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November 2011's eMagazine

  1. 1. Index• About & Comment • CardCloud• General Contact Details • Cloud Computing - 284 Resources• RSC-Northwest Contact Details • Delivr• Disclaimer • Dimensions: How big really?• News & Events • Dimensions: How many really?• Microsoft Webcasts Nov/Dec • DisaPainted• Resources & Archives • Documentary.Net• Find, Try, Evaluate & Share (FiTES) • dotEPUBFINDS... • Google Across the Curriculum• 7 Things You Should Know About... • Google Green• 10 Online HTML5 Tools For Web • Google Maps Colorizr Designers • HelpKidzLearn• Action Tracker • Jottify• Astronomy • JustBeamIt• BioDigital Humans • Know IT All for Trainee Teachers• Bloomin’ Android • Learning Score• BPES: BP Educational Service • LiveMinutes• Brain Tour Continued...
  2. 2. Index continued...FINDS... • SpeakIt! - Chrome Web Store• Lyrics Plugin • Switch / Touch Screen Videos• Map of The World - Shaded Relief • Symbol Resources• • Tar Heel Reader• Mathematics in Movies • TES: Teaching Resources• Primary School History • Test Your Vocab Encyclopedia • The Why Files• Print Edit • Twig Science• Qibla Locator • VizLingo• QuickScreenShare • YiipApp• Science Podcast • YouTube by Click• Socrative Back...
  3. 3. About & Comment If you have any comments and/or • The Regional Support Centre contributions to make, please send eMagazine provides news of them... funding, current projects, initiatives and • ...using the Online examples of good practice in eLearning, and offers ideas and support Comment/Feedback Form for the HE, FE, ACL, WBL, 6th Form, OLASS using the QR code or link below and Specialist College Managers & Practitioners, that are supported by the RSC here in the Northwest. Note: - Although every care has been taken in the preparation of this eMagazine, no warranty is given by the author or the Regional Support Centre-Northwest as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within it and neither the authors nor the RSC- Northwest shall be responsible or liable for any errors or omissions. Index
  4. 4. General Contact Details • Support Desk... Address & Telephone/Fax Duty Adviser Numbers... Tel: 01524 510067 • Joint Information Systems Email via QR Code or URL below... Committee (JISC) Advance Regional Support Centre - Northwest Lancaster University Bailrigg House Lancaster University Campus Lancaster LA1 4YE Tel: 01524 510067 Fax: 01524 593 798 Web Address (URL)... Continued on next page... Index
  5. 5. RSC-Northwest Contact Details• Manager: Andrew Quarmby Tel: 01524 510071 Colin Gallacher (Work Based Learning) Tel: 01524 510058• Events Co-ordinator & Administration... Hilary Thomas (Higher Education) Tel: 01524 510059Sandra Harris Tel: 01524 510067 John Dalziel (Adult & Community Learning / Fax:0152 459 3798 Personal & Community Development Learning/OLASS & Sustainability/Green) Tel: 01524 510057• Administration Hulme Judy Bloxham (Further Education/6th Tel: 01524 510066 Form Colleges) Fax:0152 459 3798 Tel: 01524 510061 Keith Wilson (Technical)• eLearning Advisers... Tel: 01524 510065 Holt (Further Education/6th Form Kevin Hickey (Specialist Colleges & Colleges) Accessibility) Tel: 01524 510062 Tel: 01524 510064 Index
  6. 6. Disclaimer • All the pictures and news shown on this eMagazine are the property of their respective owners. • We dont hold any • If any one has any copyright about these objection to displaying of pictures and news. any picture and news, it • These pictures have been may be brought to our collected from different notice by sending an public sources including email (see the QR Code or different URL above ) & the same websites, considering to will be removed be in public domain. immediately, after verification the claim. Index
  7. 7. News & Events • Access Event information on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL below )• Access Latest News on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL above ) Index
