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Proximity Costa Rica Mobile capabilities
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Proximity Costa Rica Mobile capabilities


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Looking for nearshore options for your mobile development projects? …

Looking for nearshore options for your mobile development projects?
Check this out!

Published in: Technology, Business, Travel
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  • 1. Going Mobile?Near Shore Technology ServicesMay 2012
  • 2. Who We Are?   Proximity is a Costa Rican Technology Services Company, focused on providing services to the Headquarters  based  in     US market, in a Near Shore model. San  Jose,  Costa  Rica    With 3 Delivery Centers specialized on different technologies and platforms, web, cloud, Hundreds  of  Projects  successfully   mobile, and desktop, Costa Rica the company executed  in  mul@ple  sectors  and   offers the best talent on specialized technologies.   technologies and verticals.   More than 7 years of experience in the market allow us to know how to deliver value to you.More  than  7  years  of  experience  in   the  outsourcing  arena     Deep expertise and a client centric approach make of Proximity your best option in Costa Rica and Latin America.   2  
  • 3. More than simple Development Mobile Strategy We don’t just develop mobile apps.. System Technical Integration Architecture We work with an integral approach to help you with your mobile Mobile Mobile User solutions… Development Interface & Testing Design  
  • 4. Mobile Strategy…•  uccess  defini@on  and  common  understanding  on  the  Mobile  channel.   S• Specific  strategies  are  defined  to  increase  the  value  to  our  clients  thru  the    mobile  solu@on.  •    The   strategy   involves   to   understand   the   market   segmenta@on,   the  branding,   process   defini@on,   technical   infrastructure   evalua@on,   and   a  business  model  defini@on  to  support  the  new  mobile  channel.  • Business  model  to  generate  revenue.  
  • 5. Strategy and Design•  esign   defini@on   based   on   business   and   Dtechnical  needs.  •  ew  roles  and  processes  needed  to  support   Nthe  mobile  strategy.  •  isual   and   verbal   tone   of   our   mobile   Vsolu@on.  •    Implementa@on   process   and   Integra@on  with  other  systems.    • Performance  and  security.    • Integral  Solu@on.  
  • 6. Architecture & Development•    Too   many   technology   op@ons   to   choose  from…  Don’t  worry,  we  will  help  you!  •    Our   team   desi g ns   t h e   techn i cal  architecture,   develops   the   applica@on  according   to   your   custom   needs,   making   it  easy  to  maintain  and  scalable.  •  o  maRer  what  plaSorm  is  used  to  develop   Nan   applica@on,   the   most   important  component   is   always   the   integra@on  between   the   mobile   solu@on   and   the   back-­‐end  database  or  system.  
  • 7. A couple of Success Stories from our Mobile Division  
  • 8. #1- Online / Mobile PaymentsThe  Client:  Our  client  is  a  French  company  dedicated  to  the   development   and   implementa@on   of  payments   by   mobile   -­‐   audio   channels.   This  business   applica@on   through   mobile  technology  has  been  widely  recognized  and  awarded   at   mobile   communica@on   events  and  conferences.    •    Many   of   its   solu@ons   are   focused   in  macro-­‐finances   and   person   to   person  payments/billing  collec@on  at  a  low  cost.   The  Project:   The   first   mobile   applica@ons   were   implemented   for   Nokia   cellular   systems   which   are   considered   lower  cost  units.  Later  in  the  process,  and  to  reach  markets  like  Chile  and  the  United  States,  the  T   applica@on  had  to  be  translated  to  the  iPhone  back-­‐end  and  front  end  specifica@ons.   It   is   a   mobile   applica@on   that   not   only   processes   payment   collec@on,   but   it   also   integrates   with   inventories  and  mobile  banking.  
  • 9. #1- Online / Mobile PaymentsThe  Challenges:  The   client   relied   on   the   usage   of   audio  based   in   java   environment   that   Nokia  supports   but   not   the   iPhone.   The   text   was  to   read   the   audio   input   through   the   Client’s  system   without   infrac@ng   Apple   specs.  Another  issue  that  had  to  be  solved  was  the  user   interface   design   for   a   product   that  used  to  relay  basically  on  legacy  technology.  The  Results:  The  applica@on  is  now  an  applica@on  available  in  the  iTunes  Store.  The  clients  can  download  it  to  their   iPhone   making   it   a   dataphone   able   to   conduct   payment   transac@ons,   that   is   to   receive  payments  through  the  iPhones  voice  capabili@es.  
  • 10. #2- Online Music and eventsThe  Client:  The  client  is  a  15  year  old  San  Francisco  based  company  that   provides   informa@on   on   music,   ar@sts   and   musical  events   for   the   United   States   and   Europe.   They   aRract  music  fans  with  updated  informa@on  from  their  website  by  providing  social  networking  tools  that  allow  users  to  publish  feedback  of  the  events  they  aRend.    They   currently   handles   more   than   one   million   events  and   users   can   also   leave   event   feedback,   which   makes  the   company   one   of   the   biggest   repositories   of   its  nature.   Their   iPhone   app   is   free   to   download   and   the  service  has  increased  their  popularity  among  users.    The  Project:  The   main   goal   was   to   use   mobile   technology   to   reach   new   customers   and   give   beRer   access   to   their   offers.   They   first  started  developing  an  iPhone  app  within  their  in-­‐house  IT  department  but  they  found  some  difficul@es.  iPhone   applica@ons   require   a   cer@fica@on   process   conducted   by   Apple   that   every   iPhone   app   must   go   through   in  order   to   guarantee   the   correct   use   of   the   telephone   device   hardware,   the   branding   and   the   coding   guidelines  provided   by   Apple.   Publishing   in   Apple   Store   can   be   tricky   and   demands   knowledge   and   experience.   The   client  decided  to  seek  for  outside  help  understanding  they  did  not  have  the  internal  resources  or  necessary  skills.  
  • 11. #2- Online Music and eventsThe  Challenges:  During   the   evalua@on   process,   our   Mobile  Division   found   several   obstacles   that   would  compromise   Apple   Store   cer@fica@on.   And  an   important   opportunity   to   leverage   the  user  experience  with  the  iPhone  GPS  feature  was   also   detected   early   enough   to  incorporate  within  scope,  @me  and  budget.  The  Results:  Our  client  obtained  Apple’s  cer@fica@on  and  published  their  first  iPhone  app  for  their  iPhone  users  to  enjoy.  The  iPhone  app  allows  users  to  geolocate  musical  events  based  on  the  loca@on  provided  by  the  user  or  detected  by  the  iPhones   GPS.   The   mobile   browsing   experience   translates   from   the   client’s   website   into   the   iPhone   screen  displaying   all   the   events’   informa@on.   The   mobile   applica@on   also   has   a   list   of   favorite   ar@sts   that   allows   faster  searches.  Once  an  event  is  located,  the  users  can  buy  their  @ckets  directly  from  their  iPhone.  
  • 12. Thank you!