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The changing face of car radio - Anthony Gherghetta, Head of Strategic Mobile Development, The App Studio

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  • 1. The changing face of car radio      Australian Spring   2013  Anthony Gherghetta Mobile Strategist   RadComms Conference 2013  
  • 2. Who listens to the radio?
  • 3. Radio listening by place all people, 10+    
  • 4. Radio listening by place all people, 18-39    
  • 5. The weekly commute Time in car     Average time in the car during the five day  work commute:   5 ½ hours 
  • 6. The daily commute Average commuting time     Average Commuting Time (car) Adelaide 29 minutes Brisbane 29 minutes Melbourne 32 minutes Perth 27 minutes Sydney 35 minutes Average 32 minutes
  • 7. The daily commute Method of commuting    
  • 8. The daily commute Peak travel periods    
  • 9. The connected car    
  • 10. The connected car New connected cars    Source: IH Automotive Insights 2012
  • 11. The connected car Cars are getting older     Cars are getting older Average age of Australian vehicles 1971: 6.8 years 2012: 10 years   Source: ABS
  • 12. The connected car Total market penetration     Mainstream Saturation around 2034 (~ 20 years) Initial adoption period Source: IH Automotive Insights 2012
  • 13. The fact of life for radio While every other content player has everything to gain by accessing the car dashboard, only radio has everything to lose.
  • 14. Broadcasters should be adding more Internet to radio, not simply more radio to Internet. Mark Ramsey
  • 15. Music Radio Apps • Personalised for each listener • Can skip content • Learns the listeners preferences over time
  • 16. Broadcast Radio Apps • Same content at the same time for every listener • Can’t skip content, can’t customise • No feedback loop – does not learn the listeners preferences over time • Adds very little value over the existing AM/FM/DAB stream
  • 17. Ask your audience if they’d rather skip a song on their favourite radio station or switch to a different station that isn’t their favourite. Mark Ramsey
  • 18. Case Study: ABC Local Radio Melbourne
  • 19. Case Study: ABC Local Radio Melbourne     6am 7:45am 8:00am 8:30am Red Symonds News AM Jon Faine My Commute What I currently  listen to:
  • 20. Case Study: ABC Local Radio Melbourne     Traffic News Red Symonds 38 minute commute What I would like  to listen to:
  • 21. The App Studio Developing next generation  radio products -Live streaming -Time shifted, personalised -On-demand
  • 22. Mobile network congestion    
  • 23. Mobile network congestion Punt Road - Richmond    
  • 24. Thank you     Anthony Gherghetta Mobile Development Strategist The App Studio