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Practicum powerpoint

  1. 1. Camp Puh’Tok Village Director 2012
  2. 2. About Camp Puh’Tok Located in Monkton, MD 60 Acres of land Boys and Girls 5-16 Day Camp 5-9 Residential Camp 7- 16  2 or 1 week sessions Native American Culture
  3. 3. History Found in 1942 Founded by Brigadier Douglas Eldredge, a salvation army officer Non-profit organization Originally camp for boys, owned by the salvation army Girls accepted in 1985 Now privately owned, but keeps the same traditions
  4. 4. Mission Camp Puh‘Toks Mission is to introduce new adventures to children where they learn to be responsible and have fun at the same time; teach our campers new skills in order for them to experience the thrill of accomplishment; provide our campers with a deeper appreciation and respect for nature, other individuals, and for themselves; and to instill the spirit of Camp Puh‘Tok in our campers.
  5. 5. Philosophy We believe that the adventure of camping can provide children with a deeper appreciation of nature, other people, and themselves. Each day, we seek to expand this vision through the following foundation: Be At One With Nature: To comprehend the universe, we must first study the color of a sunset or how the spider spins her web. Nature offers a tool to better understand the world in which we live. It also serves as a mirror that reflects our most inner thoughts.
  6. 6. Employment Positions Available: ~All counselors  Village Directors are CPR and  General Counselors First Aid  Specialty Counselors certified.~  Pool Operator  Lifeguards  Camp Nurse  Bus Driver  Maintenance
  7. 7. Full Time Staff Camp Director, Alexi Grote Registrar, Claudia Lentz Facilities Manager, Joe Van Horn Development Director, Heather Rebstad
  8. 8. Camp Community F.O.P. Boy Scout Troop 1908 Education Programs
  9. 9. F.O.P. Friends Of Puh’Tok Over 30 years of service Alumni that give back to camp Provide service and social activities that benefit camp
  10. 10. Education Program and Troop1908 Baltimore County Public Schools visit Camp Puh’tok throughout the year The participate in grade level programs which include, Native Americans and the Environment, maple syrup, and animal classification The boy scout troop meets at Camp Puh’Tok once a week Organize and plan trips across the country
  11. 11. Rentals Camp Puh’tok offers the public an opportunity to rent the camp and its buildings. You can rent the cabins, the dining hall, or the pool. You can rent the camp itself and camp on the grounds. Many people rent camp out for their wedding or for reunions
  12. 12. Tipi Wakan Award  Highest award  10 different areas Ceremony  Last Friday of each session  Native American dances  Give awards Mini Wakan
  13. 13. Job Description A Village Director is responsible for managing the staff and children throughout the camp programs. They are also responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of both campers and staff members. They are expected to help with the overall well-being of camp by assisting when and where they are needed, helping to deal with any issues encountered, and communicating effectively with the counselors in their village.
  14. 14. My Village Youth Camp Silvery City (girls) Pioneers (boys) 7-9 years old 4 cabins
  15. 15. Other Villages Stockade, 13-16 year old boys Bontkirchen, 13-16 year old girls Tipis, 13-16 year old boys and girls Indians, 10-12 year old boys Top Bar, 10-12 year old girls Day Camp, 5-9 year old boys and girls
  16. 16. My Responsibilities Ensure the safety and well-being of campers and counselors Help camp run smoothly Cabin inspections Running riflery program Lacrosse coup Fill in where needed Mid-way evaluations of my counselors
  17. 17. Lacrosse Coup Award available after receiving Tipi Wakan Specializes in lacrosse skills and knowledge Very difficult to earn
  18. 18. Riflery Taught the children in my village safety and proper shooting of BB guns Taught other aged children when needed
  19. 19. Cabin Inspections Ensure cabins were clean and organized Could leave for program when cabins were cleaned to my approval
  20. 20. Evaluations Mid-way through the summer What counselors did well What counselors needed to improve on
  21. 21. Various Responsibilities Organizing cabin assignments Assisting counselors with issues of homesickness or bullying Keeping counselors informed and keeping my supervisor informed Overnights Handing out awards at Tipi Wakan and Mini Wakan Ensure children are signed out at the end of the session