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January 2012's eMagazine
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January 2012's eMagazine


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This eMagazine is produced and edited by John Dalziel (eLearning Adviser)

This eMagazine is produced and edited by John Dalziel (eLearning Adviser)

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Index• About & Comment • Energy Challenge• General Contact Details • File-extensions• RSC-Northwest Contact Details • Forums For Free: Ribbot• Disclaimer • Freemake Video Converter• News & Events • Google Green Scrapbooks• Other Curated Items • Inspire My Kids• Microsoft Webcasts Dec/Jan • Interactive Biology• Microsoft Webcasts Jan continued • Microsoft Virtual Academy• Resources & Archives • Nobel Prize• Find, Try, Evaluate & Share (FiTES) • Project Newton websiteFINDS... • Safe• AnswerGarden • Seven Wonders of the Microbe World• AnyMeeting • Shelfster• Business Card – Smile • SLOOH Space Camera• Coursekit • Substance• Educreations Continued...
  • 2. Index continued...FINDS...• Text Only• Turf Mutt• Virtual Keyboard• Back...
  • 3. About & Comment If you have any comments and/or • The Regional Support Centre contributions to make, please send eMagazine provides news of them... funding, current projects, initiatives and • ...using the Online examples of good practice in eLearning, and offers ideas and support for the HE, Comment/Feedback Form FE, ACL, WBL, 6th Form, OLASS and using the QR code or link below Specialist College Managers & Practitioners, that are supported by the RSC here in the Northwest. Note: - Although every care has been taken in the preparation of this eMagazine, no warranty is given by the author or the Regional Support Centre-Northwest as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within it and neither the authors nor the RSC- Northwest shall be responsible or liable for any errors or omissions. Index
  • 4. General Contact Details • Support Desk... Address & Telephone/Fax Duty Adviser Numbers... Tel: 01524 510067 • Joint Information Systems Email via QR Code or URL below... Committee (JISC) Advance Regional Support Centre - Northwest Lancaster University Bailrigg House Lancaster University Campus Lancaster LA1 4YE Tel: 01524 510067 Fax: 01524 593 798 Web Address (URL)... Continued on next Index
  • 5. RSC-NW: Contact Details • Manager: Andrew Quarmby Tel: 01524 510071 Colin Gallacher (Work Based Learning) Tel: 01524 510058 • Events Co-ordinator & Hilary Thomas (Higher Education) Administration... Tel: 01524 510059 Sandra Harris Tel: 01524 510067 John Dalziel (Adult & Community Learning / Fax:0152 459 3798 Personal & Community Development Learning/OLASS & Sustainability/Green) Tel: 01524 510057 • Administration Christine Hulme Judy Bloxham (Further Education/6th Form Colleges) Tel: 01524 510066 Tel: 01524 510061 Fax:0152 459 3798 Keith Wilson (Technical) • eLearning Advisers... Tel: 01524 510065 Anita Holt (Further Education/6th Form Kevin Hickey (Specialist Colleges & Colleges) Accessibility) Tel: 01524 510062 Tel: 01524 510064 Mark Ayton Anthony Beal Tel: 01524 510060 Tel: 01524 510071 Index
  • 6. Disclaimer • All the pictures and news shown on this eMagazine are the property of their respective owners. • We dont hold any • If any one has any copyright about these objection to displaying of pictures and news. any picture and news, it • These pictures have been may be brought to our collected from different notice by sending an public sources including email (see the QR Code or different websites, URL above ) & the same considering to be in will be removed public domain. immediately, after verification the claim. Index
  • 7. News & Events • Access Event information on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL below )• Access Latest News on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL above ) Index
  • 8. Other Curated Items• The content of this page is • Find out more by using the currently curated by... QR code or the URL below... – Anita Holt; – Colin Gallacher & – John Dalziel• Many curated items have already been posted in Facebook and as Twitter Tweets during the Month• Articles, images, video clips have been added daily to... – Raise awareness – Provide food for thought – Bring a smile to your face etc. Index
  • 9. Keith Wilson Technical Adviser• The Microsoft Education Desktop - Tuesday • Free Software for Schools - Introducing the January 17th, 11am-12pm Microsoft Learning Suite Tuesday January• Join this webcast to understand what makes 24th, 11am-12:30pm a modern education desktop from Microsoft • Did you know that Microsoft have a wide We will look at how technologies such as range of software and resources that support Windows 7, Office 2010 and the Microsoft teaching and learning? Join this webcast for Learning Suite can really enhance the some fast paced demos which should be teaching and learning experience. We also both fun and informative. The solution, explain how you can remove cost from the collectively known as the Microsoft Learning management of your IT infrastructure and Suite is also able to be installed and deployed improve security through technologies with ease. Join this webcast to find out including MDOP 2011 (Microsoft Desktop more. Optimisation Pack) and the CAL Suites. •• /Registration.aspx?pageName=wscdtf7z9wv1 /Registration.aspx?pageName=6sj0ndq1n5cp 7mnc ns39 Index