  8. 8. Keith Wilson Technical Adviser• Migrate your virtualisation solution from VMware • Manage your IT Infrastructure from the Cloud with to Hyper-V and save money - Tuesday November Windows Intune - Tuesday December 13th, 11am- 8th, 11am-12pm 12pm• With Microsoft now being considered a • Windows Intune is a comprehensive cloud based PC virtualisation leader (Gartner 2011) isnt it time management and security solution that enables you you considered switching to Hyper-V and saving to manage your schools remotely with no on- your organisation money? Carmel College have premise servers. In addition to remote done just that, and will discuss the rationale behind control, policy management, malware protection their migration from VSphere and the benefits they and software updates the latest release now have realised. We will explore the Microsoft Hyper- includes application deployment. Join this webcast V Private Cloud Solution and you will be able to get to get an overview of the latest release and see a answers to all your burning questions. demo of the solution.• • ration.aspx?pageName=w2c6chkf2rqpf1gg ration.aspx?pageName=sxn5n916nkhht961• Microsoft Lync - Transforming Communications and Collaboration in Education and reducing cost - Tuesday November 29th, 11am-12pm• Microsoft Lync can transform the communications within your education institution and remove huge cost. Attend this Microsoft webcast presented with Stratford College as they discuss their Lync project. We will hear how Stratford went through from initial business case through planning and implementation to benefits realisation.• ration.aspx?pageName=96mr1134brklnppf Index
  9. 9. 7 Things You Should Know About...• 7 Things You Should Know • Find out more by using the About... pieces provide QR code or the URL below... quick, no-jargon overviews of emerging technologies and related practices that have demonstrated or may demonstrate positive learning impacts.• Any time you need to explain a new learning technology or practice quickly and clearly, look for a 7 Things You Should Know About... brief from ELI. Index
  10. 10. 10 Online HTML5 Tools For Web Designers | Tools• HTML5, the new language for • Find out more by using the presenting content on the QR code or the URL below... Internet,• ...brings new features making it easy to incorporate video, audio, fonts, drag & drop, web graphics & animations into web pages.• backwards compatible as well so don’t worry about your old designs in HTML 4 or XHML1 they will all work just the same!• ...has the potential to replace flash. Index
  11. 11. Action Tracker• All over the world there are workplaces • Find out more by using the & learning environments with all kinds of QR code or the URL below... behaviour charts on display. Some for academic behaviours, others are for personal conduct.• We Are What We Dos Action Tracker... – offers a behaviour tracker of a slightly different nature; – is a list of simple actions that anyone can do to make the world a better place; – offers suggestions for improving the environment, making someone elses day better, or improving personal health.• Users can check in on the Action Tracker to mark their behaviours.• We Are What We Do also offers a "classroom section" that includes many resources for implementing the Action Tracker in learning environments; it includes videos, downloadable charts, and worksheets for learning environment use. Index
  12. 12. Astronomy• McGraw-Hill have • Find out more by using the QR code or the URL below... produced some excellent animations and interactives on the subject of Space and Earth/Moon;• Ideal for use on an interactive white board; Index
  13. 13. BioDigital HumanExplore the Body in 3D! • Find out more by using the• BioDigital Human allows users QR code or the URL below... to... – choose between a male and a female body; – decide which organ systems they wish to make visible and – pan and zoom around the entire body.• For teaching about the human body it’s fantastic, especially as Google is apparently going to retire their Google Body Browser.• Works best in Google Chrome but, I followed the instructions in Mozilla Firefox and It also worked well!Note: Takes a little time to load. Index
  14. 14. Bloomin’ Android• I personally dont have an Android • Find out more by using the but these links to Android QR code or the URL below... applications, that target the various levels of Blooms Revised Taxonomy, is well worth a closer look by those of you who do.• Only free apps, that are "content- neutral" are included; this makes them usable across the curriculum.• Each app image is clickable, and users are taken to the Android Market to learn more about each one.• While trying it out, why not recommend apps you use that meet the same criteria; the results will be public so Android users can all benefit from each others expertise.
