Beyond The Resume


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Learn how I landed my dream job through innovated social media techniques in this lousy job market!

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Beyond The Resume

  2. 2. My Story… Andrew C. (Andy) Marris, MBA  Adjunct Business and Marketing Instructor for the College of Business and Management here at Cardinal Stritch University for the past 3½ years  Leadership Training Specialist & Interim Director of Marketing and Communications at MRA–the m a na g e m e nt a s s o c ia tio n for the past 9+ months  But before that, I was the Manager of Business and Market Development at a local information technology (IT) company for 7 years…
  3. 3. Then came Monday, July 25,2011…
  4. 4. Job Bank Black Hole
  5. 5. Dance of the Resumes
  6. 6. And then… A Ep ip ha ny ! nA trusted friend of mine joked… “I y o u g ive y o ur re s um e to te n f d iffe re nt re c ruite rs , y o u will e nd up g e tting e le ve n d iffe re nt o p inio ns . ” This is when I decided to take control of my job search
  7. 7. Agenda Online resources I found invaluable…  LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  About.Me     QR (Quick Response) Codes Other offline resources you need to use to your advantage
  8. 8. Start with Two Cutting-EdgeBooks
  9. 9. Unlo c k the Hid d e n Jo b M rke t a A veritable project management plan for your job search Goes way beyond old fashioned networking Author Martha Finney actually responds!
  10. 10. G ue rrilla M rke ting fo r Jo b Hunte rs 3 . 0 a A cornucopia of ideas virtually no one else is using Full of actual stories from successful job hunters and their brilliant ideas for getting noticed An easy read
  11. 11. LinkedIn An absolute must have for the job seeker  Have a dynamic photo of yourself  Start with a compelling summary, including contact info  Use all 50 skills for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  NEW Get endorsed for the skills you list !  Don’t wait until others add skills for you… Add 50 now!  Get at least 3 recommendations – Recommend others and you will receive, as well… …and list contact info, again!
  12. 12. LinkedIn An absolute must have for the job seeker  Then list experience and education histories (not before)  Join 50 groups  List contact info a 3rd time!  Find out who your contacts know, and who your contacts’ contacts know  Use Advanced Search to find hiring managers at “dream companies”
  13. 13. LinkedIn Wayne Breitbarth  Local author of’s #1 LinkedIn book
  14. 14. Facebook Present the BEST you  Have a dynamic picture  Hide or delete those moments on your timeline you wouldn’t want a hiring manager to see I know. It takes the fun out of Facebook, but…  You need a job, right? Reference checkers are checking you out!  Don’t be fooled. It’s very easy to get around “Facebook Security Settings.”  “Like” things that relate to your “dream job”  Find out who your friends know, and who your friends’ friends know
  15. 15. Twitter Follow the Leaders  Industry Leaders  Recruiters, HR & Hiring Managers Tweet your unique ideas and experiences  Be seen as an industry thought leader, yourself! Who wouldn’t want to hire you!?!
  16. 16. YouTube If you have video on-the-job…  Upload it!
  17. 17. About.Me The Game Changer  A centralized repository for AL of your social L presence  A tractor-beam for recruiters and hiring managers to notice YOU and YOUR unique talents  A creative outlet to your personal brand
  18. 18. Business cards included with an account…  50 cards for FREE! (you just pay shipping of $5.50)  Fantastic quality  About.Me picture included  Quick Response (QR) Code included VistaPrint is another, more traditional option  250 cards for $10 including shipping
  19. 19. A “box” to put your portfolio in.  Resume  References  Examples of past work  Anything else you’d like to show a recruiter or hiring manager digitally  Can be easily integrated to LinkedIn
  20. 20. Metasearch for job sites  Searches Monster, CareerBuilder, MilwaukeeJobs, etc. for you  Keeps you from wasting countless hours scanning the job boards instead of proactively working the hidden job market  Still lets you “dip your toe” in the job search world
  21. 21. Microsoft Tag and other QR Code Apps Quick Response (QR) Codes  “They’re like hyperlinks for paper…”  Allows recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals to quickly access information about you to their smartphones  Can be placed on your:  Cover Letters  Resumes  References  Business Cards  Any other paper document you send out
  22. 22. QR Your Resume
  23. 23. Fantastic O ffline Resources CSU Career Services Department  Mary Beth Wisniewski and the rest of the CSD team were awesome!  Career path info  Self-assessments to find your “dream job” match  Resume help (tha t re a lly wo rks !) 40+ (I was 35 when I attended.)  Sue Gresham and Rich Longabaugh are amazing coaches that tell it straight! Crossroads Career Network  I tapped into the vast knowledge of Craig Mosurinjohn. What a phenomenal resource!
  24. 24. The Results… I figured out my passion with Mary Beth, and pursued it, head on… I worked the hidden job market with the social media techniques I’ve just shown you… I soon landed an exciting career that:  Engages my passion for training adult learners  Was never posted  Incorporates several areas of my expertise  Has a job description that was created by m e  Was a sizable increase in salary! (i.e. “Dream Job”)
  25. 25. Recap Read UHJM& G M . 0 JH3  LinkedIn – If you’re not yet, you need to be, NOW!  Facebook – Present the best you, and use friends’ help  Twitter – Learn from the experts (140 char. at a time)  YouTube – If available, use on-the-job video  About.Me – Pure gold for the job seeker!  – Free, high-quality business cards  – Your virtual portfolio  – If you have to use a job site, this is it!  QR Codes – “Hyperlinks for paper” Use available resources like CSU Career Services
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. ReferencesBreitbarth, W. (2011). The p o we r fo rm ula fo r Linke d I s uc c e s s : Kic k-s ta rt y o ur bus ine s s , bra nd , n a nd jo b s e a rc h. Austin, TX, Greenleaf Book Group Press.Levinson, J. C. & Perry, D. E. (2011). G ue rrilla m a rke ting fo r jo b hunte rs 3 . 0 : Ho w to s ta nd o ut fro m the c ro wd a nd ta p into the hid d e n jo b m a rke t us ing s o c ia l m e d ia a nd 9 9 9 o the r ta c tic s to d a y . Hoboken, NJ, Wiley.Mathison, D. & Finney, M. I. (2010). Unlo c k the hid d e n jo b m a rke t: 6 s te p s to a s uc c e s s ful jo b s e a rc h whe n tim e s a re to ug h. Upper Saddle
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