Digital Image Projects as a Collaborative Effort


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Poster for 2005 Joint Spring Meeting of the Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania (ACLCP) and the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL-DVA). March 2005.

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Digital Image Projects as a Collaborative Effort

  1. 1. Digital Projects as a Collaborative Effort PROJECT TEAMS = FACULTY + LIBRARIANS + INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGISTS + STUDENTS Introduction: Building digital collections is a collaborative effort and requires time, effort, and expertise from several people. For many of Bucknell’s digital projects, several people have played an integral role in the collection-building process. Construction Images and Drawings Project Team Faculty Member – Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering: Initiated project. For pilot, selected images and created data. Served as liaison between Facilities Department and Project Team to secure access to sets of photos and drawings. Currently is developing plans to make collection publicly accessible to engineering students across the country. Librarian: Coordinated project team and work, directed metadata work. Instructional Technologist: Provided technical guidance and support. Digital Projects Student Assistants: Prepared images – cropped/rotated photos, converted Autocad files to TIFFs. Metadata Assistant (Senior Engineering Student): For Phase Two, responsible for image selection and data while working under guidance of faculty sponsor and librarian. Goal: To build a collection of complementary digital photographs and construction drawings (i.e., blueprints) that could be used in the classroom to illustrate abstract engineering concepts. Adieu Saigon, Au Revior Hanoi: The 1943 Beaucarnot Vacation Diary Goal: To create a digital representation of a young girl’s journey through French Indochina during 1943 and the retracing of that trip in 2004. Project Team Faculty Member – History Department: Initiated project and responsible for overall vision. Worked with Ms. Beaucarnot, now living in France, to obtain and understand her diary and several photographs from that time. Under the auspices of a grant from the AsiaNetwork, led a team of students to Vietnam to retrace the Beaucarnot family’s journey. Instructional Technologist: Oversaw production of web site that ties together the original diary entries, photos from the 1940s, commentary and photos from the 2004 trip, and maps detailing the route taken on both journeys. Librarian: Managed creation of archive and accompanying metadata. Student Assistants: Scanned, cropped, and processed photographs; transcribed and translated French descriptions on archival photographs; created Flash pages for web site. Bucknell University – Information Services & Resources – Digital Initiatives Group Abby Clobridge, Librarian/Digital Technologist [email_address] (570) 577-3959 Samek Art Gallery Goal: To create an image database for improving curatorial management of collection, promoting the use of objects from the permanent collection in classes and by students, and providing access to images to the general public. Project Team Art Gallery Staff (Director, Operations Manager, Assistant Registrar, Gallery Assistant): Involved creating metadata schema, prioritizing objects for inclusion in database, researching details about objects and artists. Responsible for creating and entering detailed data about all objects in the collection. Librarians: Overseeing project implementation. Worked with Assistant Gallery Registrar to create metadata schema that is consistent with standards and other Bucknell collections. Facilitated and oversaw the creation of inventory records to use as a basis for further, more detailed cataloging. Instructional Technologists: Created the original image database software used by the Gallery and others on campus. Will oversee process of migrating data from Access to Oracle. Provided technical support and guidance throughout progression of project. Student Assistants (for Librarians and Instructional Technologists): Scanned and processed images. Created inventory records for all objects in the collection with documentation. Bucknell University History Goal: To capture the history of Bucknell in a searchable archive of digital images and text in a format that would be able to be easily manipulated to create presentations. Project Team Faculty: Created a web site nearly ten years ago that was the first digital history of Bucknell. He was interested in having a digital archive that could grow alongside of the web site and include additional images. Provided overall direction to the project. Selected images and time periods in which to focus; identified buildings and people in photographs; and wrote descriptions for all images on web site and in archive (currently numbering around 1200). First faculty member at Bucknell to use Insight during a presentation. Librarians: Coordinated efforts to collect images from various sources and maintain consistent metadata. Instructional Technologists: Built web site and helped in the evolution from static web pages to digital archive. Student Assistants (for Librarians, Instructional Technologists, and University Archives): Scanned and processed images; created data spreadsheets; built web pages; pulled images from Archives.