  15. 15. BPES: BP Educational Service• Bring real-world science into • Find out more by using the your classroom! QR code or the URL below...• The BP Educational Service (BPES) provides free curriculum-linked teaching resources for primary and secondary schools and colleges.• A useful resource, that’s well worth a look if you are looking for resources to teach chemistry or How Science Works.• Registration with the BP site is needed to access the resources, but registration is free. Index
  16. 16. Brain TourLooking for an interactive tour of • Find out more by using thethe human brain, our most complex QR code or the URL below...organ?• Take a look at this Alzheimer’s Research UK resource; from movement to memory, find out what different parts of the brain do, and how they can be affected by dementia.• Alzheimer’s Research UK scientists learn more about the brain and dementia every day and the Brain Tour showcases their progress.• Raise Learner awareness by looking at causes, diagnosis and treatment, that are helping us defeat dementia. Index
  17. 17. Cardcloud - Your online business card• CardCloud an online • Find out more by using the business card application QR code or the URL below... designed for sharing your card and collecting contact details for your contacts.• Allows users to list social networking sites as well as websites and other contact details. Also available as an app for mobile phones, so users can share and collect contact information while at conferences etc., and otherwise on the go. Index
  18. 18. Cloud Computing - 284 Resources• From 101 overviews to the • Find out more by using the latest advice on QR code or the URL below... contracting, this resource page, from Educause, makes it easy to find what you need to know about Cloud Computing at your college or university etc.• Where Learning Providers are in the cycle of decision- making and implementation varies widely.• Use this overview as an entry into a wide range of resources and information on what others are doing. Index
  19. 19. delivr• Create QR Codes with delivr a QR • Find out more by using the QR Code Generator that provides code or the URL below... tracking with the free registration.• QR Codes are a version of 2D barcode that can be scanned using Smartphones and a QR Code Reader.• QR Codes once scanned can... – launch URLs, – launch mobile pages, – initiate phone calls, – intitiate downloads, and more.Note: If you need a QR Code Readerfor your Smartphone visit yourdevices app store and search for "QRCode". Thanks to Craig Taylor for theHeads-up on this.
  20. 20. Dimensions: How big really?• “How big really?” is all about getting a • Find out more by using the QR code or better understanding for the scale of the URL below... different historical events and locations compared to a users own experience • Take a look at the second tool on the e.g. size of street, village/town, county, next page... country etc. "How far would the Titanic stretch down your street?"• How big really? provides a range of categories to explore including: The War on Terror - Space - Depths - Ancient Worlds - Environmental Disasters - Festivals and Spectacles - WW2 – Battle of Britain - The Industrial Age - Cities in History;• These two Dimensions tools, part of an experimental project from the BBC, provide excellent tools for both history courses and maths to help learners get a better appreciation of different sizes. Index
  21. 21. Dimensions: How many really?• How Many Really? compares the • The events fall into the number of people involved in key following categories: historical events or situations to the • Battles – Civilisations - Current people you know through Facebook Affairs – Disasters – Diseases – or Twitter or other size groups. Entertainment - Modern Society –• It is part of Dimensions, an Religion – Slavery - War experimental project from the • Find out more by using the QR code BBC, that allows users to compare the scale of different types of events with something that we can all recognise.• “How many really?”... – - is all about the numbers of people that were involved in a whole range of different events throughout history. – - allows users to add in their own numbers and they are then shown a visual comparison with the number of people involved in the event that they have chosen. or the URL below... Index
  22. 22. DisaPainted• A fun way to create animations • Find out more by using the QR on a computer. code or the URL below...• DisaPainted is a free to use web service that lets users create HTML5 animations and share them online.• Signing up for an account involves drawing your own avatar which helps familiarize yourself with DisaPainted’s basic drawing tools.• A large collection of colours are offered.• Animations are published when you choose to do so and a link is provided which can be shared with others.Note: to use the DisaPainted siteyour browser should be Chrome,Firefox, or any other modernbrowser that supports HTML5.
  23. 23. Documentary.Net• Video documentaries are a • Find out more by using the wonderfully informative QR code or the URL below... way for learners to find out about topics they are unfamiliar with.• Documentary.Net offers free, legal documentaries that are relevant to current global topics.• "Watch. Discuss. Learn.Explore the world on - Free streaming of curated documentaries..."