  • 10. AnswerGarden• AnswerGarden is a website that • AnswerGarden also generates a QR practitioners can use for collecting code allowing users to scan with their data from their learners, blog phones. readers or from anyone with an • Data can be exported to wordle or internet connection. tagxedo to create a wordcloud!• To set up an AnswerGarden page just • Find out more by using the ask a question. Visitors to the QR code or the URL below... resulting page can then enter a short (20 characters) response – these are displayed on the page below the question.• Administration tools lets users limit how many posts can be made from any ip address at a time, and an admin password can be used if required.• Pages can be shared... – via a link, – on Twitter and Facebook automatically or – by using the provided code to embed on a blog or VLE. Index
  • 11. AnyMeeting• AnyMeeting is available for free, • Find out more by using the letting users invite up to 200 QR code or the URL below... people to be part of the same web conference.• Users can chat, broadcast videos, display images and also have your whole screen shared with all the invited... – delegates – Colleagues – Learners – stakeholders etc.• Live meetings can be recorded, and posted onto a blog, VLE or other web presences, to promote any future conference users arrange.• Reports, analytics, booking forms and surveying tools are also included. Index
  • 12. Business CardIdea from Asian Angel Index
  • 13. Coursekit• Practitioners are always on the • Coursekit an excellent lookout for better ways to resource, especially for interact with their learners. practitioners who work for a• Coursekit lets practitioners number of learning providers. manage any course they are • Find out more by using the teaching online. QR code or the URL below... – Create an account on the Coursekit site; – fill in the details of your course • syllabus, • calendars, • resources, etc. – invite learners by providing them with an online course code that can be used by them to enroll.• Practitioners can also share grades with learners to keep them up to date. Index
  • 14. Educreations• Educreations can be used to • Find out more by using the deliver short lessons to students QR code or the URL below... and/or to have learners develop and share short presentations with each other and their practitioners.• What is it?• Educreations... – is a new iPad app that turns an iPad into a whiteboard; – can be used to illustrate concepts and narrate what users are doing on the screen; – allows users to draw images from scratch and/or upload images and draw on them.• Completed lessons/presentations can be shared directly with others or made public on the Educreations website. Index
  • 15. Energy Challenge• We all need energy... • Find out more by using the – to survive QR code or the URL below... – for our physical being, – in order to run all of our electronics and drive our cars.• With National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge users can... – find out how big their carbon footprint is. – find out about the carbon footprint of every region around the world. – also view an interactive display of electrical consumption all around the world. – view a global map, or zoom and see more specific regions. The interactive display also shows how each region produces electricity. You can use the sliders below the map to see how changing the way a region produces their electricity would impact that region, and the entire world. Index
  • 16. File-extensions• While we are familiar with the • For some entries you can also get most common extensions like helpful tips on how to open or .doc, .html and .mp3, there are convert the file. thousands more file extensions • Find out more by using the that we do not know about. QR code or the URL below...• provides detailed, searchable, and useful information about different file extensions so users can learn more about them.• Just type in any file extension in the search box• Users will get a detailed explanation about what it does, the default software that works with the extension, and the list of associated software that you can use to open it. Index
  • 17. Forums For Free: Ribbot• For many Learning Providers, • Find out more by using the creating an online forum would be QR code or the URL below... an excellent way to get stakeholders and/or prospects interested in you, your courses, etc., and interacting with one another.• Creating a web forum isnt a simple task but Ribbot, a free to use web service, lets users create online forums without having to code or design anything.• To get started create an account and name the forum; the forum name will be used in its direct URL which will be a subdomain of Ribbot.• People who then visit your forum will be able to.. – view all the posts that have been made on the forum. – create new posts and comment on existing posts after they create their own account on Ribbot. Index
