Film history between 1990 2000


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its s presented after a research done by me and my team....

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Film history between 1990 2000

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION The early 1990s saw the development of a commercially successful independent cinema in the United States. Although cinema was increasingly dominated by special-effects films, independent had significant commercial success both at the cinema and on home video. One of the most successful independents of the 1990s, Miramax Films , was bought by Disney. The same year marked the beginning of film and video distribution online Animated films aimed at family audiences also regained their popularity, with released by Disney. During 1995 the first feature length computer-animated film, was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Disney.
  2. 2. Best 20 Movies During ThisPeriod American beauty (1999)  Schindlers list (1993) Beauty and the beast (1991)  Seven (1995) Brave heart (1995)  Shakespeare in love (1998) Dances with wolves (1992)  The shawshank redemption (1994) Fargo (1996)  Silence of the lambs (1991) Forest gump (1994)  Terminator 2: Judgment day The fugitive (1993) (1991) Goodfellas (1990)  Titanic (1997) Matrix (1999)  Toy story (1995) Pulp fiction (1994)  Usual suspects (1995) Saving private ryan (1998)
  3. 3. The List Of BlockbusterMovies 1990 -Home Alone -  1995- Toy Story- $285,761,243 $191,796,233 1991-Terminator 2:  1996- Independence Day- Judgment Day- $306,169,268 $204,843,345  1997- Titanic-$600,788,188 1992-Aladdin-$217,350,219  1998- Saving Private Ryan- 1993-Jurassic Park- $216,540,909 $357,067,947  1999- Star Wars: Episode I - 1994-Forrest Gump- The Phantom Menace- $329,694,499 $431,088,301
  4. 4. Best Directors Kevin Costner- dances with wolves (1990) Clint East Wood- unforgiven (1992) Steven Spielberg- schindler’s list (1993) Robert Zemeckis- forrest gump (1994) Mel Gibson- brave heart (1995) Jonathan Demme- the silence of the lambs (1991) Anthony Minghella- the english patient (1996) James Cameron- titanic (1997) Steven Spielberg- saving private ryan (1998) Sam Mendas- beauty (1999) Steven Soderbergh – traffic (2000)
  5. 5. During 1990-2000
  6. 6. Arnold AloisSchwarzeneggeris an Austrianand Americanformerprofessional bodybuilder, actor,businessman, investor,and politician.
  7. 7. Robert Henr De Niro, an Americanactor, director andproducer. De Nirosbrand of method actingincludes employingwhatever extreme tactiche feels is necessary toelicit the bestperformance from thosewith whom he isworking.
  8. 8. Walter BruceWillis , better knownas Bruce Willis, is anAmericanactor, producer, andmusician. His careerbegan in television inthe 1980s and hascontinued both intelevision and filmsince, includingcomedic, dramatic, andaction roles
  9. 9. Thomas CruiseMapother IV betterknown asTomCruise, is anAmerican film actorand producer. Inaddition to the heroicroles, he has starred ina variety of othersuccessful films.
  10. 10. Kamal Haasan is anIndian filmactor, screenwriter, producer and director, considered to be one of theleading methodactors of Indiancinema. He is widelyacclaimed as an actor andis well known for hisversatility in acting
  11. 11. Shah Rukh Khan, is anIndian filmactor, producer andtelevision host. Oftenreferred to as "the Kingof Bollywood", Khanhas acted in over70 Hindi films. Hismovies became a boxoffice hit, and launchedhis career inBollywood..
  12. 12. Julia Fiona Roberts is anAmerican actress. She becamea Hollywood star afterheadlining the romanticcomedy Pretty Woman(1990), which grossed$464 million worldwide.Roberts became known toworldwide audiences when sheco-starred with Richard Gere intheCinderella/Pygmalionesquestory, Pretty Woman , in 1990.
  13. 13. AliciaChristian "Jodie" Foster isan American actress, filmdirector, andproducer.Fosterbegan acting incommercials atthree years of age.Fosters films havespanned a widevariety ofgenres, from family films to horror.
  14. 14. Gwyneth Kate Paltrow is an Americanactress and singer. She made her actingdebut on stage in 1990 and startedappearing in films in 1991. After spendingseveral summers watching her motherperform at the Williamstown TheatreFestivalin , Paltrow made her professionalstage debut there in 1990.[Paltrow appearedin several films throughout 1998.
  15. 15. With special features
  16. 16. The Titanic Director: James cameron (1997) Gender: American epic romance and disaster film Known for: Visual effects and sounds Box office: world wide gross of $ 1.8 billion. Awards: 14 academy award nominations, 11 oscar wins, best picture and best director award, academy award for best original song and Best foreign film award. It has won nearly 99 awards and won additional 47 nomination awards around the world.
  17. 17. Terminator 2: judgmentday Director: James cameron (1991) Gender: science fiction action film Known for: visual effects and computer-generated imagery Box office: $ 20,48,59,496 Awards: It has received many accolades, including 4 academy awards for makeup, sound mixing, sound editing, and visual effects.
  18. 18. The Mummy Director: Stephen sommer (1999) Gender: american adventure horror comedy film Known for: specific photography and special effects Box office: world wide gross of $416 million
  19. 19. The silence of the lambs Director: Jonathan Demme (1991) Gender: American thriller film Known for: this film blends the elements of the crime and horror genres Box office: worldwide gross over $272 million Awards: this film was the 3rd film to win the top 5 categories: best picture, best actress, best actor, best director, best adapted screenplay. It also won the best five academy award.
  20. 20. Jurassic Park Director: Steven spielberg (1993) Gender: American science fiction adventure thriller film Known for: highest grossing feature film, visual effects and sound. Box office: worldwide gross over $900 Awards: it has won academy award for best sound mixing, best sound editing, best visual effects. It has also won awards for best science fiction film, best direction, best special effects, best writing and best foreign film.
  21. 21. A new gimmick
  22. 22. TarzanTarzan is a 1999American animated feature film producedby Walt Disney Feature Animation. released by Walt Disney Pictures on June18, 1999. It was the last bona fide hit before theDisney slump of the early 2000s grossing$171,091,819 domestically and $448,191,819worldwide.2000 Golden Globe Award for BestOriginal Song for the song "Youll Be inMy Heart" by Phil Collins. 2000 Academy Award for BestSong for the song "Youll Be In MyHeart" by Phil Collins. 2000 Grammy Award for BestCompilation Soundtrack Album for aMotion Picture, Television or OtherVisual Media.
  23. 23. The lion kingThe Lion King is a 1994American animated musical-adventure film producedby Walt Disney FeatureAnimation and releasedby Walt Disney Pictures. With over earnings ofover $951 million worldwideas of 2011. this film is the highest-grossing hand-drawn film inhistory. The Lion King has earned aworldwide total of$951,578,140.
  24. 24. Toy story 2Toy Story 2 is a 1999 Americancomputer-animated film directedby John Lasseter and co-directedby Lee Unkrich.It is the sequel to the 1995 film ToyStory, released by Walt DisneyPictures and the third film to beproduced by Pixar.Toy Story 2 was released in theUnited States on November 24, 1999.It eventually made for a totalworldwide gross of$485,015,179, becoming the thirdhighest grossing film of 1999,This s the first completelycomputerized, full length, animatedfilm.