  24. 24. dotEPUB• dotEPUB is software in the • Find out more by using the cloud that allows users to QR code or the URL below... convert any webpage into an eBook.• For content consumers (readers), dotEPUB has developed a bookmarklet for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera.• Ive tried it in conjunction with the Firefox ePub add- on and I am impressed. Index
  25. 25. Google Across the Curriculum• Here Richard Byrne shares • Find out more by using the links to how-tos and QR code or the URL below... activities for introducing yourself and others to a variety of Googles great products.• Visitors are free to use the activities and slides with their colleagues and students. Index
  26. 26. Google Green• Google claim that they have • Find out more by using the worked hard to minimize the QR code or the URL below... environmental impact of their services... – ..."to provide you with Google products for a month, our servers use less energy per user than leaving a light on for 3 hours."• Learn more about this through colourful statistics and Googles offsetting schemes.• Includes... – data centres; – renewable energy; etc.• An ideal resource for ICT, Environmental Science, Ecology and many other areas of Teaching & Learning. Index
  27. 27. Google Maps Colorizr• Google Maps is very useful • Find out more by using the as it can be embedded on a QR code or the URL below... website easily.• But while these maps offer different types of views, they do not offer any colour customizations.• For Practitioners who would like to replace the default colours on the map, check out this web service called Google Maps Colorizr. Index
  28. 28. HelpKidzLearn• HelpKidzLearn is a web site full • Find out more by using the of FREE games for young children QR code or the URL below... and those with learning difficulties.• Speaking and listening is very important for young childrens educational development, particularly reading and writing.• The software is split into five sections: – Early Years – Games and Quizzes – Stories and Songs – Creative Play – Find Out About• Family Learning practitioners can encourage parents/guardians etc. to use them as a focus for chatting. Index
  29. 29. Jottify• An online community • Find out more by using the allowing users to QR code or the URL below... share, discuss and sell anything they have written.• The Jottify website comprises of innovative tools for creating, organising and sharing literary works with the web-engaged world.• Jottify allows writers, and/or learners on Writing courses, to categorise their works into chapters/scenes/sections and, incorporating open- source projects, it is a word processor tailored for writers, accessible from anywhere in the world. Index
  30. 30. Just Beamit• Send files that are too big for • Find out more by using the email using JustBeamIt; QR code or the URL below...• drag and drop the file - send them, by email or IM, the download link - it’s that easy.• The file is automatically transfered from your computer to theirs.• Theres no limit to the file size as JustBeamIt simply negotiates the connection between you and the recipient and doesn’t host the file.• JustBeamIt is a free service and requires no registration. Index
  31. 31. Know IT All for Trainee Teachers• Student teachers need to start • Note: Qualified teachers (and taking a teachers approach to parents too) should also take a social networking from the look at some of the resources on moment they set foot in a this site. There’s some useful stuff learning environment. there.• That means... • Find out more by using the – locking down their Facebook QR code or the URL below... account, especially all those student photographs; – being aware of who they can and can’t add as friends; – being aware of what they’re saying on sites such as Twitter and how those comments can be construed.• Comments can be found by learners, employers, teaching colleagues and, in schools parents.• This provides a good guide to social networking for trainee teachers and NQT’s. Index
  32. 32. Learning Score• Download Learning Score with a free • Find out more by using the lifetime licence for a limited time QR code or the URL below... only.• Learning Score is a delivery and CPD tool for teachers, trainers and assessors.• By downloading this trial users have to agree to receive emails from Tribal relating to the Learning Score.• After submitting personal details, a validation number will be sent to the email address provided. The validation number is required to complete the download.Note: this is a full licence for LearningScore, valid for 12 months. If users wishto continue using Learning Score after Thanks to Asset Training forthis date, they have to contact Tribal to bringing this to myrenew the licence for free! attention – Thanks Derek Index
  33. 33. LiveMinutes• LiveMinutes is a free web • Find out more by using the conferencing service that lets QR code or the URL below... users share and annotate documents with team members, learners, stakeholders, etc.• Whats special about LiveMinutes is that its user-oriented in a way previous web conferencing tools never have been.• Also, after every meeting (when users sign up), an HTML5 report is automatically generated with the meeting minutes so you can keep trace of what was said and done, hence the name.• LiveMinutes - Share Documents Live. Get Minutes Worth Keeping Index
  34. 34. Lyrics Plugin• Lyrics Plugin is a piece of • Find out more by using the software tailored for music QR code or the URL below... fans. To put it simply - it is an add-on to view lyrics in... – Windows Media Player, – Winamp or – iTunes.• No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically.Note: if lyrics is not found, userscan add them. Index
  35. 35. Map of The World - Shaded Relief• Interactive shaded relief map of • Find out more by using the the world. QR code or the URL below...• Relief are interactive maps built on top of Google Maps.• Shaded Relief... – features shaded relief maps; – offers the ability to quickly measure elevation, distance, and area in a variety of units.• Shaded Relief is a big step up from standard Google Maps but not as feature laden as Google Earth; if practitioners/learners cannot use Google Earth in their learning environments, Shaded Relief could be a great alternative. Index
  36. 36.• A simple annotation tool. • Find out more by using the• Use a marker pen for webpages! QR code or the URL below... After installation of the browser extension or bookmarklet users can run Marker simply by clicking on the icon and highlight text on a website with their mouse.• Annotating helps point out important information in long articles.• creates a special link for the highlighted version of the page which can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, IM etc.• Anyone can view highlighted page with any browser! No bookmarklet or browser extension is necessary for viewing. Index
  37. 37. Mathematics in Movies• Harvard mathematics • Find out more by using the professor, Oliver Knill, has developed QR code or the URL below... this website called Mathematics in Movies that shows movie-clips that include math discussions.• Next to each of the movie-clips, is a description and the choice to either stream the clip in Flash format or download it as a Quicktime file with the M4V format.• The M4V format will help any iOS device owners browsing the site with their device looking for these math- involving movie clips.NOTE:1:If users find a clip interesting, they canclick on the movie title to be taken to itsInternet Movie Database page (IMDb) formore information.2: There are no restrictions on the movieor scene type or the type of mathematicsbeing discussed.
