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Pitch deck for mobile fab lab

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Mobile FabLab

  1. 1. Aprojectby:FabShopTechnologies,Bangalore Fab Lab on Wheels Takinginnovation closer to people
  2. 2. Problem 1 Hardware required manufacturing skills, larger premises and was costlier Existing labs promote experimentation of established principles Skills required for prototype development is multi- disciplinary
  3. 3. Solution 2 A platform where users can share ideas with others to: Make Collaborate Market Eliminate traditional manufacturing skills Work with experts, community Reach to market faster
  4. 4. Product 3 Vinyl Cutter: Can cut vinyl for signs, decals, copper sheets, which can be used to make electrical circuits PC/Laptop Users start by designing the products or parts using a design-software enabled PC or laptop. CorelDraw, Google SketchUp Milling & Scanning machine: Can drill holes, mill small parts, and scan and replicate a part ShopBot Router : Can make complicated cuts in wood and intricate designs Laser Cutter : Can cut through plastic and other materials, and engrave text, graphics  3D printer: Can print 3D objects by heating plastic powder and spraying or extruding it into layers Fab Lab
  5. 5. Market Validation 4 Ultrasonic Dog repellentFabFi Robotic Flute Nifty Minidrive Jewellery design Motor pump
  6. 6. Get Mobile… 5 Take these making tools to users: FabLab on Wheels
  7. 7. Global Mobile Labs 6 MIT mobile fab lab is a 32' long, 8' wide, and 7' high trailer, debuted in 2007 Fab Lab Amersfoort (Netherlands) operates a fab lab truck to conduct various workshops
  8. 8. Project Goals 7 15 districts 1 Nodal Lab 50,000 Karnataka & Tamil Nadu (36 months) Bangalore (2nd year) Target audience (every year) Pan India Operations by fourth year
  9. 9. Distinct Advantages 8 First Mover Collaboration Platform Commercialization support Global Fab lab network
  10. 10. Significant Social Impact 9 Direct beneficiaries (students, local entrepreneurs) Access to modern making tools to solve local issues Generate entrepreneurial opportunities Indirect beneficiaries (Local economy) Providing stimulus to STEM education A Do-It-Yourself approach to problem solving FabLab on Wheels
  11. 11. Product Metrics 10 15 Entrepreneurs 1,500 Prototypes 15,000 Solutions 1,50,000 Target audience For 3 yrs, cumulative
  12. 12. Business Model 11 10 505 Ideas Avg. Income (Rs lakhs) Potential Revenue (Rs lakhs)
  13. 13. The Team 12 Ashutosh Finance, Technical 11 years of experience in venture capital, product management BE (Mechanical), MBA (Finance) Achitra Sales & Marketing, Operations 11 years of experience in venture capital, business planning, consulting BE (Production), MBA (Marketing)
  14. 14. Talking $$ 13 Raising $170k
  15. 15. Thank You | +91 99000 50244 |