyst, Gartner Document redirection Offline files
  • 10. • 3rd party Application support • Microsoft certification – SVVP
  • 11. • Open standards. • Virtualization business agility. • Future of our business.