  38. 38. Primary School History Encyclopedia• Simon Haughtons Primary • Find out more by using the School History Encyclopedia is QR code or the URL below... perfect for family Learning Practitioners, Initial Teacher Training (ITT), etc., giving them a place to research different historical periods.• Users of this resource can be confident that the information here is appropriate for young learners to use independently.• Each period includes... – easy-to-read text; – photos/illustrations;about – a number of related topics. Index
  39. 39. Print Edit• One of the most annoying • Find out more by using things about website the QR code or the URL printing is the stuff that below... comes with it – the adverts, sidebars, banners, and even blank pages.• Print Edit, a Firefox add- in, allows users to cut all of that stuff out to conserve printer ink.• After all, all most of us really need is the text.
  40. 40. Qibla Locator• Muslims pray five times a • Find out more by using the QR code or the URL below... day, each time facing the holy place of worship in Mecca. This direction is called the Qibla and there are various ways to determine it.• This web service called “Qibla Locator” makes finding the Qibla direction easier. Index
  41. 41. Quick Screen Share...a Dead Simple Web-Based Screen • It can save lots of Sharing Tool time, travel, money and much• From the creators of Screencast- more... O-Matic, who I have mentioned • Find out more by using the before,... QR code or the URL below... – No registration required and completely free. – Nothing to install for sharer or sharee (assuming you have Java). – Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. – Even lets you remotely control mouse and keyboard!NOTE: The current version creates adirect peer-to-peer connection, so ifyoure on a super secure learningprovider or company network itmay, or may not, be able to Visit toconnect, but in most cases users will see a video overview.find it works quite well so give it ashot! Index
  42. 42. Science Podcast• Free Science Podcasts from • Find out more by using the Scientific American QR code or the URL below...• Scientific American is found in most learning provider libraries. Scientific Americans 60 Second podcasts could be an educational, interesting, an d engaging way to start some classes.• Offering learners quick podcasts from a variety of topics increases the chances that they may hear something that they want to explore further. Index
  43. 43. Socrative• Socrative is a smart learner response • Find out more by using the system that empowers practitioners to engage their learners through a series QR code or the URL below... of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.• Practitioners are enabled to correct and grade everything instantly and to provide their learners with timely feedback.• Socrative apps can be set up in minutes, and they load in seconds.• The responses of learners to multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions are represented visually, and as far as pre-planned activities go, practitioners can view reports online as a Google spreadsheet, or as an Excel file thats sent via e-mail. Index
  44. 44. SpeakIt! - Chrome Web Store• Speak It, not a perfect text to • The voice is very digitized, but speech app, but it is adequate it is clear. for having webpages read to • Find out more by using the learners and its FREE. QR code or the URL below...• For learners that need to hear a word pronounced or needs a sentence read to him or her for clarification, Speak It could be a handy extension to have installed in Google Chrome.• Speak It, a Google Chrome extension, enables the text on most webpages to be read to users.• Highlight the text - right-click to activate Speak It - click the play button. Index
  45. 45. Switch / Touch Screen Videos• Priory Woods School & Arts • Find out more by using the College provide downloads QR code or the URL below... of a wide variety of material including... • worksheets, • curriculum documents, • lesson plans and • simple programs,... which other learning providers are free to adapt and use in their school, college or other learning environments.• This links to switch activated videos that are available to watch on line or download. Index
  46. 46. Symbol Resources• Symbol Resources is a website • Find out more by using the dedicated to helping learning QR code or the URL below... providers, practitioners, parents, speech and language therapists and anyone else interested in using and creating symbol based materials to support the language and learning development of children, young people and adults with Special Educational Needs.• Visit Symbol Resources for: – Free resources supporting monthly themes, living and learning – Information about symbols and good symbol practice – Free guides on how to make the most of your symbol software Index
