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Managing it all social media
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Managing it all social media


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Social Media IS MarketingSearch is SocialMobile has landedRoad Warrior Tools in the CloudOnline leads to Offline
  • Which services will you use?Which will you ignore?
  • On most sites you can look for people that are already part of your community in other networks. By linking all of your identities, you can allow for the important effect of “Ripple Marketing” Your reputation in this space will determine the readership you attract. Comments can generate interest and traffic for the writer and create a sense of ownership for the readers. Look for people already in your communityLink all your identitiesFocus on your reputationFind opportunities to involve your readers
  • SECTION 4: TAP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR LONG REALTY WEBSITE SLIDE 42LESSON 4: Using social media tools for effective online marketing
  • SECTION 4: TAP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR LONG REALTY WEBSITE SLIDE 43LESSON 4: Using social media tools for effective online marketing
  • One way to drive people to your Page is to buy advertising on Facebook, using its self-serve system. You can very specifically target ads to various demographics, including, country, state and city, gender, age, workplace, and much more. Clicking on the above ad for Greenberg and Rudman, LLP takes you directly to their primary web site, even though they don’t have any fans on their Facebook page. Make sure to experiment with different targeting campaigns, and different styles of ads, in order to see what advertising works the best
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to Effectively Maximize Social Media with Amy Chorew
    • 2. Remember: “The end result isalways for ameeting face to face.” “The end result is always for a meeting face to face.” amyCHOREW 2 inspire train implement
    • 3. Social Media IS Marketing amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 4. Americans spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook in August 2010 vs 39.8 million minutes on Google amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 5. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 6. If you close your eyes, social media is not going away amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 7. If you don’t create your own your online presence it will be created for you amyCHOREW Is it easy to “find” you online? inspire train implement
    • 8. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 9. Consumers are talking everywhere amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 10. Zillow, Trulia amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 11. Yelp, AngiesList amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 12. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 13. Participation online is one of the best ways to manage your reputation amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 14. Realtor.orgOf the homebuyers startingtheir searchonline, 87 percentbought throughan agent. amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 15. From Web 2.0 to Social Media Social media can be defined asprimarily Internet and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among humans amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 16. Listen, Learn, Curate, Create and Network amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 17. Where to get started • Sphere of Influence • Referrals • Cold Calls • Geographic Farm • Listings amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 18. Building Your Social Community– Look for people already in your community– Become a valued member of the community amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 19. Go where your community is:• Photographer? Flickr Group• Women’s Council? Facebook Group• Animal Lover? Animal Blog• Gardener? Facebook• School Board? Linkedin Group• Volunteer – Connect to the group amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 20. Create a Great Profile • Long Version Bio • Short Version Bio • Great Photo • Consistent Username amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 21. Where can you review Profiles?• LinkedIn• ActiveRain• Trulia• Zillow• Twitter amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 22. You need a Great Photo! amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 23. Creating an Online HandleTry - firstnamelastname Try- your brand(Amy Chorew) InSouthingtonAmyChorew TheTechbyteTry -first initial last name(Derek Overby)Doverby Try Something Clever work related Melissa Delgaudio (PRTry - first name last initial consultant)(Ginger Wilcox) StartabuzzGingerw amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 24. Acquire Username on Sites you Use amyCHOREW 24 inspire train implement
    • 25. What Do People Want To Read/See/Hear In Your Status Updates? amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 26. What You Say Matters• What do readers really want to know?• Write a list of commonly• asked questions amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 27. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 28. Your Reputation Becomes Currency amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 29. Personal• A picture of you at a sporting event• Your latest exercise efforts• Plans to golf for the weekend Community • Produce stands • Food, wine, dining places • School calendars/events Real Estate for your niche only! • Houses that sold in your target group • Market stats & what’s for sale • Your take on national & local media amyCHOREW reports inspire train implement
    • 30. Put a Plan in Place• Enewsletter First Week Every Month amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 31. Social Media Plan amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 32. Automation Systems that work•••• amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 33. Social Made Simple• amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 34. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 35. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 36. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 37. Hootsuite amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 38. In your Email Signature amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 39. On your Website amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 40. Consider Buying Facebook Advertising amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 41. amyCHOREWinspire train implement
    • 42. amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 43. Social Media Byte• (3-one hour live coaching and training sessions) Set up and Training for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Profile overview and the how to use for business of each. amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 44. Buy our Books amyCHOREW inspire train implement
    • 45. "Life is too short to wakeup with regrets. So lovethe people who treat youright. Forget about thosewho dont. Believeeverything happens for areason. If you get achance, take it. If itchanges your life, let it.Nobody said life would beeasy, they just said itwould be worth it." –Unknown amyCHOREW inspire train implement