Preliminary Steps to Ensure a Successful Custom Wire Fabrication Project


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Acme Wire Products' initial design, engineering and prototyping process is just part of the custom wire fabricator's expert product development assistance that ensures a high--value precision wire component that can be produced to consistent high quality.

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  • Contact me at Acme Wire Products - 1-800-723-7015 for more information on custom formed & welded wire components.
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Preliminary Steps to Ensure a Successful Custom Wire Fabrication Project

  1. 1. Custom Wire Fabrication,Preliminary Steps toEnsure Project SuccessPresented by:Acme Wire ProductsCompany, Inc.7 Broadway Avenue ExtensionMystic, CT 06355(800)
  2. 2. Product Design & EngineeringOur sales and engineeringteam begins the process byreviewing your specific needs.Getting Acme Wire Productsinvolved early in your projectensures that your wirefabrication will perform asrequired. We listen to yourneeds, analyze yourrequirements and providefabrication options.We join wire, sheet metal andtubing technologies with anexpert knowledge of steel andstainless steel and hands-on technical experience to engineer thecustom wire components your project requires.
  3. 3. Product Design & EngineeringTo ensure that our customwire fabrication meets yourrigorous expectations, AcmeWire Products’ processincludes:In-depth discussions withyour staffCareful material selectionA thorough design reviewAn understanding of how thepart will be usedAn analysis of the fabricationin relation to mating parts
  4. 4. Product Design & EngineeringAcme Wire Productsspecializes in 3D wirefabrication, creating &reviewing with you aconcept for your customwire component to ensurethe right part for yourapplication.
  5. 5. ToolingUnlike other wire fabricators,Acme Wire Products designs,produces and maintains allour own production tools &many of the specialtymachines needed to createprecision wire components.Custom tooling and gaugesensure that the parts youorder are made consistently toyour requirements.
  6. 6. Process ControlThe rigorous level of control thatAcme Wire Products maintains fromthe very start of the manufacturingprocess, coupled with our staff’s highlevel of expertise, ensures our abilityto hold the tightest tolerances in thewire fabrication industry.
  7. 7. Engineering & Process ReviewThrough the initial design,engineering and prototyping process,Acme Wire Products provides expertproduct development assistance foryour custom wire fabrication, whichincludes the following benefits:• Lower production costs• Problem-free fabrication• A high-value end product for thecustomer• An end product that can beproduced to consistent high quality
  8. 8. In-stock Wire InventoryWe also can control your lead time and overall cost byspecifying one of our stock materials for your custom wirefabrication.Acme Wire Products inventories a wide range of carbon steel& stainless steel wire, including these diameters: .080, .091,.105, .120, .135, .156, .187, .250, .312 and .375.
  9. 9. Or call us at 860-572-0511.From reviewing yourproject needs &providing inputregarding materials,design and process,Acme Wire Products canhelp you establish thegroundwork for asuccessfully producedwire fabrication.Our Connecticut-basedmanufacturing site will be highlighted in our next slide show. Tolearn more now, visit us at can also click here to submit our contact form.