  • 18. Freemake Video Converter• Version 3.0, of Freemake Video • Find out more by using the Converter, now supports HTML5 QR code or the URL below... video.• When HTML5 video creation is video_converter/ chosen, Freemake Video Converter prepares videos into three formats... – Ogg Theora, – WebM, – H.264 ...and automatically generates all the code required to embedded the video into web pages.• The advantage of using HTML5 videos is that visitors using HTML5 compliant browsers (Mac devices) can play the videos without having to install additional Flash plug-in. Index
  • 19. Google Green Scrapbooks• On 19th December 2011, Google • Find out more by using the revealed a neat way to look at the QR code or the URL below... year in search.• Using Google Green users can build a "green search scrapbook."• The scrapbook highlights the most- searched environmentally themed searches. Users can build their own scrapbook by responding to seven prompts.• When users make a selection they will learn a little bit of information about that topic.• Creating Google Green Scrapbooks could be an ideal way for learners to start exploring and researching topics in environmental science.• For example learners could create scrapbooks, post links to them on a course blog, wiki, or Wallwisher for everyone to see and explore. Index
  • 20. Inspire My Kids• Looking for stories to spark • Find out more by using the discussion within tutorials, QR code or the URL below... Health & Social Education etc?• Well, Inspire My Kids is a website featuring stories that are designed to inspire learners to embrace "positive actions".• Inspire My Kids uses... – videos, – pictures, – audio, and – text tell the stories of inspiring people and groups of people.• User can... – find stories on Inspire My Kids by browsing through the list of values and topics. – refine their story search by age appropriateness. Index
  • 21. Interactive Biology• For biology learners, Interactive • Find out more by using the Biology could be a good review QR code or the URL below... aid.• Interactive Biology is a website • offering.. – a series of videos, quizzes, and study guides for biology students. – good free resources along with study guides for sale.• One resource I found on Interactive Biology was the Interactive Biology YouTube channel.• There are ten multiple choice quizzes based on information in the videos and study guides. Each quiz offers immediate feedback and provides a hint if users get a question wrong and want to try it again. Index
  • 22. Microsoft Virtual Academy• Looking for a simple, effective way to • is a NO cost approach to learning, which in the current economic climate means users get training on Microsoft’s Cloud can still get training on the latest technologies technologies and be at the top of no matter what their department budget your game? happens to be.• Well Microsoft Virtual Academy • Find out more by using the – is aimed at IT Professionals QR code or the URL below... – is a free on demand training website with content in the cloud which users can access as and when they need it! – Topics covered include: Clustering - Hyper-V - Private Cloud - Public Cloud - Security - SQL Azure - System Center Virtual Machine Manager - Virtualisation - Windows Azure – provides a range of different learning materials such as whitepapers, webcasts, training videos and access to experts. – has been set up in a game based learning style with points for modules. As you pass each module you gain points which are then ranked both globally and locally. Index
  • 23. Nobel Prize• The Nobel Prize website has an • Find out more by using the educational games site designed to QR code or the URL below... help students learn about subjects in the areas of... – Physics, – Chemistry, – Medicine, – Literature, – Peace, and – Economics.• In all there are twenty-nine interactive games for learners to play; a number of which are based upon the research of Nobel Prize winners.• The literature and peace games are based upon concepts central to the work of Nobel Prize winners in those fields.• The Nobel Prize games could be useful for learners to use after tuition on the concepts developed and used by Nobel Prize winners. Index
  • 24. Project Newton Website• The University of • Find out more by using the Cambridge have put QR code or the URL below... scanned copies of the large collection of Sir Isaac Newtons notebooks and papers online.• There are six scanned collections that visitors can flip through and read online.• The digitized copies of Newtons works provide learners with a great opportunity to dive into the thinking of one of the worlds great minds. Index
  • 25. Safe• Safe is a new national • Find out more by using the programme of practical QR code or the URL below... activities to develop children’s skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social network sites.• Ideal for... – Initial Teacher Training, – Family Learning Practitioners and for – Learning Providers who put their learners into the role of the "adult"ensuring their/or their friends children, younger brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins etc are safe.• Lots of free downloadable resources and useful Links Index
