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  • 1. Fred Frog and Drab Crab are good friends.They always play together.They always help each other.
  • 2. Drab Crab is sitting on a drum by the road.He is eating bread and grapes.He drinks tea from a mug.
  • 3. Drab Crab sees a bus goes by.There are a lot of animals in the bus.They are going to the zoo.
  • 4. Fred Frog drives the bus.Fred Frog likes to drive fast.The bus goes fast.
  • 5. Fred Frog drives fast.Fred Frog does not see the wet road.The bus will go off the road if it goesfast!
  • 6. Fred Frog sees Drab Crab.Fred Frog grins at Drab Crab.Drab Crab grins at Fred Frog.
  • 7. Drab Crab sees the wetroad. “Oh no! The road iswet!” he says.“I must tell Fred Frog not togo too fast! But how can I tellFred Frog?”
  • 8. “Look! Brave Crow is here! Let me ask Brave Crow what to do!” Drab Crabsays.
  • 9. Drab Crab cries out forhelp.Brave Crow goes over toDrab Crab.“What is wrong?” asksBrave Crow.
  • 10. Drab Crab says, “The road is wet. Wehave to tell Fred Frog not to drive too fast!What can we do?”
  • 11. Brave Crow says, “Get on my back. I will take you there. I can take you therefast.” Drab Crab sits on Brave Crow’s back. Off they go!
  • 12. Drab Crab and Brave Crow get there fast.Soon, they are in front of the bus.Fred Frog can see them.
  • 13. Drab Crab cries out to Fred Frog, “Do not drive too fast! Be careful of the wetroad in front of you! The bus will go off the road if you drive too fast!”
  • 14. Fred Frog sees the wet road. Fred frog will notdrive fast now. The bus will not go off the wet road.
  • 15. “Thank you!” says Fred Frog to Drab Crab and Brave Crow. Drab Crab says,“What are friends for? Good friends always help each other. Please drivecarefully next time!”
  • 16. Fred Frog drives carefully now.Fred Frog will not go fast again.