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How to do an effective seller presentation on a tablet
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How to do an effective seller presentation on a tablet


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How do do an seller presentation on an iPad. For the checklist visit

How do do an seller presentation on an iPad. For the checklist visit

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  • Grew up with instant-gratification & quick response conveniencesTime is of the essence.
  • DocuSign: allows you to be home instead of being out chasing signatures all night. In allbut 3 states of the USA Electronic signatures are acceptable. Still coming in Australia to myknowledge.SoundNote: allows you to record and write at events. Call up the word and the app finds theplace in the voice capture where the word was used.Open Home Pro for logging details at Open Homes. Can add up to 13 questions to log with abuyer at an open home.CRM to manage business on the road: Realty juggler, Top Producer, or check with your currentsupplier to see what they have to et you mobile.
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to Do an Effective Seller Presentation on the Tablet
    • 2.
    • 3. What are we covering:• Dynamics of a seller counseling session• Techniques, Tools and Tips• Using an iPad and other technology
    • 4. Why do a SellerCounseling Session?
    • 5. Seller Counseling:• Sets the stage• Sets consumer expectations – Many consumers bring their own definitions• Addresses unspoken questions• Neutralizes objections• Determines if you want the listing
    • 6. Why use a visual presentation? Adult needs to hear and see in order to retain the information
    • 7. How to achieve recall
    • 8. Leave them with a lasting impressionof who you are and what they need in order to sell their house
    • 9. Is the two step listing proposal still viable in today’s marketplace?
    • 10. Types of sellers:GI and Silent Generation• 2 or more stopsBoomers• 1 stopGeneration X• 1 stop after electronic delivery
    • 11. You have a listingappointment. How do you deliver the information virtually?
    • 12. Virtual or In Person• Know your client• Tech delivery is the universal language
    • 13. Option 1 . . . Virtual• Send a link• Do it live via Skype
    • 14. Skype
    • 15. DropBox
    • 16. Send a link throughDropbox public folder
    • 17. Send a link throughDropbox public folder
    • 18. Use Public Folder of Dropbox
    • 19. Public Folder in DropBox
    • 20. Option 2 . . . Real Time Delivery• Download your presentation onto your iPad• Open it in Keynote
    • 21. This is where a Tablet makes it easy!
    • 22. Tablets now come inall shapes, sizes and operating systems.Which one is right for you? 22
    • 23. 23
    • 24. 24
    • 25. OS & IOS Apple Android Android Blackberr Windows Apps 2.2 – 2.3 Honeycomb y OS 7Storage 16-32-64 16-32 16 1 Gig 16 - 32OptionsWireless Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi,Options Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth 2G, Bluetooth Bluetooth 2G, 3G 2G, 3G 3G 4G 2G, 3GBattery 8-10 hours 7 hours 10 hours 8-10 hours 8 hoursLifeCamera 1.3 mp front 1.3 mp 1.3 mp front 3 mp front 0.3 front 3 mp rear front 5 mp rear 5 mp rear 25 3 mp rear
    • 26. Top Apps for working with Sellers• Dropbox / / Cartavi . . .• Pages / KeyNote• Docs to Go / Quick Office• SoundNote• Docusign• Skype• Open House / OpenHome Pro• DaVinci / Magic Plan• CRM to manage business
    • 27. Beforehand . . .• Download your presentation onto your iPad• Open it in Keynote
    • 28. How do you start?• Guts of the presentation are 20 minutes – If they have additional questions they will go longer – This is consumer driven not a lecture
    • 29. It is a pleasure to meet you. Let’s review the counselingsession I mentioned to you.Remember I need 20 minutes of your time, more if you have questions . . .
    • 30. What are the features of theSeller Counseling Session?
    • 31. • Discuss what you can and cannot do according to state laws – An overview of the process – Address two major consumer concerns • Money (I want the most money) • Marketing Plan
    • 32. A suggested outline of a sellercounseling sessioncan be downloaded free of charge at
    • 33. Working with the sellers and your Tablet
    • 34. Editing Files . . .Think . . . Prelisting Package41
    • 35. Docusign42
    • 36. 44
    • 37. Taking Notes 45
    • 38. MagicPlanMeasures, Draws and Publishesan InteractiveFloor Plan onthe web, just bytaking pictures. 46
    • 39. Open HomePro• How Many Bedrooms Are You Interested In• Do you Want To Receive Updates if the Price on the Property decreases• Are You Pre- Approved for a Loan?• Are You on Facebook?
    • 40. 48
    • 41. CRM to manage Business
    • 42.
    • 43. Visit