  • 26. Seven Wonders of the Microbe World• After producing 60 Second • Find out more by using the Adventures in Thought and QR code or the URL below... The History of English, the Open University returns with a new video series, Seven Wonders of the Microbe World.• 1. The History of Beer 2. The Black Death 3. Food Preservation 4. Nitrogen Fixation 5. Antibiotics 6. Genetic Engineering 7. Life on Mars Index
  • 27. Shelfster• Aimed at authors, journalists, • Find out more by using the bloggers, practitioners, learners and QR code or the URL below... any body whos got a writing assignment to tackle.• Shelfster lets users capture everything from... – text snippets and images to – voice notes and full web pages, ...and have it all stored in the same place.• Collected data is handled using a series of free tools, available for both Windows and Mac, and also for smartphones.• Anything collected is called an "item", and "items" are combined to form "documents". And both "items" and "documents" are stored into "projects".• "documents", can be... – printed, – exported to HTML (IE, zipped) and – turned into a PDF. Index
  • 28. SLOOH Space Camera• Watch live celestial events • Find out more by using the like lunar eclipses, 2012 QR code or the URL below... Total Solar Eclipse, 2012 Transit of Venus and others via SLOOH Space Camera.• SLOOH’s mission to promote scientific enlightenment. Sharing a view through a powerful telescope trained on the light of a distant world inspires people to celebrate their commonality and rethink the schema of life. Prepare to be humbled. Index
  • 29. Substance• Open source, and licensed under • Completed documents can be GPLv3, Substance is a new platform compiled into arbitrary output for online authoring of texts. formats such as HTML, PDF and ePub,• Substance can be used to... as well as integration into websites – write down pretty much anything. and applications... – write essays and papers, • Find out more by using the – work on stories and scripts with any QR code or the URL below... collaborators users may have.• Substances interface emphasizes semantics over rigid structures, and (as such) only the most essential formatting options are provided.• Currently, others cant directly edit what users have written, they can however comment on it. Users have the option to make changes based on those comments.• Larger collaboration capabilities are planned for future developments. Index
  • 30. Text Only• • Find out more by using the – allows users to strip websites of QR code or the URL below... bulky images and videos resulting in a text-only version. – can actually handle both... • individual articles and • full sites.• Users supply just the URL of... – any article that they want to read without flashy images and animations, or a full RSS feed. deals with both, fast and effectively.• Users can also download a mobile app and strip websites while on the go.• This app is currently available for Android. Index
  • 31. Turf Mutt• Turf Mutts lesson plans offer • Find out more by using the some nice ideas for hands-on QR code or the URL below... Environmental Science learning activities; especially for Family Learning Practitioners.• Turf Mutt... – features ten free environmental science lesson plans for K-5 teachers. – lesson plans have clearly defined objectives and detailed directions for carrying out each lesson plan. – lesson plans span several days. – lesson plans use a combination of hands-on activities and reading/ research activities. – has some videos to help learners learn about topics in Environmental Science; although not directly connected to the lesson plans. Index
  • 32. Virtual Keyboard• Virtual Keyboard could be a • Find out more by using the good way for learners to QR code or the URL below... experiment with creating chords and sounds on instruments that they or their learning provider might not have.• Virtual Keyboard, an online keyboard that learners can use to virtually play piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, strings. guitar, steel drums and Double Bass.• Learners can play individual notes and or create chords. Index
  • 33. Visual.lyLooking for an infographic to • Find out more by using thespark conversations with QR code or the URL below...learners or to use as an for learners whenthey create infographics?• Then check out – a website that catalogs infographics from across the web. – which has more than 5,000 infographics arranged in twenty-one categories.• Some of the infographics on are useful displays of information and others are just for fun. Index
  • 34. Resources and Archives• aclJohns Website & • Scoop.It – Technologies Blog Portal • ShoutOmatic• Dipity Timeline • Spreaker Radio Station• Only2clicks• Pearltrees • The ACLjohn Daily• RSC-NW TV Channel • YouTube Channel Index
  • 35. Find Try Evaluate and Share (FiTES)• You are the experts in your field of work, management, administration, practitioners etc., and you know what works for you!• By sharing not only will you raise the awareness of your colleagues but you should also benefit from their Share your resources by submissions. completing the form available• By doing this, you will all be at or supporting & stimulating • Use your iPhone, Android, innovation in learning, iPad, etc. with the QR code teaching and administration. above... Index