  47. 47. Tar Heel Reader• Tar Heel Reader is a collection of • Find out more by using the free, easy-to-read, and QR code or the URL below... accessible books on a wide range of topics.• They can be... – downloaded as slide shows in PowerPoint, Impress, or Flash format. – speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces, including touch screens, the IntelliKeys with custom overlays, and 1 to 3 switches.• Note: Some books may be inappropriate for your learners; don’t use them; learn about the Favourites page to present learners with reading choices that you approve. Index
  48. 48. TES: Teaching Resources• Over 97,323 free teaching • Find out more by using resources to use in your the QR code or the URL classroom and school below... today• Update: Thanks to Rowan Chernin for pointing out the change in logo and... URL To the Asdan- Employability resource
  49. 49. Test Your Vocab• How many words do you • Find out more by using the QR code or the URL below... know?• Apparently, most people use less than 2,000 words in their daily language.• If you are not sure how many words you use or know in total, now you can estimate the size of your own vocabulary thanks to a service called Test Your Vocab.• Note: Test Your Vocab uses statistical modelling to predict a person’s vocabulary size. Index
  50. 50. The Why Files• The Why Files is a resource • Find out more by using the designed for learners to find QR code or the URL below... out about the science behind the stories in the news.• The Why Files only covers stories that have clear connections to science concepts.• Most of the material on The Why Files is geared toward younger learners.• The teachers section of The Why Files offers pdf guides and quizzes and could also provide excellent resources for learners to explore independently or collaboratively. Index
  51. 51. Twig Science | Free Films• Outstanding science films for the • Find out more by using the classroom and the curriculum- all QR code or the URL below... for free.• Access a selection of free movies here on the Twig website.• The Twig website provides over 500 3-minute films for Science but it’s a subscription service, so learning providers will have to pay annually for access to the other resources.• Take a look and see what you think. Index
  52. 52. VizLingoSimply put... • Find out more by using the QR• VizLingo is a messaging tool that code or the URL below... translates your words into video.• It’s easy! Just type, see and send.• Type any message into VizLingo to see each word of that message illustrated by a 1-2 second video clip.• Send your messages anywhere - directly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobi le phones and email addresses. For use across the web, copy a link or download your message.• As simple as sending a text or tweet, VizLingo is transforming the messaging experience.
  53. 53. YiipApp• Yiip, bridges the gap between voiced • Find out more by using the messages as we have always known QR code or the URL below... them and micro-text-messages as in Twitter.• Twitters influence is felt in the way Yiip limits the length of whats being shared (an aduio clip, in this case); the audio-clip can be also be cosmetically-enhanced.• Users of Yiip can... – add sound effects to their messages. – add photos to anything that theyre sharing via Yiip.• Yiip has the potential to be true community, with users creating profiles and following each other. Users can have their own personal newsfeeds, and create private groups to streamline their interactions. Index
  54. 54. YouTube by Click• Many practitioners may want to use • Find out more by using the video clips, in their teaching, but may QR code or the URL below... not be able to access them in their learning environments - for many reasons.• YouTube by Click installs a toolbar, in a browser, which can be used to search and download videos hosted on YouTube in mp3 and mp4 format.• This allows practitioners to use the clips where YouTube access is unavailable.• To search YouTube, users just select YouTube search from the drop-down menu positioned next to the search bar and find the video they want to download.• YouTube by Click... – is Free, – allows users to search the web using YouTube by Click toolbar and – allows users to download YouTube videos in mp3 and mp4 format. Index
  55. 55. Resources and Archives• aclJohns Website & • Scoop.It – Technologies Blog Portal • ShoutOmatic• Dipity Timeline • Spreaker Radio Station• Only2clicks• Pearltrees • The ACLjohn Daily• RSC-NW TV Channel • YouTube Channel Index
  56. 56. Find Try Evaluate and Share (FiTES)• You are the experts in your field of work, management, administr ation, practitioners etc., and you know what works for you!• By sharing not only will you raise the awareness of your colleagues but you should also benefit from their Share your resources by submissions. completing the form available• By doing this, you will all be at or supporting & stimulating • Use your innovation in iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. learning, teaching and with the QR code above... administration. Index
  57. 57. Index