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Acne causes.pdf

  1. 1. Acne CausesAcne is a very common, chronic skin condition, yet its exact cause is still unknown. However, majority ofthe medical professionals believed that it stemmed from a number of related factors, and one of those is therising hormone levels.According to some studies, certain hormones known as androgens trigger the formation of acne as theyenlarge the sebaceous glands in the skin. They then cause these oil-producing glands to increase sebum oroil production, which then leads to the formation of plugs and served as more food for the acne-causingbacteria. These hormones are actually present in both men and women, and usually surge at puberty. Thisfact will explain why teenagers develop armpit and pubic hair, and why boys develop facial hair and deepervoices, other than why acne forms.Another potent cause of acne is the bacteria that normally thrive on the skin. These bacteria are known asPropionibacterium acnes, and they are responsible for causing the condition to develop. According tocertain studies, acne developed as these bacteria emit substances that trigger redness and inflammation.Aside from that, they also make enzymes, which then dissolve the sebum or oil into the irritating substancesthat make the inflammation worse.Estrogens, the female hormones, also play a large role in the development of acne particularly in girls. It isimportant to note first that a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle is a result of the changes in the estrogenlevels in her body. This can actually explain why this skin condition in a female way get better and then getworse as she goes through her monthly menstrual cycle. For this cause, however, many doctors suggesttreatments with birth control pills that contain the helpful estrogens.Some people also believe that acne is caused by some genetic factors. As you may know, it can run in somefamilies. So, many have thought that if you have parents or relatives who have bad acne, there is also agreat possibility that you’ll get it. With the genetic factors, many have claimed that there’s no way for youto stop acne from coming.Several other possible causes of acne are there which involve, stress, cosmetics, medication and diet. Theseare just actually minor factors that can cause acne, but many have found out that they are somehow greataggravators of this skin condition. Stress and diet, in particular, don’t actually cause it to form, but manyhave believed that these two will potentially aggravate acne and some other skin condition you have.Knowing that no particular cause of acne is determined, perhaps the best move for you to take then is to findthe right treatment that can help reduce and eliminate your skin condition to certain level. Consult yourdoctor for a to get rid of blackheads